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Eyes of the Beast is run by a dwarven hunter named Bendak. He’s been playing his hunter for 13+ years and his alts are also usually Hunters. Over the years he’s run the whole gamut — from hardcore raiding to PvP to pure casual. Right now, he’s raiding in a casual (6 hours/week) Mythic raiding guild and playing actively.

He also writes for Wowhead, specifically the Beast Mastery Hunter Guide along with some other Hunter related content. He’s also one of the hosts of the Hunting Party Podcast (since episode 201).

You may have seen his WoW writing previously on Locked and Loaded at Blizzard Watch, Scattered Shots at WoW Insider (R.I.P.), or the official Warlords of Draenor Strategy Guide.

Outside of WoW he enjoys single-player RPGs (Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, etc.), reading and watching science fiction, and photography.


This blog is all about the best class in World of Warcraft. Hunter news, guides, pets, transmog, and anything else huntery is featured here.


http://www.EyesOfTheBeast.com and BendakWoW on Twitter.


This blog was started in February 2014. As long as WoW and hunters are both awesome, this blog is probably going to exist in some form.


Because hunters.


This site is a personal passion, but if you’d wish to chip in for the costs of running/hosting the site (or just want to support my work) you can do so below with one of the donation buttons (the coffee one is through ko-fi, and the yellow button is through paypal directly).

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7 thoughts on “About Eyes of the Beast”

  1. Hey there,

    I’ve been hunting myself for the last 6 years and i’m very glad you made this site! At my guild, i’m the Hunter Class Leader and i’ve been training and helping a whole lot of hunters. Usually i explain the basics, opening sequence, situational rotations, ect… but for specific gems, enchants, ect I reference sites like Noxxic and Icy-Veins. Although these site give good basics, a lot of us hunters (including myself) are in need of frequent updates and more detailed and advanced tactics. When to use your CD’s, what to cast when trinkets proc, how important is , how to solo that rare mob, ect… There for i’m very happy there are some hunters around that invest in these details!

    All i think i wanne say is : Keep up the good work! We’ll be watching you…

    Greetings Nafania

  2. Hey there! So glad to find your site!!! I started playing a hunter when some friends talked me into WoW when WotLK came out. I learned the ropes from these guys, who were NOT “casual” players, and the hunter who trained me eventually gave up playing his hunter because he said I was a LOT better at it than he was. Learning from more hardcore players was great because I learned pretty early on what NOT to do as a hunter. But most importantly, they taught me to play the spec(s) I was comfortable with and screw what other people had to say. I’ve always been a BM hunter (maybe because I’m a girl and love all my pretty pets;) I’ve been out of the game now for about three years, though I played the free-to-play starter edition off and on just to keep myself playing a bit. It’s rough when all your friends quit…

    Anyway, I just resubbed a few days ago and logged into my Draenei hunter, who sadly sits at Level 85:( Finding your blog is a wonderful thing because I have two expansions’ worth of stuff to adapt to, and I am completely clueless LOL! I took one peek at the talent trees and was sooooo lost! Looking forward to delving into your posts and finding my way around my hunter again! Until then, leveling up a Troll hunter (blech! But my other friends who play are all Horde) to get back in the swing of things with the basics. I don’t want to make a fool out of myself running around Azeroth like a noob* on my Draenei until I at least know what gear I should be sporting!!!

    *Seriously…noooooobbbb…I logged onto my Draenei for the first time in three years last night, couldn’t find my mounts. When I finally did, I couldn’t figure out how to get on it. When I finally did, couldn’t figure out how to get off it. So I flew around Stormwind, trying to act non-noobish, couldn’t even find the auction house… Finally figured out how to dismount and couldn’t figure out how to shoot or what my key bindings were. Nothing like standing in the middle of Stormwind unable to figure out how to kill a damn rat.

  3. Stumbled upon your blog via a little tool I used called Google. Was pleasantly surprised to find a wealth of information on my favorite class since Vanilla. Started as a hunter back in the old days and am still one now hanging out on the top of the charts on mythic. I hit a very rough spot in the road this expansion and was saved by your blog. I was almost cut from the guild I was in permanently due to lack of DPS. So, in a desperate attempt to ramp my meters I ended up here. Found the info I needed and lead the small team of hunters we had into battle and to the top of the charts! Thank you very much for what you do and continue to do, you have my support with your adventures good sir and I hope that you continue making the world a better place for us hunters!

    Cheers! 😀

  4. Hey! First of all, excuse me if this is not the right part of your blog to right (I didn’t find any other), and for my English, which isn’t very goog (I apologize), I’m French.
    Your blog is amazing, I love it, very usefull for us hunters, very ergonomic, and you’re article are such fun to read !
    Sincerely, I’m happy to ave discovered it, and I’ll check for new article soon :p


    (hell yeah you’re right, hunters are the best!)

  5. Hey there, I just came across your blog, as I recently begun levelling a Hunter.

    I really missed playing that class, and it looks as if I will be quite well prepared for it, if I just follow this site. Thank you for all the work put into it 🙂 Your ideas on bringing back Pet Loyalty are so great, I miss that a lot, when it comes to Hunters. Sure, having to have room for arrows, pet food, and what not could be considered a hazzle, but it made Hunters…Well, Hunters. Maybe one day. I still feed my pet from time to time, even though I don´t technically “need” it!

    Anyway, thanks for the solid blog – your screenshots are really great too 🙂

  6. All of the talent, knowledge, and expertise as azor but in a way more personable and likable package.

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