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Hunter Transmog: Alliance Rifleman

I have a soft spot for this armor set. Back in vanilla, I spent a great deal of my time PvPing and I seriously lusted over this set. It was so prestigious that I remember only 1 or 2 hunters on my realm even had the full set since you needed to be rank 14 to get it all. The highest I ever got was rank 10 (Lieutenant Commander), and I played a lot of PvP. To give you an idea how much, I had about 75,000 honorable kills before Burning Crusade even came out. So you can imagine how much one would have to play to get rank 13 or 14 back then. I’m skeptical there were any rank 14s who didn’t account share at least a little bit.

Anyway, when patch 2.0 came along before Burning Crusade they let everyone buy this stuff with honor points. That short period between 2.0 and Burning Crusade was a fun time to be a hunter. Arcane Shot had just gotten buffed to scale with AP (before this it was a static 183 damage… I’m not even joking) and it was obscenely powerful. An instant cast ability which crit for 1500 or so back then was insane. Throw 2500 damage Aimed Shots on top of that and clothies didn’t stand a chance. Health pools averaged around 4k at that time.

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