R.I.P. Scattered Shots

I’ve known for about a week, but Alex just posted it publicly today, so I’ve already got the initial disappointment out of the way. But yes, class columns are getting shut down at WoW Insider. The only reason for this is budget cuts, and it’s not just WoW Insider that’s affected — it’s other AOL sites like Massively as well. This is by no means the end for WoW Insider.  It’s still being staffed by a big group of people who love the game, and I’ll still be going there for my daily WoW news fix.

I’ve only been there for 5 months, but in that short time I’ve met some great people. I had fun hanging out in the work chat room all day just talking about WoW and whatever else was on our minds. There’s a ridiculous number of talented writers and it’s sad to see so many go, but I’m glad to have made their acquaintance and I’ll still be following what they all do on Twitter and whatnot.

This gig was my first serious attempt at blogging at all. I just applied for the job when I saw it. I had been reading WoW Insider since way back in 2006 and it was very cool to be writing for a site I had literally been viewing every day for that many years.  The other writers were welcoming and friendly and dealt with all of my noob questions when I first started. It was a little daunting taking over the reins from the legendary Frostheim, but the readers were overwhelmingly supportive.

I’ve really enjoyed doing that column every week, not just because it was a job, but because I really enjoy writing about WoW and hunters! I think my favorite time there was during BlizzCon. Many of the staff had headed out to the convention itself, but a few of us (the “home team”) spent literally 15+ hours per day working on the site and watching the live stream to get all of the news up as fast as possible. It was tiring, and I often forgot to eat or drink, but it was a blast.

So that’s where Eyes of the Beast comes in. I had been planning on getting a hunter blog up (it seemed weird I was one of the only writers without a personal blog), but I had been procrastinating. Setting up a brand new site takes time and can be annoying (still working out kinks). But when I heard the news, it forced me to finish and get this thing going. If you’ve enjoyed my writing at all, I hope you’ll keep this site in your bookmarks.

The one thing I won’t miss about WoW Insider? The tiny 580px images! You might have noticed I take a bit of pride in the screenshots I used, often jazzing them up in photoshop, so I made sure that header images here were twice as large. 😛

R.I.P. Scattered Shots

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14 thoughts on “R.I.P. Scattered Shots”

  1. Sorry to hear about this. With the WHU and Frostheim closing up shop, losing Scattered Shots feels like just another hit at this point, but I’ll gladly follow you over here. Keep up the good work! This place looks pretty good so far!

  2. I’ve been enjoying your stint on Scattered Shots (and will REALLY miss that column), so I’m happy you’ll be continuing to write. I’m bookmarking your site! With the WHU and Hunting Party Podcast gone, hunters need a place to go. 🙂

    P.S. Your screenshots are phenomenal — consider doing a quick photoshop tutorial. I’d love to know what settings you tweak to make them look like that!

  3. Man… yeah, feels like you just started, and now it’s over! I so looked forward to Thursdays! In my head at least I feel you were able to use one of my ideas for a post, when I mentioned Challenge Dungeons help and a week or two later there it was :]

    I’m glad you made this blog, just started following on Twitter and will be watching this, as we hunters need more representation! As I saw in the Rogue column, Hunters were on the climb and the most popular class now!

    Of course I also enjoy the screenshots! Really makes me proud to be a Hunter, even if you’re not an Orc Female (best looking Hunter model, perfect posture and big weapons!). I almost wasn’t sure if it was Photoshop or your graphics card was just waaaaaay better than mine!

    By the way, who do you use to host your new blog? I really like it and have always considered my own life blog.

  4. I’ve been reading Scattered Shots since … well, ever since I thought I didn’t want to read stuff by BRK because he loved Beast Mastery so much.

    I’ve since changed teams, and am a rogue now. Fist bump for pure agi dps? But I kept reading Scattered Shots because that was such a formative part of my World of Warcraft experience.

    I think AOL was the worst thing that ever happened to WoW Insider, and I hope they survive the coming apocalypse. I’ll follow you around, because my hunter is still my first alt (behind my two rogues).

  5. Consider the site bookmarked! Despite the size of the shoes you had to fill, I think you did a great job on Scattered Shots. I especially loved the “10 Reasons to Boost a Hunter” post.

    I was going to ask what platform your blog is on, but someone beat me to the punch. I love the layout, and the effort put into the screenshots used definitely shows. Looking forward to more content!

  6. RIP Scattered Shots, those were fun years – both with you and with those before you.

    Long live Eyes of the Beast!
    Bookmarked and will be visited daily 🙂

  7. I’m exceedingly glad you’ve set up on your own, I wasn’t quite sure where to turn with the WHU closed down, and your writing on Scattered Shots proved that you were a worth successor to the (I think it was) second generation of hunter bloggers. Long live the Eyes of the Beast indeed, and may it see a much longer run than the spell for which it is named.
    I’ll definitely be looking in regularly to see what you have to say on the state of hunters. Oh, and bookmarked (though that, of course, should go without saying).

  8. I’m so happy that you started your own blog when scattered shots went down.
    I like your writing, and I like how it touches on all aspects of playing a hunter. And of course your layout and the quality of your pics shows you live what you’re doing. Great site! Keep up the great work , I’ll be following it.

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