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10 Years, 10 Questions

The ALT:ernative Chat blog has started a “10 Years :: 10 Questions” project, asking players to answer 10 questions about their finest memories in World of Warcraft. She plans on reading them all and producing a series of podcast documentaries featuring some of the best entries.

I thought this project sounded pretty awesome, and I’ll never turn down an opportunity to wax nostalgic about my old times in WoW. I chose to answer my questions in blog form, but you can also submit your answers directly to the project here.

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TBT: The WoW machinima I was never able to finish

Taking cue from Delirium and Darkbrew, I’m going to have my own TBT (or Throwback Thursday) posts from time to time. Especially now, there’s really not much to talk about aside from the occasional alpha or beta build. Since I’m not actually in the alpha, I can only say so much about what I read in the patch notes. Whenever I get in, that should change, but for now the odd nostalgia post will help keep me busy.

My first post is about my first (and only) WoW machinima I did back in mid-2009. It was called Conquering Ulduar and it was a cinematic look at Ulduar 25 raiding. The concept was pretty simple: I’d turn off my UI, and then run around and film the raid at interesting angles while trying not to get killed. I was killed a lot as you might imagine. Some of this video was filmed from the perspective of my corpse or resurrected as a DK ghoul. My guild was kind enough to carry me as I did this filming. I was inspired to do this video by Jack (who is also a hunter!) and all of his cinematic WoW machinimas he’s been making since vanilla (I love those things).

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