Beast Mastery pet dual wielding to return in Battle for Azeroth

If you were worried about losing Hati, worry no more. In today’s alpha build a new talent has appeared called Animal Companion:

“Your Call Pet additionally summons the first pet from your stable. This pet will obey your Kill Command, but cannot use pet family abilities.”

It replaces Way of the Cobra. It doesn’t seem quite as fully featured as Hati since it doesn’t mention Bestial Wrath or Beast Cleave, but it at least casts Kill Command. I suspect if they added all 3 it would be too powerful for a level 15 talent. As long as it still uses Dash with the main pet and they make a bit of an effort to improve the AI (simply forcing the /petattack command without having to macro it fixes 90% of issues).

This does mean it competes with Dire Beast, though. However, the wording on some talents and abilities has changed to imply Dire Beast is becoming baseline again, but that did not happen in this build. So I’m not sure what’s going on.

This makes the pet spec locking sting a little less since you’ll always be able to have at least 1 pet that’s purely a cosmetic choice. Also in this build, Kill Command’s range has been buffed from 40 to 50 yards which is pretty nice.

I’m still not in the alpha so I can’t test things out for myself. If I find any more details I’ll update the post.

10 thoughts on “Beast Mastery pet dual wielding to return in Battle for Azeroth”

  1. I suppose it’s still to early to draw any conclusions… but if we might maybe not go through the torture that was Legion Alpha and Beta, it would be wonderful. Too bad the devs don’t really care about what we have to say.

  2. I swear, if they make Dire Beast baseline again I’ll flip my shit. They should just dump the whole idea of Dire Beast summing a bunch of pets. I’d rather it be like the Dire Beast of old where you just summon a random beast and it does some dps for you. Having it compete with Dire Frenzy just seems to cause problems.

  3. Oh my god, Blizz did something nice for once. This makes me really happy! Sometimes I only want one pet out, but it definitely turned into a major thing for my main, that she has two companions with her at all times.

  4. I’m totally okay with having two pets by my side, going into Battle for Azeroth. What I’m not okay with is how much was stripped away from hunters in Legion. I thought WoD pruning was shocking, but Legion pruning picked them bare. “Class Fantasy”, one of their big selling features for Legion, was a joke as far as I’m concerned. There was/is really nothing left of hunters to create class fantasy. They are just shadows of their former selves. I really do hope the hunter devs consider giving us some spells back like:

    (I am speaking as a BM hunter, maybe the other specs have some of these still.. I haven’t really played on my once-Main hunter in Legion, got her to max level then couldn’t stomach it anymore)

    – Serpent Sting
    – Arcane Shot
    – Camoflage
    – Glaive Toss (it was a fun spell)
    – Cobra Shot as casting and focus shot (I miss this, it was a great filler, too… now I feel like I’m standing doing nothing, waiting for GCD’s to reset)
    – Aspect of the Cheetah the way it was (no CD)
    – Deterrence
    – Kill Shot
    – Master’s Call…. for every hunter

    I am not a fan of the pet spec locking, either. I hope the devs will change their minds on that. I miss pet uniqueness, too. The different spells they had. Made going out and finding them to tame more interesting, and fun.

    Devs, please return some of our spells and make my hunter fun and enjoyable to play again. It’s not fun for me to press so very few buttons. Make my pets more meaningful again instead of the carbon copy clones they all are now. That’s not streamlined, it’s plain boring.

    Also…. more stable space would be awesome and very appreciated 🙂

    Thank you, Bendak, for keeping us updated.

  5. If you get in please play a bit of MM as well.
    Curious to hear if the spec will feel as slow to play as it sounds (3 sec cast time on aimed)

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