How to tame Gara the Spirit Beast

A couple of nights ago, a bunch of hunters banded together on Twitter and the Petopia forums to try to solve the Gara mystery on the beta. Those I recognized from the forums or Twitter were right beside me in game trying to figure out the same problems, coming up with crazy theories, and just having fun. After a massive group effort and a little bit of luck, Gara has finally been solved.

Just how do we tame her? It turns out that it’s become more complicated than any of us ever imagined. Thanks to some clever datamining of some spell IDs by someone on the Petopia forums, we received enough clues to get past our 4-day rut of no progress beyond the Shadowberries step.

Taming Gara takes you across all of Draenor, and to me it’s basically a mini class quest without actually calling itself a quest. It’s not on the same level as say the warlock green fire quest, but make no mistake, a good deal of effort went into creating this event for hunters!

Basic Requirements:

  • Level 90+
  • Horde or Alliance
  • Beast Mastery spec

What follows contains spoilers, so stop here if you want to discover everything for yourself (and good luck with that!).

Step One: Talk to Gara

You need to be in Beast Mastery spec for this to work since Gara is a spirit beast. Upon interacting with her, you will get the following dialogue option:


This first dialogue had been implemented in beta for many weeks, but the second one suddenly popped up in a new build.  That’s when I asked Muffinus what was up.

The hunt was on. Many hunters gathered in Shadowmoon Valley on the beta server trying to figure out the next part. Eventually some people noticed that a nearby rare, Mother Om’ra, dropped a newly added item, the Shadowberry.

Step Two: The Shadowberry

If you talk to Gara with the Shadowberriers in your inventory, you now get a new dialogue option:


At this point, we were all stuck in a 4-day rut. There was no progress made at all, but plenty of theories. Hunters scoured all the zones looking for clues, and ate way too many Shadowberries in the process.

The break came when someone on the Petopia forums did some clever datamining. Now we had something to go on.

Step Three: The Effigy

Thanks to that datamining, we realized the Spirit Effigy had something to do with it. In order to create this item, you need to go all across Draenor and collect the following items. These were all found by dedicated hunters who went around killing things until they found which specific mobs dropped them. Truly a group effort!

Once you have all these items, you use the Crude Effigy to assemble the Spirit Effigy. Now head back to Gara!

Step Four: Using the Spirit Effigy

With the Spirit Effigy in your inventory, a disturbed grave appears back in front of Gara. Use the effigy on that grave and Mother Om’ra (yeah, the one you killed for the berries) is summoned. I’ll let her dialogue do the talking:


Wow, this is getting pretty deep for a hunter pet taming challenge.

So, maybe now I get to tame Gara? NOPE! Right after this, a giant void lord appears.


What the hell? You void lord jerk! I just want to tame this lovely spirit beast!

And now… after all that… Gara is gone.


Step Five: The Void Lantern

This next step is once again thanks to the original datamining. The Void Lantern drops from Shadowmoon Voidtwisters at the Pillars of Fate in Shadowmoon Valley. You need to come in from Spires of Arak to get there if you haven’t yet gotten the flight path. The lantern is unique but you can pick up a second one after you apply the buff. The buff lasts for one hour and says “partially phases you into the void.”

Take your lantern and head back to the main part of Shadowmoon Valley!


Step Six: Shadowmoon Voidblade

This next step was discovered by Lupen202 on the Petopia forums.

Head on over to the Great Tree Valuundira as shown on the map above. There was actually a bit of a hint here that all of us originally missed. The one NPC nearby, Anchorite Vanaala, says the following: “We brought this sapling from our home, and now it is dying. I cannot sense any evil nearby, but I will keep trying.”

That evil is clearly the Voidblade stuck into the trunk, but you can only see it with the Void Lantern as discussed in the previous step. Click on the dagger and you will phase fully into the void realm, and… what’s this?!


Gara appears by your side in the form of a guardian pet. You’ll also notice that since you’re now in the void realm, the sky darkens, and a bunch of massive Elder Void Lords and Elder Voidcallers are surrounding the tree. They are level 100 elites so you’ll probably need to be level 100 to complete this by yourself.


Start killing them! Gara will help you (and seems to do some damage). I’m not sure exactly how many need to be killed, or if it’s entirely random. I killed at least a dozen before I saw Xan, the Lord of Glass spawn. Others reported getting Xan to spawn in as little as 2 kills. Someone in the comments reported that if you let Gara get the killing blow, it will spawn Xan automatically (move close to the void lord so Gara will attack). Others have reported this does not work. So it might be totally random. Either way, just keep killing them and keep an eye out for Xan. You can’t miss him!

The Lord of Glass
The Lord of Glass

After defeating Xan, he does one final attack but you “instinctively” use Deterrence to avoid it. I kind of chuckled at that. Mother Om’ra spawns again and says the following:


If multiple hunters are completing the event at the same time, a tameable Gara spawns for each of them. It seems all you have to do is tag Xan.

Gara does not fight back during the taming process.

Who's cutting onions in here?!
Who’s cutting onions in here?!
An epic taming quest

A couple of final notes to finish this off. First, even though you need to visit high level zones and deal with some level 100 elites, you can tame Gara as low as level 90 (thanks to those who commented to confirm this).

Secondly, if you die or otherwise leave the void realm once you’ve clicked the dagger, you do not need to get another lantern. The dagger will always be there now. Actually, the Void Lantern will stop dropping entirely.

If you’ve abandoned Gara and want her back (or you just want more copies of her in your stable), you can go back into the void realm and look for a Lost Netherwolf to tame. It is located far away from the dagger, at 65,37.

Gara looks a lot better in motion, so here’s a very short video showing her off.

I never expected to have a challenge tame be this involved.  A lot of care went into crafting this, and I think I speak for all hunters when I say: Thank You!

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  1. Thanks so very much for the wonderful guide. You guys are awesome!! Took me about 2 hours of running around to gather all the materials. Everything went smoothly until I phased in and started to kill the elite voids. I kept count of how many I was killing and at around kill number 18 I stepped to close to the edge and it phased me out. I still had time left so went back to the tree, clicked the dagger, and phased right back in and Gara was right there. Lo and behold there was Xan waiting for me. Killed Xan, dismissed my current pet, and tamed Gara. So for all you folks killing the elite voids and do not see Xan spawn – try what happened to me – go to the edge and phase out, then come back in. Who knows but that just might do the trick. If anyone has any questions, feel free to contact me 🙂 Happy hunting!

    1. I also was killing and killing then phased out by running to the edge when i phased back in Xan was also waiting for me. Fought him and tamed Gara! Thanks so much for the walkthrough!

    2. i went thru all the steps.. when it ended. gara and a ghostly man disappear.. I cant seem to find her.. I found Lost Netherwolf but, she attacked me.. anybody ever experience this?

  2. Just tamed Gara this morning. All went smoothly, except for a little hiccup…Gara died just after I finished taming her and before leaving the void world. I freaked out for a second then remembered ”Revive Pet” and she popped back to life. I quickly fed her in case he early demise was due to malnutrition. She gobbled it up, we left void world, and started hunting together happily ever after! 🙂 Thank you for this wonderful guide and for the time you and the others spent putting the information together for the rest of us hunters to use to obtain such a cool pet. Kindest regards, Micheylah – Sen’jin

  3. I can confirm that if you let Gara get the killing blow then Xan will spawn. Did after one kill. Thanks for the guide!
    Dallachan- Dalaran

    1. No, that was just a coincidence. I let Gara get several killing blows without Xan spawning, dont waste your time trying this, just keep killing.

  4. the sooner blizz do away with the BM only crap the game will be a whole lot better off there really is now enough distinction between the 3 specs that having exotics bm only is now redundant for extra flavor let BM’s keep the exotic abilities but all 3 can capture the beasts

  5. Thanks alot for the guide 🙂 completing this quest really made my day 🙂 , last time i have so much fun was with the vanila hunter quests 🙂 , i wish i was playing when u guys started to think how to tame her . So i can help too :))
    Thanks again. Nancyta Grim Batol EU A

  6. Nothing I try will make this GARA npc give me the scratch head option. I have killed Mother Om’Ra twice, had berries in inventory, used berries near him… reloaded UI, relogged, exited, changed specs back to BM into SV and back again… nothing works

  7. Thank you all , this was one of the best and sick’est tame’s ever I think all new spirit beast’s should be that way .. Freaking awsome nice job, trust me I like to farm and work to get my epic tame’s and LoquenaHak will always be my fav. But now this one comes pretty close to a second , but I like all my spirit beast tame’s thanks for the awsome 2 hour run .

    Alphamekanic – A,Peak

    ( ” It’s your world I Just Live in it ” ).

    Happy hunting everyone!

  8. I tried taming at lvl 94 and I failed of course but if you fail what do you do I have tried to get the essence again but it never dropped do I just have to go to the dagger again or what do I do

    1. Can the quest be restarted? I tried to get the fel lantern with a warrior friend in my party and it wouldn’t drop, I tried to get it again but couldn’t and tried beginning the quest from multiple stages with no luck. Am I just unlucky and can no longer get her?

  9. Thanks a lot, was an informative guide. Just for information, I had the bodyguard with me when I tried to tame it. The bodyguard automatically started attacking Gara once I have casted tame. However, it’s health stuck at 1 and didn’t take anymore damage form the bodyguard attacks. I almost had a heart attack and thought it was going to die 🙂

  10. Very useful guide.

    It took me forever – about 35 min of voidlords farming to see Xan appear.
    I let the wolf kill the adds, but it did not make it appear.

    I don’t know if it’s related but I ended removing dire beast, thinking maybe too many pets, and 5 min later Xan appeared.

  11. Thank you so much for this guide. All the steps are well laid out and easy to follow. I was able to complete this in about 2 hours of very leisurely play. I do think that Xan’s spawn is pretty much random, even when Gara got the kill it still took me about 15 minutes of killing the big void walkers to get Xan. Gara’s my first spirit beast and I couldn’t be happier with this pet.

  12. Awesome walkthrough!
    Took me an hour to get my beautiful Gara. I got to kill 3 Void Lords before Xan spawned.
    Thank you very much!! 😀

  13. answering my own question – just disable her stealth ability and attack something and then she is full color visible and can’t restealth herself.

  14. Great guide, and right on the mark as what to do. Thanks for taking the time to do this. Lvl 95 hunter, was able to run to each zone and solo the 100 Voids to get the lantern and then hit the 204k leets that spawn when you press the dagger on the tree (avoid he 1.2M leets as they take time to kill).. Had to kill around 15 voids before Xan appeared, but Wolfy is mine now 🙂 Thumbs up!

  15. Completed the whole “Quest Line” Cause off yout help, when tried to tame her i had to much pets already, so had to move out and create space. Now i cant find her anymore, and i cant find the lost Netherwolf under the tree either!
    Any1 else had this problem ?

  16. Thank you SO MUCH! It only took me an hour to get this whole thing done & to tame her.
    The first time I engaged Xan, I only had to kill 2, but I was too far away from the tree to get the Orc to spawn to make the wolf tameable (may want to add that in). Second time I only had to kill 1 elder voidspawn to engage Xan. And I made sure I was nice and close to the tree, the Orc spawned & I tamed the wolf. She’s so purdy.

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this, and the research to find the other people who had pointed things out. If anyone is looking for help with it, I will totally refer them here!

  17. Thanks for the great walkthrough it worked like a charm. As for step 6 I had my pet start killing a elder void lords. then put it on passive and stopped shooting, gara got the killing blow and Xan loaded after the first kill.

  18. Thank you for the step by step the spirit wolf was well worth the effort and very enjoyable it makes a nice change and by the way i only killed 2 void walkers chhers

  19. How would I get Gara back? Wasn’t able to tame before I was fazed out of zone. Now Every I faze back in, Kill a couple Voids and it instantly fazes me out….Is there a way to reset this whole thing?

    1. I did the whole quest line, and got to taming Gara, but I had too many pets and didn’t remember how to abandon. (Call up the pet andclick on the pet frame, choose abandon pet.) so everything disappeared. I tried to get another void lantern… no dr0p. Then found out that the sword will always be there for you. So got rid of a pet and got though the click on the sword thing. Kill a few, then kill Xan… make sure you check if he is around.. sometimes hard to see him if you are not looking. IF you want another Gara or you abandon Gara you can easily get another. Just click on the sword and enter the void. There is a Lost Netherwolf at about 65.7 35.9 at the bottom of the little cliff wall. But you have to be in the void.

  20. Ok, So after a lot of digging up, I found a helpful post on forums. For any reason, you need to tame Gara again, or make her spawn, you must delete all “quest” items so to speak if you have some left over. IE, Fruit,Cloth,Shadowberries whatever it is needed early on, throw them out, click on dagger kills voids and so on. It wll respawn Xan and Gara.

  21. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but I do have the Shadowberriers in my inventory I am in BM but I’m not getting the dialog, “Show Gara the Shadowberriers.” Please help!

    1. Delete it and get it again ? Perhaps that will help.*

      * I would make sure you can get them again before deleting though

  22. awesome guide!!!! thanks for all the work you all put in. I went through 3 voidcallers, before Xan showed up. thanks again.

  23. I just want to say thank you for a wonderful walk thru/guide. I completed the quest this morning, and after much thought, and the back story involved, I decided that I could not change this noble beasts name. I am now the proud hunting partner of Gara. Again thanks for the hard work that went into this brilliant post. One thing though folks, make sure you heal your “spirit beast” as soon as you finish taming her, or else she will die on you. Gave me a heart attack, but casted revive pet, and she was whole again.

  24. Awesome questline. Spend 40 minutes in the void realm wich was kind of a bummer, Took longer then expected but other then that. Amazing.

    Inneth-Argent Dawn!

  25. I just want to say that this was challenging and fun. Also, the last part where you have to kill the Elder Void Lords and such, I really think that Xan just comes randomly . Because I killed many of those things, I had Gara up there killing them also, and had her do the killing blows. Nothing special worked. Xan just finally showed up. But I have her now, so yay! 🙂

  26. Just tamed her. Thanks for all the information! I killed about 6-7 of those void guys. After that, I got tired and decided to try and let Gara have the killing blow and it worked. He showed up immediately.

  27. Hi, i died on my first attempt when killing xan ( got adds 🙁 ) When i reenter the Shadow realm, Gara doesnt show up even after killing Xan. Anyone had this issue and solved it?

  28. I had help with getting the other parts as I was lvl 93 but my friend couldn’t come in so I left it and played on and went back at lvl 94 and figured I’ll give it a shot and got it after killing 3 of the voidcallers since I found quite easy to kill then the voidlords. Saved all my CDs for Xan and killed him quite easily only as a lvl 94

  29. I know this is an old post, and I hope you can help me…just tried this with a group, but when I clicked on the dagger I was the only one who went into the void. I farmed the totem on my own, do they each need to have one as well? And can they get one not being a BM hunter?

  30. I just want to let you guys know, I just got Gara, and you can do the void realm at 98. Just keep your tanking pet on and use barrage. Killed two void lords and two of the other voids and Xan spawned. ^_^

  31. Killing the lords ain’t needed…I killed 4 of the lesser health mobs and that was all i needed…had a small heart attack when i moved too far from the tree and phased out but went back and clicked on dagger all good…tamed Gara went back to Garrison…beast dead…omg….revive pet… sorted. I had to swim to Frostfire cos noobish me couldn’t find path from Iron Siege-works all items dropped from first mobs…great story line, great fun, great pet…I do not know how anyone ever sorted out the quest line…awesome job from all those players who got off their butts and worked it out. We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Peace and love.

  32. Just finished this at lvl 95. Got a fellow hunter to come help out with the elites (though I was able to solo a few before he came to help …. lots of mend pet and lots of CD’s and emergency rezzes were used before I realized that the unarmored ones are much easier to kill alone). Started this yesterday, did it as I was questing, and it was super easy. I love the story of Gara. Thank you so much for this guide!

  33. I have created my Spirit Effigy and have returned to gara but the grave does not appear for me. I have dismissed my pet and got another berry to give to gara but that option isn’t there either. Any ideas? plz and ty

  34. Can I just start all over? Ive tried everything but all I get is “the spirit wolf does not acknowledge your precense, and continues to stare blankly at a crude grave nearby” plz help…

  35. I did the whole quest line, and got to taming Gara, but I had too many pets and didn’t remember how to abandon. (Call up the pet andclick on the pet frame, choose abandon pet.) so everything disappeared. I tried to get another void lantern… no dr0p. Then found out that the sword will always be there for you. So got rid of a pet and got though the click on the sword thing. Kill a few, then kill Xan… make sure you check if he is around.. sometimes hard to see him if you are not looking. IF you want another Gara or you abandon Gara you can easily get another. Just click on the sword and enter the void. There is a Lost Netherwolf at about 65.7 35.9 at the bottom of the little cliff wall. But you have to be in the void.

  36. ok well when i click on Gara i have nothing just the words and nothing to click on ?? i want to start this email me pls

  37. Thank you so much for this info. Altogether, I think it took me about 2.5hrs. I soloed this completely on my 94 hunter on June 1st 2015. Takinlives-Icecrown.

  38. Just completed this at level 96, only time I died was pulling adds when killing the sethekk prophets, though I found that if you drop down to a ramp next to river on the right after entering (using camo) and just wait one of the prophets patrols down there, so easy to fight there without worrying about adds. Also when you phase in after getting dagger the Elder Voidcallers seemed to be much easier to kill than the Void Lords, took 4 kills to summon Xan for me. After taming Gara as soon as I left the void realm Gara died, guess that too is part of quest – just use revive and that’s it. Thanks for this awesome guide.

  39. This was an amazing guide and very useful. Thanks for all those who put it together. My only complaint is now that i have it, my girlfriend and son want it for their hunters. I am just not ready after getting mine to put in another 4 hours to get them. 🙂

    1. I was in scholozar waiting for rare to spawn and was surfing when i found your thread….OMG so awesum…thank all of you for your hard work to make it easy for the rest of us….now i just have to figure out name for her…ty so much …love this pet. Drack

  40. i would like to give thx to the ppl that did all the work to figure this out i did it at lvl 96 and got him wouldn’t have known where to start if this wasn’t available thx again

  41. Absolutely loved this quest and the wolf is beautiful! Incredible community effort to flesh out this Beast Mastery quest. Thank you so much! I named my wolf Aniwaya, the Cherokee name for the Wolf Clan.

  42. Thank you so much for making this beautiful guide. I got my Gara today after a long and interesting adventure..

  43. I think we have to make it really clear that, if you can’t scratch Gara’s ears to start the quest, that you need to get the Spirit Effigy and come back to find the dirt mound that is the disturbed grave and start the quest from there. I already had that item and it took me just a half hour to complete the taming. I wasted a whole day trying to scratch those ears until I just tried using the effigy in frustration and everything went fine from there. I will add that I did have the berries in inventory, too. I don’t know if that was necessary or not.

  44. Thank you for the guide. I was also able to do this on a level 88 hunter. I got a mage port to Warspear. Then, water walked across the seas to Shadowmoon Valley. The 88 did not qualify for the drops beyond the berries initially. But by being accompanied by a hunter over 90 (100), we just killed until more than one of the quest items dropped for the 100 hunter. The lower level hunter could then get the extra one by having auto loot turned off. Oh and for those who don’t know, a water strider pet gives a walk on water buff. That gives any hunter on any mount the ability to waterwalk if one does not have the water strider mount yet..

  45. Awesome quest. I’ll never forget. I’m first time hunter and i was looking for awesome pets and then i find this guide, all i could say is thank you guys, took me 2 hours of running around to gather all the items, include the ones i sell by mistake… then i start to kill the elites and about the 14 one Xan appeared and i started to kill him. By mistake(without knowing) i stepped out of the “circle” of the void and got out. I clicked the dagger again, continued to kill Xan and bam, Gara is down on my knees to tame. Awesome, awesome, awesome…

  46. gratz on the beautifull walkthrough ! did it in less then an hour and Xan appeared next to the tree after only 1 kill
    ty !!

  47. Thank you so much for this. I just started playing a hunter, and was reminded I needed to get a spirit pet. She is fabulous, and I enjoyed the quest line very much. Obviously, I would never have had a clue how to obtain her if I hadn’t happened upon these instructions.

  48. Thank you for this guide, did this under 2 hours, took me like 8-10 kills for him to spawn, just make sure you have a 5th slot available for you new shiny pet 😉

    Awesome guide, good job

  49. the Effigy part bugged for me, I cant get the items to make a new one and I cant continue on the “quest”, I talked to a GM and he said that he had fixed it, but the voidtwisters still isnt dropping the lantern… getting really annoyed atm on it…. 🙁
    Tahèina @ Scarshield Legion EU

  50. So not sure what I’m doing wrong, but trying to start this quest and Gara isn’t at the grave-site. I’m in BM. Have left the zone, came back, logged in and out, changed specs, have the berries in inventory, dismissed pet, killed everything in sight, etc., etc., but no Gara to interact with. Was the quest removed or am I just SOL?

    1. For anyone else having this issue, try skipping to the lantern step. Killed the guys at the Pillars of Fate until a lantern dropped and then went to the dagger in the tree. Not sure why it’s working that way, but it worked. I know I hadn’t done any of the other steps because my hunter is Horde so I haven’t done anything in SMV outside of the garrison quests.

  51. One thing to remember is that IF u start the xan and its Kill Gara DONT logg out DONT enter raid or dungen IT will bugg. And if it bugg, go collect the 5 stuff agen and get xan to reenter and then go find the lantarn.

  52. Yes, it is unbelievable. How do anybody find out all this details about the quest. Datamining… well, like others said before, this is a reson to bow my head before all who helped to discover and shared it with us. I play on a German Server and I had never expect all this behind the ghost wolf Gara at the burial place. Even with having that Shadowberry in my bag, the second dialogue option does not appear, so just here I had stopped thinking about it. But your post let me hang on… After eating a berry the option popped up and I could follow your further hints. Like others I collected the six items to create the Spirit Effigy. Without your advice I had never found out about that or bring it to Gara. Even so the disturbed grave was very hard to see and maybe I had left the burial place without even noticing it. But for sure I had stopped the journey after the ghost of Orc Elder Om´ra had talked to Gara and both disappered… funny idea to find the Void lantern and then using it at the great tree in Shadowmoonvalley. For me it was fighting against 5 of the lesser lvl.100 elites, because as BM without a pet it is harder to kill the bigger ones. Gara helped, yes, but it is not the same as with a pet, of course. Killing Xan was fulfilling the quest and freed the spirit of Orc Elder Om´ra. At last I could tame Gara and all this running around was worth it now. Thank you, all. Good job and very nice to share your aknowledge with us. *clap hands*

  53. Can`t seem to get that Void Lanter to drop…I farmed more than 2 weeks (2 hrs/day) for it and no drop 🙁 Dunno if there is bug or drop rate is so dang low.

  54. There does seem to be a pattern when in the void world. Killing Void Lords is a ‘misdirection’ (pun intended) because on average it only takes 3 void caller kills to get xan to show up. If this was completely random it would be pure ‘RNG’ which it clearly is not. People’s mileage goes a long way with RNG, meaning for some people it could take hundreds if not thousands of kills, when its taking only a few on each tame. Occasionally it may take longer, it may have something to do with level of hunter on how many void callers need to be killed. Lower the level the more needed although this has not been confirmed by anyone at Blizzard but I do have my suspicions.
    It took me around 40 minutes from collecting the items, to making the effigy to getting the Lantern. First Kill I had the lantern (future reference, only 1 Lantern will ever drop, since you can click on the dagger in the tree is you die or accidentally phase out). Rushed back to the tree, popped the Lantern , entered the phased void zone, killed only 1 void caller, Xan appeared, killed him very quickly, orc woman appeared, tamed Gara, then healed her immediately, I decided to keep her name, it wouldn’t seem right to call her by any other name after what she and her master went through together. Left the phased zone, now the owner of the newest spirit beast in the game, and she is a beauty…very epic quest line…about time they did something extraordinary. well done to everyone involved!

  55. I cant start this!! Gara isnt in Shadowmoon as she should! Can u Help me? Did i miss the first step? I cant find Gara anywhere 🙁 she is not sitting at the Grave

    1. Same thing happened to me. I just jumped to trying to get the lantern at the Pillars of Fate. One dropped and I continued on from there. Hope that works for you, too.

  56. after doing all the parts of the quest for my first time on this quest I got gara to spawn and came here to read on more info and by the time I realized what I needed to do to make it my pet it was gone so how do I get it back to try to tame it? I read up on the lost netherwolf to tame but I don’t even have the first pet and been killing those 100 elites for hours and nothing spawns again (

    1. If you already killed Xan once I’m pretty sure you can’t do it again. However, the Lost Netherwolf should be there even if you didn’t tame Gara for some reason.

    2. just a little info for anyone who did the same thing as I did you can get xan to spawn again to tame gara if you didn’t do the taming the first time around so you can do the lost netherwolf if you want your copy and don’t bother trying to do the netherwolf part if you didn’t tame your pet the first time around keep fighting those 100 eites untile xan spans again and kill him and yame your pet and good luck to all you hunters out there hope you enjoy your new pet =)

  57. i think Xan spawns in the middle of the pack of voids., you have to look for him. the voids with the runes above them are easy kills.

  58. I’ve always wanted an epic spirit beast and Gara is my first. This guide is very helpful and probably would have never figured out how to get her with out it. So I can’t say this enough. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Just tamed Gara this morning, i Managed to do it solo on my level 94 (took bloody ages though) only difficulty was the void lords, however i found using a tenacity pet to tank and just spamming mend pet and kill command works well also discovered that if you die during the fight with Xan (i got launched into the path of a void lord) he does respawn after another few kills.

    thanks sooooo much for this guide I’d never have figured any of this out on my own =)

  60. To get Gara make the final kill I when void Lord health was low I used move pet next to me and turned my back on the void Lord ensuring Gara made the kill I found this triggered Xan’s appearance

    A big thank you for the time and effort put into producing the guide.

    Thanks also to Blizzard I enjoyed the adventure

  61. Thank you so very much for putting this all together! I tamed Gara last night only because of all the work everyone else did. >.> That is one of the many reasons I love this game, the community! Thank you again! 😀

  62. Went fine! 🙂 Thnx for the guide! It takes really long for me the spawn of Xan…the first buff ends on me, so it was about 80 min… ehh 😀 but it’s worth it… 😀 The last kill before the spawn of Xan,

    I killed the weaker mob without a summoned pet, except Gara…I don’t know it was important or not, but then Xan spawned immediately.

    Gara is healing you from melee range!

  63. I was under level 100 when I completed this and I will say that if you want people to help you, they all have to have a void lantern or they can’t see the dagger. I wound up doing the mission solo and the only way that I found to do it was to stand back and let Gara and my pet attack the mobs while I healed my pet. I could attack and throw traps every once in a while but not constantly. Also, all of these mobs can drag you too them but don’t stay next to them because their debuffs and area attacks will kill you.

    Thanks very much for the awesome guide! I really love my new pet!

    -Becca B.

  64. Like others I can confirm that having Gara hit the last blow makes Xan appear. Also, when I had done it the first time, I killed Xan but had another guy attacking me. So I couldn’t immediately tame Gara. Then everything disappeared and I was freaking out! I had to just go back in there and fight the guys again until can appeared again and then I tamed her that time. Thanks for the instructions! Love her.

  65. How can you get Gara out of stealth mode? I have seen some hunters have this done but was not able to get a response.

  66. Fantastic guide. If anyone sees this, just know to take each step IN ORDER. 😛 I thought I’d skip going to Gara until i had the Effigy. You can’t get there from here. Finally after killing 50+ Sethekk Prophets, I went to her, came back and first drop..on every mob dropped what I needed. Go in the order they say. Oh, and make sure you have a slot to tame her … say no more p

  67. It’s now 2017 and I believe things with the beastmaster hunter must have changed. I was able to kill Xan a year ago with a hunter that had the same health level and gear. Now this time, I’m finding myself killed by Xan every time. He throws that fireball at me and pulls me in. I don’t have anything to stop it, and I can’t win. I’m beginning to feel very frustrated over a quest that was easy one year ago 🙁

  68. I completed this quest line up to just having killed Xan. Mother Om’ra and coporeal Gara appeared, but Om’ra never said her line and then died. Coporeal Gara immediately disappeared and the Lost Netherwolf is nowhere to be found (I’ve read it only spawns if you’ve tamed Gara already). I’ve phased out and back in again repeatedly, dismissed my pet, relogged. Spirit Gara still runs around with me, but is gone again when I phase out. I’m waiting to hear back from customer support now. What else can I do?

    1. *sigh* Self-solve here. If anyone comes across this they can just kill the void mobs until Xan pops again and it should fix the issue. Also, for what it’s worth, I too had Gara make the killing blow on both attempts and Xan immediately popped.

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