Pet of the Week: Talador Ridge Prowlers

This week’s pet of the week is a bit late because my big video preview on the new pet families was posted in its place. Now we’ll get back to looking at individual hunter pets found in Draenor. Even though you can’t tame these yet, you’ll be able to look back on previous pets of the week and have a bunch of taming ideas when Warlords is released. If you’re like me, you’ll already be looking in your stable and figuring out which pets you’re willing to abandon to make room.

If you’re a fan of cat pets, I think you’ll like these new colors being added in Warlords. I’m partial to the white one myself. They can be found right smack dab in the middle of Talador. The white ones can also be found elsewhere in the zone. Some of them will be stealthed, others will be sleeping. There’s plenty of them to tame though.

It looks like Draenor isn’t getting any new cat models, which isn’t surprising considering they were just updated in Mists.


While we’re on the subject of cat pets, does anyone else think it would be really cool to have an alternate color version of Loque’nahak somewhere in Draenor? That is a totally unique cat model I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

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9 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Talador Ridge Prowlers”

  1. I’d like to see more classic pet families get updates. Cats and wolves have gotten the (pardon the expression) lion’s share of updates, but there are a lot of other pet families deserving the TLC. (Was anyone really hoping that spore bats would get a minor upgrade in WoD?)

  2. I thought at one time I saw a black coloring of Loque’nahak floating around, but I can’t seem to find it. That said, there’s something special about that cat, and I think having a recolor in-game would somehow diminish his uniqueness.

    As to the Draenor cats, I really like the black and orange one.

    1. I agree that Loque is basically the ultimate hunter pet. If there was a recolor I’d want it to be exceedingly rare, or maybe even require original Loque to even find it. The days of ultra rare hunter pets seems to be at an end. The Northrend ones are still tough to get, but they did boost the spawn rates significantly back in Cata (or early MoP, forget when). Part of me likes not having to hunt for ultra rare pets, but the other part of me knows how awesome it feels to own one. Due to not being able to put as much time into the game as I used to, I lean to the former.

      1. im down for it as long as it gets the same idle sounds of the new cats, i think it is really annoying when he growling on your side >.< the new tigers are a lot better imo.
        but yep nothing beats loque attack sounds xD

  3. Possession of Loque is the Member’s Only jacket of the Hunter Community imo. Rhok’delar is too obscure, and unless you actually did it in Vanilla it was pretty easy to get. But Loque is something bright right there next to you, that shouts “I’ve put effort and care into my hunter”.

    I kinda like that the model has never been reused. Though I liked it more when its roar was unique. I am still happy with it, and use BM whenever I can just on account of Loque.

    I have noticed that both of you, Bendak and Darkbrew, have Loque featured on the headers of your blogs.

    Loque is beautiful and should remain a unique work of art.

  4. Like Darkbrew, I prefer the black one. Both look very nice however. But, what I really want is an updated Lynx cat model!

  5. I wish that they would have released the purple winterspring color cat with the models released in Mists, I love my Keira, but the old model just looks too crap now that I have seen what they can do. But did they release it up in the snow area around Mount Neverest? nope. but we got the ugly as sin green and orange ones….

  6. Acquiring Loque was a very memorable in game moment for me. I’d vastly prefer he stay unique. I’d also like to get his moon fire back to. That was such a great, fun, opener. I remember a raid shortly after Loque was attainable where someone was quite confused … as we had no Druid in the mix. Hardly anything is distinct in the game these days.

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