Eyes of the Beast Hunter Gallery (and giveaway winners)

The first Eyes of the Beast screenshot giveaway has concluded and it was a huge success! We had 75 people take the time to submit screenshots for this hunter gallery and for a chance at an Iron Skyreaver mount. There was also 3 bonus prizes of a TCG item, the Paper Flying Machine Kit.

The mount was chosen at random, and the 3 TCG items I chose based on my 3 favorite screenshots. I didn’t anticipate that last one being so tough. To give you an idea how hard it was to pick just 3, my preliminary list of candidates was composed of 30 of the entries, and then I had to narrow it down from there. There wasn’t any specific criteria I was looking for, so don’t feel bad if I didn’t pick you. All the screenshots were awesome. You can check them all out in the gallery below.

Let’s take a look at the winners…

Iron Skyreaver Winner: Mythriak – Dark Iron (US)

Iron Skyreaver Winner: Mythriak - DarkIron-US
Iron Skyreaver Winner: Mythriak – DarkIron-US

Mythriak had the luck of the dice and was chosen as the mount winner. He also submitted a great screenshot of himself and his core hound in a very appropriate locale.

Congrats, Mythriak!

Bonus Winner: Fleurexq – Dragonblight (EU)

Bonus Winner: Fleurexq - Dragonblight-EU
Bonus Winner: Fleurexq – Dragonblight-EU

I chose Fleurexq’s submission because it was such a cool looking action shot. The only thing that would have made it better is if it was taken just a few frames earlier when the arrow was still in the bow! Here’s what Fleurexq had to say about the shot:

This is me and my Spirit of the North dueling a Big Bad Wo…rgen DK. This serpent and Ban’thalos are my favourite companions because I liked the air taming challenge 🙂 They fly very high!

Bonus Winner: Aukatos – Azjol-Nerub (US)

Bonus Winner: Aukatos - Azjol Nerub US
Bonus Winner: Aukatos – Azjol Nerub US

I chose Aukatos’ submission because of the nice little back story he included along with it:

This picture actually has a lot of memories baked in. I started WoW in Vanilla as a Night Elf hunter. The first pet I tamed was one of the owls from Teldrassil. I named him Hoo. (This was before the hype with Hootie, the Strigid Screecher, by the way.) I played with friends on the Alliance side until late Wrath, when everybody decided to transfer to the Horde. Having never abandoned Hoo, and using him almost exclusively (sometimes to my raid leader’s frustration), I knew he just wouldn’t understand when a Troll called him out of the stables. After a heartfelt goodbye, I set him free where I tamed him so many years ago, so he could be King of the Woods on Teldrassil. I had a hole where Hoo had been for the remainder of Wrath, and into Cata until I heard of a spirit owl flying high above Hyjal. I didn’t want to believe it, so I went there and saw with my own eyes, Hoo! He had somehow transcended his mortal form to follow me across factions as a Spirit Beast! (After all, it isn’t THAT far from Teldrassil to Hyjal.) Ever since his return we have been inseparable; it’s like he knew who I was deep down and accepted that, although the outside was a little tuskier. This picture is reminiscent of our Night Elf origins, a part of the trials we faced together in my favorite raid of all time: Karazhan, and where we are now as we head into yet another expansion together. Enjoy.

Bonus Winner: Noruego – Darkspear (EU)

Bonus Winner: Noruego - Darkspear-EU
Bonus Winner: Noruego – Darkspear-EU

I chose Noruego’s submission because I thought it had wonderful composition and posing. A fine screenshot! Here’s the note Noruego left with it:

Me and my trusty turtle taking a stroll in what I believe to be the best zone of the expansion. While a lot of people seem to hate it, I absolutely loved exploring it when I first stepped foot on it, the mix between dense forests, tall mountains and beautiful towns puts it on a whole different level than the other zones. Only one that comes close is Kun Lai Summit.

Eyes of the Beast Hunter Gallery

Thanks to everyone else who submitted your screenshots. I enjoyed them all — those who went back to their original taming spots, the Stampede shots, the matching mounts and pets, and all the other creative shots.

If you missed out on this giveaway, sorry about that! Be sure to check up on the site from time to time as I don’t think this will be the last. Actually, I can guarantee it won’t. I had too much fun with it. The best way to keep in touch with the site is to follow me on twitter, subscribe to the email alerts (on the left side bar), or just bookmark it.

If you want to add yourself to this gallery, I’ll add you into it if you leave a comment in this post with your hunter’s name, realm, and a link to a screenshot (imgur is preferred).

Without further ado, here is the first Eyes of the Beast hunter gallery.

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18 thoughts on “Eyes of the Beast Hunter Gallery (and giveaway winners)”

  1. Woah, I won!!! =D Thanks a lot! Lady luck does not smile all the time at my way, so I’m glad it came from a great place like this blog. Keep up the great job and I’m sure it’ll be everytime harder than it was to get luck like today! =D THanks again, Bendak!

  2. Didn’t win but thanks for giving back to the community. I really enjoy the content you post on your blog and the constructive analysis you’re bringing. keep up the good work !

  3. I am really happy i was choosed for one of the bonus prizes! I’d like to share the honour with the Big Bad Worgen i am dueling in the screenie, my dear guildie Wallywest, and with another guildie, the drunk monk Pao, who patrolled the cold sky of Northrend with me while i was looking for the pet.

    As for the arrow, you are right Bendak 🙂 we hunters have always had too few effects and auras but i hope we will get some in WoD to spice up our screenshots

    thank you again!

    1. Good idea. If anyone not in the gallery leaves a comment on this post with their hunter’s name, realm, and link to a screenshot I’ll add you in. It may not be immediate, but I’ll get the new ones added ASAP.

  4. Really loved this contest. Hope to see more soon. 🙂 Looking at All the hunters just being epic with there pets. A lot of cool pics here. A lot of pets I dont use are here too. Makes me glad Wow gives something for every hunter. I Just want big scary monsters but I understand the need for each hunter to have the choice. So to see all you fellow hunters out there using (Not so typical) Pets is awesome.

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