Guide to get the Challenge artifact appearance for Beast Mastery

The Mage Tower will be coming up again soon, along with another chance to earn the Serpentbite appearance for Titanstrike through the challenge scenario. It goes perfectly with our brand new sneaky snakes, don’t you think?

I just posted a guide to the Beast Mastery challenge on Wowhead that will hopefully help you complete this challenge. It has recommended gear, talents, macros/weakauras, and a full guide to the encounter.

The Beast Mastery one is a little less gear dependent than some of the others (at least in terms of item level), but healing legendaries make a huge difference here. Most people who complete it seem to have at least 1 of the 3 healing legendaries. I would have made a video, but unfortunately you can’t repeat the scenario once you’ve complete it (I didn’t know at the time).

Hope the guide helps. Good luck!

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13 thoughts on “Guide to get the Challenge artifact appearance for Beast Mastery”

  1. Survival as well does better with utility. Prydaz or helm is what I see used. I personally used Prydaz. I’ll have to try this if I get roots, as I’ve seen it makes this fight absolutely trivial.

    Nice screenshot!

  2. If you have Roots of Shaladrassil and Prydaz, you can out heal everything but the Fel Blast attack, it really trivializes the fight. Based on a lot of the feed back I have heard from the community and from within my guild, the challenges are really Legendary dependent, to the point that you could be screwed if your RNG is shit.

    1. RNG? At this point? Just keep playing…i am have every BM leggo and now working on MM…nothing RNG about leggos…just keep playing until you have em all. (currently have 10)

  3. Hated this challenge…all about interrupts…b/c you know that that first thing you think of when you think BM hunter is best at….

    would of been 100% better of it was some kind of pet tame challenge with the worm.

  4. I hate how you need to be 890 to do this, i wasted 30k shards when i was 886 wiping over and over, then i come back the next week when im 891 and i get it in 5 tries. They should make the fight scale to ilvl, this is a challenge appearance not a raid one.

  5. Finished this today after about 25 pulls. Started using the legendary neck and helm but shelved the helm for the boots for more KC damage (and self healing) but really, the biggest change was using a spirit beast in tank spec. Maybe it was the practice of the previous pulls but switching to the spirit beast got it down in two pulls.

    Was 898 and used cheap food and buff from legionfall rep. The WA and macros from the guide were a huge help.

    Good luck to all who are still working at it.

  6. Just to confirm, indeed the encounter sometimes bugs in phase 1 if you’re using the healing helm. It happened to me already few times. I don’t have any other healing legendary so I tried with this one like 20 times and 3 of them just reset when feigning death.

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