How to tame Gara the Spirit Beast

A couple of nights ago, a bunch of hunters banded together on Twitter and the Petopia forums to try to solve the Gara mystery on the beta. Those I recognized from the forums or Twitter were right beside me in game trying to figure out the same problems, coming up with crazy theories, and just having fun. After a massive group effort and a little bit of luck, Gara has finally been solved.

Just how do we tame her? It turns out that it’s become more complicated than any of us ever imagined. Thanks to some clever datamining of some spell IDs by someone on the Petopia forums, we received enough clues to get past our 4-day rut of no progress beyond the Shadowberries step.

Taming Gara takes you across all of Draenor, and to me it’s basically a mini class quest without actually calling itself a quest. It’s not on the same level as say the warlock green fire quest, but make no mistake, a good deal of effort went into creating this event for hunters!

Basic Requirements:

  • Level 90+
  • Horde or Alliance
  • Beast Mastery spec

What follows contains spoilers, so stop here if you want to discover everything for yourself (and good luck with that!).

Step One: Talk to Gara

You need to be in Beast Mastery spec for this to work since Gara is a spirit beast. Upon interacting with her, you will get the following dialogue option:


This first dialogue had been implemented in beta for many weeks, but the second one suddenly popped up in a new build.  That’s when I asked Muffinus what was up.

The hunt was on. Many hunters gathered in Shadowmoon Valley on the beta server trying to figure out the next part. Eventually some people noticed that a nearby rare, Mother Om’ra, dropped a newly added item, the Shadowberry.

Step Two: The Shadowberry

If you talk to Gara with the Shadowberriers in your inventory, you now get a new dialogue option:


At this point, we were all stuck in a 4-day rut. There was no progress made at all, but plenty of theories. Hunters scoured all the zones looking for clues, and ate way too many Shadowberries in the process.

The break came when someone on the Petopia forums did some clever datamining. Now we had something to go on.

Step Three: The Effigy

Thanks to that datamining, we realized the Spirit Effigy had something to do with it. In order to create this item, you need to go all across Draenor and collect the following items. These were all found by dedicated hunters who went around killing things until they found which specific mobs dropped them. Truly a group effort!

Once you have all these items, you use the Crude Effigy to assemble the Spirit Effigy. Now head back to Gara!

Step Four: Using the Spirit Effigy

With the Spirit Effigy in your inventory, a disturbed grave appears back in front of Gara. Use the effigy on that grave and Mother Om’ra (yeah, the one you killed for the berries) is summoned. I’ll let her dialogue do the talking:


Wow, this is getting pretty deep for a hunter pet taming challenge.

So, maybe now I get to tame Gara? NOPE! Right after this, a giant void lord appears.


What the hell? You void lord jerk! I just want to tame this lovely spirit beast!

And now… after all that… Gara is gone.


Step Five: The Void Lantern

This next step is once again thanks to the original datamining. The Void Lantern drops from Shadowmoon Voidtwisters at the Pillars of Fate in Shadowmoon Valley. You need to come in from Spires of Arak to get there if you haven’t yet gotten the flight path. The lantern is unique but you can pick up a second one after you apply the buff. The buff lasts for one hour and says “partially phases you into the void.”

Take your lantern and head back to the main part of Shadowmoon Valley!


Step Six: Shadowmoon Voidblade

This next step was discovered by Lupen202 on the Petopia forums.

Head on over to the Great Tree Valuundira as shown on the map above. There was actually a bit of a hint here that all of us originally missed. The one NPC nearby, Anchorite Vanaala, says the following: “We brought this sapling from our home, and now it is dying. I cannot sense any evil nearby, but I will keep trying.”

That evil is clearly the Voidblade stuck into the trunk, but you can only see it with the Void Lantern as discussed in the previous step. Click on the dagger and you will phase fully into the void realm, and… what’s this?!


Gara appears by your side in the form of a guardian pet. You’ll also notice that since you’re now in the void realm, the sky darkens, and a bunch of massive Elder Void Lords and Elder Voidcallers are surrounding the tree. They are level 100 elites so you’ll probably need to be level 100 to complete this by yourself.


Start killing them! Gara will help you (and seems to do some damage). I’m not sure exactly how many need to be killed, or if it’s entirely random. I killed at least a dozen before I saw Xan, the Lord of Glass spawn. Others reported getting Xan to spawn in as little as 2 kills. Someone in the comments reported that if you let Gara get the killing blow, it will spawn Xan automatically (move close to the void lord so Gara will attack). Others have reported this does not work. So it might be totally random. Either way, just keep killing them and keep an eye out for Xan. You can’t miss him!

The Lord of Glass
The Lord of Glass

After defeating Xan, he does one final attack but you “instinctively” use Deterrence to avoid it. I kind of chuckled at that. Mother Om’ra spawns again and says the following:


If multiple hunters are completing the event at the same time, a tameable Gara spawns for each of them. It seems all you have to do is tag Xan.

Gara does not fight back during the taming process.

Who's cutting onions in here?!
Who’s cutting onions in here?!
An epic taming quest

A couple of final notes to finish this off. First, even though you need to visit high level zones and deal with some level 100 elites, you can tame Gara as low as level 90 (thanks to those who commented to confirm this).

Secondly, if you die or otherwise leave the void realm once you’ve clicked the dagger, you do not need to get another lantern. The dagger will always be there now. Actually, the Void Lantern will stop dropping entirely.

If you’ve abandoned Gara and want her back (or you just want more copies of her in your stable), you can go back into the void realm and look for a Lost Netherwolf to tame. It is located far away from the dagger, at 65,37.

Gara looks a lot better in motion, so here’s a very short video showing her off.

I never expected to have a challenge tame be this involved.  A lot of care went into crafting this, and I think I speak for all hunters when I say: Thank You!

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  1. I went back into the Void Realm tonight hopefully to find Gara as my guardian but nooo. I started killing voids wishing and then a hunter came in. We joined up and I hoped for the best because site said, if there’s more than one hunter, more than one Gara appears to be tame. Nope, but Gara is in another castle. lls Grrrr. Other hunter and I even tried going out and in to see if they’re get another Gara to fight the void but no. Lastly we checked the graveyard to see if they get another Gara, no again. What to do what to do. 😎 Thanks to the hunter for trying to help.

    1. I did this. Had the tame go off and died at the same time it completed. I went back in and no Gara appears. checked my pets and she’s not there.

  2. Thanks a ton for this guide, thanks to it I tamed my Gara last night with my level 91 hunter. The “questline” was CRAZY but fun!

  3. OK OK after further expirement and lots of time I have just figured out that if u want the lord of glass Xan to appear you have to kill 2 Void Lords

  4. Isabo on Uldum here. I have made it to the last step but at my level I can’t kill within the realm so if you are about to do the final step and you don’t mind helping a fellow hunter, let me know.

  5. lv 91 i went to talk to her to start the quest… had all the conversatiuon option but not the berries. finished the dialog and now she wont even speak to me even if i have the berries now iun my inventory all i have is the stare at the grave line thats all no dialog option. screwd or bug ? im a bm btw

    1. Had a similar issue. Just skip the line. It’s virtually pointless and all you need to do is start collecting the materials. I did the quest-line in about 1hf. Possibly less.

      1. try killing 2 with like lanterns and 2 to normal voids with out the lanterns i got him to show up with just kill them..hope that helps…

  6. I got the void lantern and used it to phase out but cannot find the great tree. Is there a bug with this part? I have been all over the grounds outside the Temple of Karabor.

  7. Update: I died fighting the void caller in the final stage, and when I got back, there was no tree and no knife to click on to return me to the phase. My husband on his priest could see the tree but I couldn’t.

  8. As a heads up – the trick in the void *is* to get Gara to have the final blow. I was able to get Xan to appear with 1 kill doing this. 🙂

  9. This pet is awesome. Gives a Mastery boost of 493. Hardest part was getting this Void Lantern from the Shadowmoon Voidtwister. I recommend going in camophlouge around the level 100 mobs. I killed it and completed the quest line at level 97. Xan spawned after killing one elite and the elite was pretty easy as was Xan.

  10. Love the guide, loads of help! Did it over the course of a couple days on my 96 hunter. Def kill the guys with 200k health, so much easier! After about 30 mins got him to spawn!! Absolutely in love with this pet. Just be careful moving around the tree to kill the voids, cus I kept getting taken out of the void realm when I went to one area. Good luck guys and happy hunting!


  11. To those having trouble with getting Xan to spawn, I’ve just amended the guide to note that Gara has to make the killing blow to trigger Xan. if Gara isn’t attacking, move closer to the void lord/caller.

    1. Apparently this doesn’t work all the time. We still don’t know a definitive way to spawn him immediately. It may just be entirely random. Keep killing and good luck.

  12. Great guide, very helpful. I had issues with the Voidtwisters, but after that it was easy. Did this at lvl 95. Killed the Voidcaller, Gara did not attack, when the void was almost dead I dismissed my pet, walked into it and Gara finished it off, and Xan spawned right away. Xan was easy, Gara is mine, renamed Fenris.

  13. The most comprehensive guide for a most heartwarming reward. You did an excellent job with this, and with you help, I have her at my side. My sincerest thanks to you.

  14. This is getting frustrating.. i’ve killed over a dozen of the voids letting Gara have the killing blow and still no Xan! i guess it’s bugged 🙁

  15. update: Xan finally showed himself after a kill when i had only 6mins left on the void realm.. Gara is mine 🙂 Thx for the guide!

  16. I have done it! I got Gara thanks to this guide! thanks alot. I am Lorane from the Outland server (alliance) and I did it on level 94. It is possible people, just kill the Void Callers they are not that strong! Xan also is very weak and easy to solo! Goodluck to all the rest!

  17. So I have let gara get the killing blow on 10 of them now. I stop auto attacking and put pet on passive at about 5% and watch while she kills them. I even tried dismissing my pet while she kills them. I then tried just outright killing them. Been killing them for 25 min now and nothing. I can confirm that letting her get the killing blow is NOT a guaranteed spawn, this may just be coincidence in a few cases.

  18. Captured Gara last night. This was a great quest, and had me reminiscing of some of the long quest chains from EQ back in the day.

    For those wondering there is no set kill number to get Xan to spawn. Another hunter and I spent about 45 minutes killing down the voids and letting Gara get the final blow on them before Xan finally started to spawn. Don’t lose hope, Xan will spawn. It just takes a while. When he spawns he will do a zone wide yell so you’ll know he spawned. He will not appear on top of where you killed the void, but more so towards the middle of the instanced area.

    As with everyone else has already detailed we pulled pets, removed pet trinkets, and turned around from the void mobs and let Gara have the final kill for each mob.

    Overall, great write up. Followed it to the letter, and was finished within a couple hours with the longest part being getting Xan to spawn.

  19. Confirmed, LVL 92 Hunter (Solonor – Khadgar – Alliance)

    Just tamed him (full solo).

    Last part:
    Killed 4-5 of the Elder Voidcallers (204k Health)
    Xan Spawned (600k something health)
    pretty easy to be honest, had to revive the pet once and placed a few deterrence , feigned deaths since its only 23sec CD as well as a life saving Disengage when he pulls u in.
    If you have a way to heal urself then ure definitely safe, I didnt.

    Hardest part:
    Lantern. The lvl 100 spellcaster had me running for my health.. died but thankfully a bear (Pandaren) happened to be passing by and killed it so I simply went back and looted it.

    Good luck to the Hunters trying it, and thank you for this amazing guide!

  20. I was killing voids for about 40 minutes, got them down to about 5%, then put my pet on passive and let Gara finish them off, etc. This didn’t work for me at all. Finally, I tried dismissing my pet instead of just putting it on passive and lo and behold! Xan showed up that very kill!
    To the hunters struggling with this, it is at least worth a shot!
    Thank you so very much for this guide and for all of your and the other hunters’ hard work to solve the mystery for those of us who never would have figured it out on our own!

  21. Thanx a heap man. Just tamed gara and it was awsome to be involved in a tameing process like this. But i wouldnt have known where to start without this detailed guide, so thank you very much. oh n btw, when i started taming gara, my bodyguard started to attack the wolf. luckily the life bar stayed at 1% till i was done. I always freak out when some thing is trying ta slaughter the pet im going to tame. =p

  22. I’m a lvl 100 BM spec hunter. I have found Gara at her initial resting place but she has no available quest for me (can not scratch behind her ears). Any ideas?

    1. I’m going through the very same problem. Can’t even start it. Would some good soul help us or draw blizzard’s attention to this issue?

  23. I must say, this is the best Quest for taming a pet i’ve ever done. Thanks to all this guys who helped for this guide. Without it and alone trying to find the right things it ist just impossible… (or takes litterally years running around Draenor).
    So thanks to you all and thanks to Blizzard for this legendary quest and pet!

  24. finally, got my Gara. I had killed Mother Om’ra the 2nd day I started playing (3 days after WoD went live) and had these weird berries when I found Gara lying in front of the grave and somehow I got to look at me. During my journies thru-out Draenor, I found a wooden bowl and a crude effigy, but I didn’t give them any thought or Gara. But then I found a small fruit and Elder Incense. What the fudge, what is all this stuff. So I went looking on the net and found out, I had stumbled on most of the mats needed to tame Gara. Then off to Frostridge, I went.

    So, thank you and thank you to all the other BM hunters in beta who found these mats, data-mined and put the puzzle together- otherwise, I would not have her. nor would any other BM hunter.


  25. Thank you for this! Gara is beautiful! i tamed her at level 99. took me awhile to gather all the materials needed but it was well worth it! Happy Hunting!

  26. 12/07/14 I did not have to do first two steps (it didn’t work anyway) still was able to get the spirit effigy and tame Gara. Hope this helps some of you, I was wasting a lot of time in the beginning trying to get those steps to work!

  27. The time and detail that went into this guide is…unbelievable. I simply cannot thank you all enough. Everything worked perfect as directed.

    as a side note. don’t take too long between killing the voids, and don’t go too far from the tree. You will phase out of the void. It does not remove the lantern buff luckily, just go touch the dagger again. Just a bit of a scare when it happens, after all that work you think you did something wrong.

    Thank you again, all of you.

  28. I’ve tamed her and now she disappeared 🙁 what now? I’m only lvl 99 but that shouldn’t matter from what I have been reading and she isn’t in my stables and yes i am BM what do i do? were did she go i went back in and nothing 🙁 do I retrieve her somewhere else? ls help thy seem’s to be a glitch from older post’s

      1. well I got ahold of a gm and like typical response was sry we can’t help you but not all is lost you can tame lost nether wolf same model as gara. I truly do not understand it’s bugged and they cant help you ….so idk im going now to tame a lost nether wolf if I can lol I will let you know if it works.. all that work for nothing lol

        1. Started this quest today after a guildy on arathor server alliance suggested it. Basically let garra get final hit passive your pet around 10% and you yourself stop attacks. Its totally random when the final boss spawns. I got my drop off the void callers not the 1 million hp elites. Make sure you dismiss your current pet to tame garra

  29. Tamed Gara today using this guide… thank you very much, the guide worked beautifully.
    Took about 2h hour to collect materials and do all the stuff needed. My char was 98 and didnt have difficulties with mobs.

    With regards

    Ooga, The Sha’tar server (EU)

  30. If you do the quest with another BM hunter do both hunters need to have the effigy to move through the whole quest or can you do it as a group with one effigy? Thanks

  31. hey guys thanks so much i tammed Garra n took only 2 void lords till the main man showed up thanks so much for helping me tame the most wonderfull girl n what a adventure doing it

  32. It would have been nice to know – before abandoning Gara – that I couldn’t get her back BEFORE level 100 because I’m too low of a level to tame it. Maybe you should put that in your guide, thanks.

  33. Just to let those who are below 100 know that if you do have to tame the Lost nether wolf you will have to wait until you hit 100 mind you its funny as Gara only lvl 90 and the other mobs in this area are only 90 lol but she is 100 lol so sad now i have to wait once more…. gl

  34. For me, Gara died during the taming process. I reported the problem and the GM seemed to think it is a bug and has pushed it up to Quality Control. Here is the response I received . . . . .

    Game Master Kloeni here! =D I hope all is well.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us a heads up on not being able to continue with taming Gara. I really value players who take time to report these, instead of just moving on to the next thing they wanted to do. Every report helps us to squash bugs and ultimately makes our games better.

    I did some digging on this and it appears that its acting like a BUG (hard to tell) so I’m very glad you reported this. While we have received some reports we are unable to verify a known issue at this time.

    The information you have given me here has been sent up to our Quality Assurance team to be checked out. What happens from here is our QA team will review the information. If and when an issue can be verified and duplicated, then our team will weave a little game magic to try to correct the issue. While we try to resolve issues as quickly as possible, keep in mind that some issues can be hotfixed while some issues might take a full patch to resolve.

    I’m sorry about any troubles this may have caused and we’ll do everything we can to get this sorted out.

    1. Resolution for those of you who lost Gara during the taming process. You will need to go back to the void realm and find in order to get your tame now. She is at 65.1, 36.7. Go get her . . . BTW, this is a wonderful post on how to tame this beast. Thank you for pulling it together and making it available to all of the hunters out there.

  35. If you pay close attention to Om’ra when you kill her, you’ll actually see a ghost wolf running away from her in the direction of Gara when she dies!

  36. im having issues it keeps porting me out of the void world and i still have alot f time left do i have to have a lanturn there or just click on the dagger it teles me there i get 5 kills in then it kicks me out and i have to try again i put my pet on passive when the voids are almost dead and let gara kill them he still has not spawned at all.. ive been at this for over 5 hours lol

  37. For what it’s worth, I just did doing this at 91. Had some help from a friend for the item collecting, but soloed the last segment. I was alone in the void, and died to the Voidwalkers twice. Strangely enough, when I went back in for a third go, there was Xan, just chillin’ with the voids. Luckily for me, he was easier to kill. Took me a little over 5 minuted to finish him off(Bear used Last Stand twice).

    The guide was great and the pet is beautiful. Thanks all!

  38. Great Guide, as a lvl 100 BM hunter been playing since Vanilla days and this is one of the best pets out there.
    I’ve always been a big Skoll fan but this one by far is so much nicer.

    Thanks Again for the put together… Tapper of Shattered Halls

  39. Thank you very much for this excellent guide. They may have changed the drop rate on the effigy items, because I got ever one on the first kill.

  40. It would be helpful if you showed on the map where Pillars of Fate are in Shadowmoon Valley. Finding this was the hardest part of the quest for me.

  41. Wow, this was quite a taming journey! Thanks for posting all that together, I never would have figured it out otherwise even with WowHead. I saw parts of Draenor I never thought I would go to!

    For the record, I burned the first void dude to near dead and then stopped attacking. Gara got the kill shot and Xan spawned immediately.

    BTW @Jude Collins, if you’re still following this thread, it isn’t actually a “quest” i the yellow-! way. It’s just a series of things you need to do

  42. Hi There, would like to ask if anyone had the same situation, I got the last items Void Lantern and was transferred to the other realm, after a dozen kills I was able to see Xan, I almost got him but I died when he did the final attack .. I didn’t Deterrence when he did that final attack.. and I died, I remembered Eye of the beast mentioned we can loot that lantern again, however when I went back again and keep killing those npc , that Lantern never dropped again.. really appreciated if someone can provide some information .. thks

    1. Yay !! I was able to find the dagger on the tree, so basically you don’t need another void lantern, once you had it, you can go back to the tree and click the dagger. I got Gara now !! Thanks so much for this guide 😀

  43. Thank you soooo much for this guide! I followed it all and got my Gara just now. <3
    Note – I killed 5-6 of the 100 elites before Xan showed up. 🙂

  44. Worked perfect. The map locations were spot on and if you kill the right listed mobs got the correct drop first kill. I spent 90 mins probably. Lots of flying and running. longest part was killing the voids at the end. I would suggest bringing a friend or follower to speed up the kills although i solo’d it without dieing, just took longer. THANKS FOR A GREAT GUIDE!

  45. I would just like to say thank you for putting this guide together. What a great contribution this has made to the whole process. With out this guide I doubt I would have got it done. I used this guide alone I. My search and it was flawless.

  46. 12-23-14 I’m trying my best to tame Gara. I have all the items that are required, but the first step using thre effigy it keeps saying invaliddetection on the grave site. I’ve tried everyything I know but it won’t work. Has anyone else had this problem? Drhast

  47. I did it all to the end… the wolf appeared… But I aggro’d another void Lord!.. There sat my wolf… and there he sat… until just before the void lord I aggro’d died. I was so mad I almost died. I tried to tame her as she sat there but… Then the wolf and lady disappeared before the fight was over! Also noted the knife can be clicked again if you die and you restart the final part of this quest without needing another lantern run.

  48. I went with another hunter who hadn’t tamed him yet. I had tamed her. Apparently we could not see each other and were out of phase… In fact Gara never appeared for the whole early part for me either… Should have suspected the end phase issues. Hard to get the pet for another, just wanted to help her kill the elites. Tried abandoning Gara but without Gara as a sidekick (she did not appear with me in the spirit world again), Xan won’t appear or if he does eventually it won’t do any good as I had teamed her so she was sitting at the back. NOW… does this lost one maybe appear for everyone if they look? Is she just sitting there in the back waiting for a ambitious hunter to find? I thought I could just go back with this hunter and help. It was hours of questing; now she will hate me 🙁 Else she must wait till 100 (*sigh*)
    Can I do the quest if not a hunter on an alt to help this person? Will some fail? (Obviously the end tame of the deal LOL)

  49. Firstly, thank you all so much for this guide for an awesome pet. I can’t imagine the hours spent figuring this one out. Great job! Got Gara w/o a hitch following the guide. I guess I was lucky getting Xan. I only had to kill 3 voidcallers (which are much easier kills) & 1 void Lord.

    Again thank you for the guide & the time spent figuring this one out. Good luck to all other hunters in acquiring this pet

  50. Just soloed the Gara quest chain with my lvl 98 Worgen Hunter and, after doing some spectacularly stupid things, wanted to leave a few tips for future Gara-seekers:

    1. Talk to Gara and show her the shadowberries BEFORE you try to get any of the spirit effigy items. I killed Gorebound Legionnaires like they’d talked about my momma and got nada. Went back and did Steps 1 & 2, then “bingo!” got the drop on the first kill. (Most of the effigy items were 1 kill = drop.)

    2. When looking for the Thunderlord Giantslayers, if you drive around to the east of the map coords, you can climb some rocks and drop down onto the roof of the building they’re in. (Yes, I fell through.)

    3. Hardest mob for me to find was the Necrophytes in Frostfire Ridge. There’s a lvl 100 area directly to their right (east), but I managed to drive my motorcycle through their living room and survived.

    4. Stand right on top of the Disturbed Grave before you use the spirit effigy to avoid “Requires Disturbed Grave” error messages.

    5. When looking for the Shadowmoon Voidblade, crank your camera to look up a bit. That dagger is so far over your head that you might not see it at the standard camera follow angle.

    6. Voidcallers (the blueberries wearing chandeliers on their heads) are WAY easier to kill than the Voidlords. I killed 5-6 of each before mr. big showed up. When fighting the Voidlords, use Mend Pet some and stay outta the purple stuff. You can interrupt their stun spell with Counter Shot.

    7. If you shoot Gara during the taming time, you won’t kill it. Gara will drop to 1 hp and stay there. (Why would I know this, you ask? I forgot to dismiss my other pet, panicked when the Tame Beast button wouldn’t work, and thought I had to tag it before taming.)

    Also, I want to echo the other comments on here about how accurate and detailed the quest notes are. My thanks go out to the EOTB blogger and all the other WoW diehards that researched and figured all this out. I intend to consult this blog from now on when it comes to all things Hunter.

    Finally, thanks to Blizzard for designing an enjoyable, memorable epic quest. It felt like an Around the World in 80 Days adventure. Because all the items and steps were “in world” and not inside dungeons or raids, a single player can complete it. Because there are no cooldowns involved, you can complete the quest in one sitting. Well done!

  51. I found Gara and walked up to her on a mount and started the quest. Once I clicked on the response it all went away and now she wont talkl to me and i can’t interact with her. I am a 100 BM hunter. Any suggestions?

  52. I’m pretty new to WoW, completed this at level 97 after dying several times. Thanks for this guide.

    Hardest part for me was killing the Sethekk Prophet, who also has a wolf alongside him. I tried going through the main entrance and died multiple times.

    The best area of attack is going over the bridge to Shadowmoon Valley, then taking the river down until you see a stone walkway on your left. Take that up and you’ll see a Prophet patrolling by himself instead. Be sure to take out the totem as soon as it is placed.

    I also tried to tame Gara when I already had 5 pets active, so make sure you either abandon a pet or put him in a stable. Like I said, I’m new, so I didn’t know this. I lost my chance to tame Gara(she disappears after a while if you don’t tame her) the first time but went back to the Void world and did it all over again.

    Thanks again for this guide!

  53. Tamed Gara tonight after about 45 minutes of running around. Kill of the void lords to make Xan spawn seems to be random. Thanks for the awesome guide!

  54. I followed your guide step by step. It didn’t even take me an hour to get Gara in my petgroup. Many thanks to all the contributors to this project. Hell of a guide it was! :-))

  55. Great guide. Took me approx 2 hours from scratch (however I did have to run all the way out to Frost Ridge twice… Too anxious on that garrison hearth after the first item 😉

    I didn’t start until level 100, and did the chain completely solo. I probably killed 20+ voids, little lantern elites and elder lord elites. Below is a short guide for the elder elites (they have tons of HP)…

    Get out your tanking pet, or put your pet into Tenacity spec
    You can interrupt the stun (Gift of the Void?)
    You CANNOT interrupt his “Reality” spell, you will get pulled in. Immediately Disengage, and drop a Mend Pet while you are flying out.
    Drop as many arrows in him as you can!

    The elders will take a 2-3 minutes each to kill.

    Interesting Note:
    When Xan finally spawned, another hunter popped into the void instance with me (didn’t realize it was shared out of group). When I spotted the other hunter, I immediately invited, he accepted… And he got his Gara too! Lucky for him, lol

  56. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this guide; obtaining Gara was fun & very much entertaining. I now have “GaraBella”, in memory of WOW’s spirit beast Gara and my own beast Bella.. May they both RIP 🙂

  57. Does ANYONE else have a problem where Xan appears and when his health is at around 50% you phase out of void? WTH?

  58. Kudos to everyone who figured this out! Wonderful guide! I tamed Gara within an hour of reading this. When killing the Voidcallers, I had to drop about 8 of them before Xan spawned.

  59. Idk wht im doing wrong, ive done the first and the second prt, scratch behind ears and shadowberries, but wtf i have farmed for the first drop in the list: the effigy for a week and i have killed about 15k Bonepickers, and no loot. Why is it not dropping?

  60. I got him took an hour, easy as lvl 100 killed 3 elites and Xan popped he was easier to kill that the elder elites

  61. I used the Void lantern as the guide said but something went wrong and I came out of the void before completing the quest for Gara and now I can not seem to get another Void lantern….if anyone can give me a helpful hint it would be great.

    1. I had the same issu but i went back to the tree without a new lantern and i could still see the sword in the tree and when i klicked on it i was transported to the void.

  62. Jaeger of Chromaggus here, today i finally tamed Gara, and wanted to say one huge THANK YOU to the people who dedicated their time to solve the tame of this wonderful pet!
    I also want to add, that i left Gara kill 4 Elder Voids and 5 Voidcallers and Xan didn’t want to spawn. on the 5th elder void, when he was about 10k hp i dismissed my current tanking pet ( i did this on lvl 96 solo ) and left Gara finish this one as well. Now i dont know if this was luck or anything but Xan spawned immediately and after that it was easy. (:
    Take care and happy huntin’ yall. ^^

  63. Thank you for making this great guide. I had no problems until the end, it took about 35 kills to get Xan to spawn, but he was very easy to take down once he did. Total time about 2 hours.

  64. Little late to the party here but tamed Gara at 4:02 PM today on Wyrmrest Accord at level 91. Didn’t keep my pet on passive but instead, popped her into defensive stance, put on growl and switched her to tank spec. Had to kill about 10 voidcallers before Xan spawned. Stuns were irritating, but easily doable at lower levels.

    1. btw had to kill about 8 elites before Xan appeared…but didn’t see Gara doing anything……

      Thanks to all who supplied information…

  65. OK, I killed an uncountable number of lords and callers and no Xan..lantern timed I have to get another lantern and start again?

    1. ok did not have to get another pet after another 25 kills…THANKS to all that provided information to do this quest:)

  66. Adarrah from Stormrage. I can’t thank everyone enough for this awesome information!! I am a huge exotic pet person (you know it’s a girl thing :P) I followed everything to the letter, and after 2 hours I had Gara tamed at level 99. Those Voids were pretty damn tough especially it took about 20 to kill before Xan showed up, but I am smiling from ear to ear so it was SOOO worth it!!

    You guys deserve a standing OV for this amazing guide!!
    HUGE Hugs and Appreciation!

  67. Hi, all! I just wanted to let you know that you can tame a wolf that looks EXACTLY like Gara and they are called Lost Netherwolves! The only way that this is possible is that you must have completed ALL the steps in obtaining Gara in the first place and then you will be able to go back in and tame her twin as many times as you would like.
    I posted this information in the Petopia forums if you would like to take a look at that there. Here is the link.
    or you can contact me if you need any help. I would love to be of any assistance 🙂
    Good luck, this is THE PET to get 🙂

  68. Hi all! i struggled for 1hour 10mins getting Xan to spawn, my error was that i had a pet out while takin on the mobs!!
    after 1 hour of struggle and the timer on my shadowrealm was about to expire i popped my 2nd lantern, dismissed my current pet and looked for one of the lower HP mobs, (204K HP) and attacked it as much as posible until about 12k left then i let gara do the job for me..
    then finally XAN spawned and i pulled my tankin pet out again and kept tankin him until about 200k of his 600k something, then i just kited him around the tree and i got my Gara

    thanks for a VERY nice guide!!

  69. I kept my pet out and killed the lower ones also but after the kill shot i wouldn’t shoot anymore I only had to kill 3 before Xan showed up. With my current pet and help from Gara we killed Xan and dismissed my pet and tamed Gara. Pretty fun quest line, and Gara looks great!! Thanks so much for the guide!!

  70. Easy best guide thx bro did it worked out perfectly fine AHAHAHAHA @ all haters who joined grps n shit didnt get pet AHAHAHAHAHA

  71. I just wanted to say thank you to Eyes of the Beast. Without your guide I never could’ve tamed Gara. You guys are the folks who have and will continue to make the most challenging tasks within grasp for everyone! Continue doing what you do!

  72. Just tamed my big purple doggie, thank you very much. I am in awe of the skill patience and dedication of all involved in the mammoth feat of deciphering the many steps required to complete this task. Your teamwork is amazing. May the WoW gods smile upon you, and the RNG be kind.


  73. I tamed Gara last night and there’s no way I could have done it without this guide, so THANK YOU so much! I died the first time after killing a bunch of those void things. The second time I went in, I figured out that if you kill the Elder Void Lords (think that’s what they’re called), Xan appears. He may have appeared after I killed the first one, but I didn’t notice him there until I was about to try to kill a third one. Images do NOT do this wolf justice; she is SO gorgeous!!! Loque’nahak has been my favorite Spirit Beast since I got him – until now!

  74. at first, thank you very much for this awesome guide. i have started this few days ago and while lvling i took the items.
    today (yesterday) i got all mats and got to shadow realm or void realm and killed maybe 8 elite tanks and some easy ones and then i saw a yell of xan, so i killed it and tamed the pet. i was lvl 98/ the strong elites took some time.
    i havent switched to surv spec becouse i readed to not do but i am always BM hunter cuz i like that the most.
    play hunter with a nice pet is funny but other specs are boring a bit for me.

  75. First and foremost awesome guide and I appreciate the information. I followed guide and got Gara. Once I left the spirit world she was at full health and just died. I started to panic but just revived and all seems well and no other issues don’t know if this has happened with anyone else but almost had a heart attack when she died.

  76. Wonderful guide – just tamed her. One thing to notice: she died after a few minutes and had to be revived. Also: My follower nearly killed her while i was taming. Send away follower if you have one 🙂

  77. Just wanted to say thank you, very much, to all who put in so much effort to crack this for the rest of us. You all rock!!!

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