I love Disengage

The change to Disengage in patch 5.4 to allow it to work out of combat was one of the best modifications made to the hunter class this entire expansion if you ask me. Such a simple change, but oh so fun.

If you haven’t been using the Glyph of Disengage, I highly suggest equipping it. When you combine with with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera and Assurance of Consequence you’re looking at a mere 7 second cooldown. I sincerely hope readiness rating in Warlords will still apply to this. There are 3 awesome things about Disengage:

  • You can move around significantly faster unmounted by using the jump-disengage technique.
  • You can survive falls from any height without slow fall.
  • AFKing in cities is fun again. In Dalaran, I ran laps. Now, in Shrine, I do hunter parkour.

The jump-disengage is simple, but impossible if you currently click that button because you’ll need to use your mouse to do the mid-air spin. When you’re running forward, jump, hold both mouse buttons down, spin your camera 180 degrees and and then press Disengage. See this gif for a demonstration.

Surviving falls just requires you do hit the button shortly before landing. Using it resets your falling height that Blizzard uses to calculate fall damage. Just be careful, as even with a 25ms ping, I have a decent amount of lag before it activates. I use this on places like the Timeless Isle all the time. In SoO, it’s handy for jumping off the Galakras towers without taking damage and in Malkorok for not taking any fall damage when you get knocked into the air. Oh, and that pesky trash before Thok that carries you up to the ceiling and drops you.

That’s all I wanted to say really. Just a friendly reminder to use this amazing ability more (and so help me Blizzard, if you remove it in the ability squish…).

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12 thoughts on “I love Disengage”

  1. I only have 1 problem with this lately. Lag. I’ve been playing a hunter since the beginning of BC and in this expansion I have the worst issue with latency. I will jump>turn>press and disengage FORWARD. I’m not sure what has changed with the coding since Mists. But I have varying success with jump-disengage.

  2. Disengage is by far my favorite Hunter ability. Back in Cataclysm, during the Al’Akir fight if I got blown off the edge of the platform by Wind Burst I would Disengage back on.

    I also recently found out that Posthaste stacks with Nitro Boosts for even more speed on demand!

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