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On this day, 7 years ago, Eyes of the Beast was removed from the game

Patch 4.0.1 was released 7 years ago today, on October 12, 2010. That was the day that Eyes of the Beast was taken from us. Eyes of the Beast was a damn cool ability that let you take control of your pet independently and play through its eyes. It was so cool I named this site after it!

No, it wasn’t used in actual raid combat or anything like that. It was mostly a flavor ability, but it did have some actual uses like pulling Baron Geddon in Molten Core. I enjoyed it mostly for the shenanigans you could get up to, like flagging unsuspecting players for PvP combat, or just going on a PvP server and sending your pet into towns like Gadgetzan to wreak havoc. You could also use it for scouting dangerous areas, or just having some fun while you’re in a battleground queue.

In Wrath, they actually added the Glyph of Possessed Strength which increased your pet’s damage by 50% during Eyes of the Beast, which was even more fun in world PvP. So, why did they remove it? Well, I’ll let Ghostcrawler explain.

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The Legion has not claimed me

I apologize for the extended absence. I’ve been extremely busy IRL and any time I’ve had to write about Hunters has gone to my bi-weekly Blizzard Watch columns. Things have calmed down a bit and I should be able to get some regular posts going again. The good news is… I didn’t really miss that much. Hardly anything has changed for Hunters in the intervening month or so.  I have been playing all the new builds, but not as much as I’d like. That should change now. My favorite part about the beta is finding new pets and that looks to be in full swing now.

I’ve got a few posts in the works, so stay tuned. 🙂 Also, thanks for sticking around!

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Looking back at 2014: The first year of Eyes of the Beast

I started Eyes of the Beast just 10 months ago, but it feels much longer! It all started when WoW Insider cut their class columns (I was the current writer of Scattered Shots), and I decided that I wanted to continue writing about my favorite class. In my attempt to come up with a clever name, I began entering hunter spells into domain name searches until I saw that EyesOfTheBeast.com was available. I think I bought it 30 seconds later.

At the time, the WHU and Hunting Party Podcast had both just shut down (both resurrected now!) and I felt like the hunter community could use another regularly updated site to compliment the few that were left, notably The Brew Hall. Everyone was very welcoming and supportive. I was shocked to have more than a handful of people reading my site, and that was because of everyone who linked to me or retweeted me. Thanks.  :mrgreen:

Stats for 2014
  • 191 published posts
  • 1,480,000 page views
  • Most popular post: How to tame Gara with just over 300,000 views
  • Most popular day: September 9, 2014 with 34,105 views
  • Most active commenter: Garfurion with 58 comments
  • Top 3 referrers (besides Google): Petopia, Wowhead, Reddit
  • 465,000 outbound clicks to Wowhead
  • Visitors from 193 different countries
  • Top 5 countries (in order) were the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and Australia

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Eyes of the Beast Hunter Gallery (and giveaway winners)

The first Eyes of the Beast screenshot giveaway has concluded and it was a huge success! We had 75 people take the time to submit screenshots for this hunter gallery and for a chance at an Iron Skyreaver mount. There was also 3 bonus prizes of a TCG item, the Paper Flying Machine Kit.

The mount was chosen at random, and the 3 TCG items I chose based on my 3 favorite screenshots. I didn’t anticipate that last one being so tough. To give you an idea how hard it was to pick just 3, my preliminary list of candidates was composed of 30 of the entries, and then I had to narrow it down from there. There wasn’t any specific criteria I was looking for, so don’t feel bad if I didn’t pick you. All the screenshots were awesome. You can check them all out in the gallery below.

Let’s take a look at the winners…

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Iron Skyreaver Giveaway (and bonus prizes!)

Update: Giveaway closed. Winners announced!

I wanted to give a little something back to all my awesome readers. Thanks for reading my ramblings about hunters, commenting, retweeting, emailing me with support, and generally being awesome hunters. The site is only 6 months old and I’m in awe at all the support in such a short time.

If you don’t yet have an Iron Skyreaver mount and want one to match your new rylak pet in Warlords, keep reading because I’m giving one away to a lucky hunter. Yes, hunters only!

There will also be 3 bonus prizes for my top 3 favorite screenshots! Each of those winners will get a WoW TCG item, the Paper Flying Machine Kit. It’s an infinitely reusable item that generates paper gyrocopters you can throw to your friends, and it’ll count as a toy for your Toybox in Warlords.

To enter this giveaway, you’re going to need to take a screenshot. When all is said and done, I’ll be compiling all the screenshots into a big Eyes of the Beast hunter gallery for everyone to enjoy.

Update: Loving all the screenshots so far! This will be a cool gallery when it’s all said and done.

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R.I.P. Scattered Shots

I’ve known for about a week, but Alex just posted it publicly today, so I’ve already got the initial disappointment out of the way. But yes, class columns are getting shut down at WoW Insider. The only reason for this is budget cuts, and it’s not just WoW Insider that’s affected — it’s other AOL sites like Massively as well. This is by no means the end for WoW Insider.  It’s still being staffed by a big group of people who love the game, and I’ll still be going there for my daily WoW news fix.

I’ve only been there for 5 months, but in that short time I’ve met some great people. I had fun hanging out in the work chat room all day just talking about WoW and whatever else was on our minds. There’s a ridiculous number of talented writers and it’s sad to see so many go, but I’m glad to have made their acquaintance and I’ll still be following what they all do on Twitter and whatnot.

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Welcome to Eyes of the Beast

My name’s Bendak and I’d like to welcome you to my new hunter blog. Some of you probably know me from the writing I do at WoW Insider for the Scattered Shots column.  Scattered Shots was actually my first go at blogging, and I’ve since enjoyed writing about hunters every week. I figured it was time to start my own personal blog so I can talk even more about hunters and WoW. And with large sites like the WHU now retired, I don’t think it would hurt to have another regularly updated hunter blog out there.

If you’re wondering about the name, yes, it is named after our extinct Eyes of the Beast ability. I had several ideas for the name, but this was the only one with a .com domain available so it won by process of elimination. I kinda like it though. What you can expect from this blog is a combination of hunter news, guides, transmogs, and opinion pieces.  Some of the posts may simply be pointing out a Blizzard tweet that’s relevant to hunters, and others may be 1500 word columns like what you’ve been used to on Scattered Shots. I’ll probably post about other games I’m playing from time to time, but those will be categorized as Off Topic so you can choose to only view the hunter categories if you wish. Make no mistake, the main focus of this site is all hunters, all the time.

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