Hunter Transmog: Alliance Rifleman 2.0

My first “Alliance Rifleman” transmog was based on the vanilla hunter PvP gear. The problem with that one is unless you’re high ranked (or earned rank 9+ in vanilla), it’s unavailable to you.  This new one, however, is available to anyone who builds a Dwarven Bunker in their garrison. Even though it looks like plate, it can be worn by any armor class. It just so happens that it looks pretty badass on a dwarf. Sorry, Hordies, this one is Alliance only (except the gun and goggles).

Head: Steamworker’s Goggles
Shoulder: Stormwind Shoulderguards
Chest: Stormwind Chestguard
Tabard: Stormwind Tabard (new version)
Belt: Stormwind Belt
Legs: Stormwind Leggings
Boots: Stormwind Boots
Gloves: Stormwind Grips
Weapon: Shrediron’s Shredder (Level 3)

I’ve put this set together in a Wowhead item comparison so you can quickly view it on other races in 3D (click the little triangle above the item icons).


The Stormwind armor is purchased with Iron Horde Scraps (360 in total). These are obtained from Dwarven Bunker work orders (usually around ~3 per work order) and as drops from Iron Horde and inside most dungeons. I honestly got my scraps without even trying, though I was never in a rush to farm them. The more difficult part is getting the Crusted Iron Horde Pauldrons and Ravaged Iron Horde Belt for those two pieces (other ones are just scraps). These drop from dungeon bosses, and the best farming spot I’ve found is normal difficulty Iron Docks. Simply camouflage past the trash and kill the first boss (soloable in normal mode). Rinse and repeat up to 5 times an hour. You can also Misdirect -> Barrage the whole room to your pet to collect a few scraps while you’re in there (use a tenacity or adaptation pet).

Also remember that this gear is BoA so it can be earned on an alt with the bunker or you can even earn a couple of pieces on each character to get it faster.

I thought the new engineering gun fit pretty well with its gold accents. The ilvl 660 version is the flashiest, but the other two will work as well. If you’re not a gun person, try the Crypt Fiend Slayer or Lohn’Goron, Bow of the Torn-Heart for some fine-looking blue bows.



Got a cool hunter transmog to show off?

Submit it, along with a complete item list and a link to a high-resolution screenshot or two, and I may feature it on the site (it won’t always be posted immediately)! Especially could use some new transmogs feature Warlords of Draenor armor.

You can view previous transmog posts here.

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9 thoughts on “Hunter Transmog: Alliance Rifleman 2.0”

    1. I’m using the same set, but with theNesingwary 4000. There are a lot of good weapons to go with this set 🙂

  1. Is it Alliance only? The gear in the Horde War Mill is account bound and I assumed I could send it to my Alliance toon.

    I don’t have a Dwarven Bunker, but I will test this out when I get home tonight by trying to send some Horde War Mill transmog gear to my Alliance toon.

    1. I tried to post earlier in more detail, but got locked up.

      Bottom line it seems that most Dwarven Bunker\War Mill cosmetic items are cross faction (actually sold by both Horde and Alliance vendors). All of the items can be ‘mailed’ cross faction as they are BOA. However the Horde items with “Orgrimmar” in their name and the Alliance items with “Stormwind” in the name can only be used for transmog by the Horde and Alliance, respectively.

  2. I altered the set a bit. Instead of the Stormwind helmet, I’m using the grey Scourgestalker headpiece that drops from ICC, and I’m using the Rift Stalker’s Gauntlets that drops from BC raids. The gauntlets are great because they match the aesthetics of the Stormwind Leggings, and the helmet is great because it matches the color of the whole suit and makes you look freaking awesome. I’m also using the shortened rifle that drops from the Salvage yard (or it did for me, anyhow). I’m not sure how else you get that particular weapon, but the color matches well, plus it has the same smoky affect the helm has making it a good match for the helm.

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