Iron Skyreaver Giveaway (and bonus prizes!)

Update: Giveaway closed. Winners announced!

I wanted to give a little something back to all my awesome readers. Thanks for reading my ramblings about hunters, commenting, retweeting, emailing me with support, and generally being awesome hunters. The site is only 6 months old and I’m in awe at all the support in such a short time.

If you don’t yet have an Iron Skyreaver mount and want one to match your new rylak pet in Warlords, keep reading because I’m giving one away to a lucky hunter. Yes, hunters only!

There will also be 3 bonus prizes for my top 3 favorite screenshots! Each of those winners will get a WoW TCG item, the Paper Flying Machine Kit. It’s an infinitely reusable item that generates paper gyrocopters you can throw to your friends, and it’ll count as a toy for your Toybox in Warlords.

To enter this giveaway, you’re going to need to take a screenshot. When all is said and done, I’ll be compiling all the screenshots into a big Eyes of the Beast hunter gallery for everyone to enjoy.

Update: Loving all the screenshots so far! This will be a cool gallery when it’s all said and done.


The giveaway is open to any hunter (US or EU). If you own the mount, you can still leave a comment to enter the bonus giveaway with your screenshot. And yes, it’s possible for someone to win both prizes if their name is randomly chosen for the mount and I also choose their screenshot.


To enter, you need to do the following:

  1. Take a screenshot of your hunter with your favorite hunter pet also in the shot.
  2. Upload your screenshot to imgur or another image host.
  3. Leave a comment on this post with the following information in the body of the comment. The information needs to be valid and complete. If it’s not and your name is drawn, I’ll have to draw a new winner.
    • Hunter’s Name:
    • Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US):
    • Screenshot URL:
    • Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?:
    • (Optional) You can say anything else in your comment as long as the above items are answered somewhere.

Other Details:

One entry per person (multiple entries/comments will disqualify you automatically by the system so don’t comment more than once).

I’ll keep the giveaway open until 12PM EDT / 9AM PDT on Sunday, August 31 and will contact the winners soon after.

The winner of the mount will be chosen via random number generator, so hopefully the RNG gods will be in your favor.

The 3 bonus winners of the TCG item will be chosen by me for my 3 favorite screenshots. Remember, the only rule is that your hunter and your favorite pet need to be somewhere in the shot. Anything else is up to you. You can enhance your screenshots in photoshop, but they should still be recognizable as an actual screenshot.

I’ll be emailing the winners to make sure there’s a person on the other end (since I can’t verify email addresses) and if they don’t respond within 72 hours I’ll draw another name. If you use your Twitter account to comment and you win, I’ll just DM you (you have to follow me for that). Winners will also be announced in the subsequent gallery post.

Annoy your friends by filling their bags with paper gyrocopters!
Annoy your friends by filling their bags with paper gyrocopters!

If you have any questions about the giveaway, don’t ask them in these comments. Please contact me instead.

Good luck!

As a side note, if your comment gets caught by the spam filter (occasionally they do when they contain links), don’t worry. I will manually approve the comment if that happens. Don’t comment a second time.

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76 thoughts on “Iron Skyreaver Giveaway (and bonus prizes!)”

  1. Hmm, guess I’ll give it a go.

    Hunter’s Name: Nyrikah
    Realm: Kargath-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? No

    I started playing WoW around the time Ulduar was released. When I did get my hunter to 80, I thought I would go around looking for spirit beasts to tame. Gondria was the first spirit beast I decided to go after. I only checked every so often and after a few weeks, I felt it would be time to give up. One morning, I was flying from Grizzly Hills to Storm Peaks, but decided to take a short cut through Zul’Drak. I flew over Gondria’s spawn point near Altar of Mam’toth and heard my NPCScan go off. My heart was beating fast and I quickly flew down and saw her! I dismissed my pet and began taming her, hands shaking and sweating as I waiting for my tame to finish. Finally Gondria was mine! My very first spirit beast. I would never ever abandon her.

  2. This is awesome! Congrats on the site’s success. Any time I see you tweet a link to a new article I get a little more excited!

    Anyway, on to the contest.

    Hunter’s Name: Talrysa
    Realm: Turalyon-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? No

    I’ve been a hunter for the entirety of my WoW career, and sites like this are wonderful wonderful resources and pastimes for me. So much love for you and what you do!

  3. Hunter’s Name: Zägerin
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US):US-Drakkari
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No
    (Optional):Hi Ben, hope u remember me.
    Its really awesome that you are doing a giveaway, not a lot of fansites without heavy support do.
    I have follow your post since you were in WI and replaced Frostheim, they are awesome.
    Keep up the good work and continue to do it for a long time.

    My best regards
    Your friend

  4. Name: Brigida
    Realm: Undermine-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? NO

    This is Brigida with her tanking Crane, Eugene. Tamed on a whim when I started Mists, but became a favorite when I specced him tenacity — that loud squawk as he launched himself at enemies followed by his ungainly yet graceful thunderstomp put him at the top of my list. It’s sad that I’m always called to use the sporebat or quilen lately in raids. Your time will come again, Eugene!

  5. Hunter’s Name: Zetes
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Shadowmoon US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No
    (Optional) You can say anything else in your comment as long as the above items are answered somewhere.
    My favorite mount, pet, and minipet. You wouldn’t believe the number of comments I get when I’m riding around with the flock out. And, yes, the pet is Mazzranache, tamed waaaay back in the day.

  6. Hey guys, this is one of my favorite screenshots, made few years ago (I didn`t notice if screenshot needs to be fresh or it can be old, so I just wanted to share this one with you guys). Good work on the site, I was reading it few times and really like it, keep up the good work!

    Hunter’s Name: Sergijus (Old name was Hajduk, but when I migrated it was taken on this realm)
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Sylvanas – EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: Yes

    As I said, this screenshot was made during WotLK, and is one of my favorite screenshots of my hunter. I also switched to Human for trinket and bonus reputation. This is shortly after adding mini-pet Core Hound Pup, and I loved how it matched my Core Hound pet! Transmog still wasn`t implanted back then, so this was original Tier 6 set, later however, I used this same transmog for my hunter, with same pet and same battle-pet!

  7. Hunter’s Name: Burnínghunt
    Hunter’s Realm: Ravencrest – EU
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?: No I dont.

    Hey Bendak! This is a picture of my hunt and my loyal companion Venom, she has been traveling with me from the early Wotlk up to date. And the adventure goes in Wod aswell! Looking forward to that release day so we can start our expedition on the savage Draenor, slaughtering all orcs in our way for triumph!
    The small house on the background is my fav spot in game 😉 Been chilling there with my friends and scheming our adventures in front of cozy fireplace for a long, since early Burning Crusade.
    Best Regards Burning Hunt

  8. Hunter’s name:Zulah
    Hunter’s realm:Twisting Nether (EU)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?:No
    I really like your blog , ive been a hunter since Wotlk and loved every second , my first rare tame was Loque’nahak after 3 months of camping . i love your blog and keep up the good work

  9. Thank you so much for taking so much time to give us all these details from beta and put in time to try and keep us working properly as a class.

    Hunter’s Name: Ceylina
    Realm: Garrosh-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? No

    This is actually my second toon I ever created. I’ve been a troll, a dwarf, and now a worgen. It’s been the one I keep coming back to over and over because hunters are just too much fun. I’m a BM hunter for life and can’t imagine playing any other spec.

    This current transmog took me forever to loot he gun and shoulders but it’s my favorite.

  10. Hunter’s Name: Fleurexq
    Hunter’s Realm: Dragonblight – EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: yes

    This is me and my Spirit of the North dueling a Big Bad Wo…rgen DK.
    This serpent and Ban’thalos are my favourite companions because i liked the air taming challenge 🙂 they fly very high!

    I dont mind the giveaway but i wanted to share my love for the hunter class and say thanks to you. Your blog became very fast one of my favourite reads!

  11. Hunter’s Name: Mythriak
    Hunter’s Realm Dark Iron (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    This is my favorite transmog set for my beloved hunter main. So I thought that nothing would be more apropriate than taking a screenshot of him in Firelands with his best pal, the Corehound Beast, that he found on the depths of the Blackrock Mountain.

  12. Hunter’s Name: Sylenos
    Hunter’s Realm: Hyjal US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?: Yes

    This is a shot of me and my best friend Jack. I tamed Jack when we were both level 19, many years ago. He was my first “rare spawn” type pet, and started a long love of pet camping and taming – Jack is the Ghost Saber from the cat figurines in Darkshore.
    Jack and I have been through loads of adventures together, and he has saved my butt countless times as well. I have rarely ventured around Azeroth without Jack at my side, and I forsee many more adventures with him on Draenor!

  13. Hunter’s Name: Reikari
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Whisperwind (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No.

    Hunter has always been one of my favorite classes. I am a healer at heart, but if I were to DPS in a raid, I would prefer to bring my hunter.

    Choosing my “favorite” pet was extremely hard to do, because most of the pets I tame have a special place in my collection. The one I chose was Hinata, my purple owl (also known as the mob Hell-Hoot), because I have grown very fond of her over the last expansion. I love the colors of the model, even more than the green ghost owl (spirit beast) that was my second runner-up. Also, you may have noticed, but all of my pets have names from the manga/anime Naruto, aside from the monkey with the fez who is named after my alliance guild leader, Tori.

    Aside from that, I chose to take the screenshot in Ashenvale because it is my favorite zone. My hunter would also be a night elf if I hadn’t agreed to PVP with a horde friend of mine. 🙂

  14. Hunter’s Name: Targus
    Hunter’s Realm: Sisters of Elune-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?: No
    Thanks for all you do for the hunter community, Bendak. 🙂 I returned to Stranglethorn Vale for this screenshot, I remember loving this zone when I first reached it in vanilla WoW. I felt like a true hunter, stalking my quarry through the jungle and trying not to get killed..Good times.

  15. Hunter’s Name: Tunza
    Hunter’s Realm: Khaz’goroth-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?: No
    Vanilla hunter so I pulled out my original T0.5 gear transmog and my all time favourite gorilla pet. Nothing beats a good throne shot.

  16. Hunter’s name: Dreebs
    Hunter’s realm: Stormrage-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No): No

    Signed up for a fileplanet account to get into beta back in ’04, been off and on with a hunter ever since (raided vanilla, skipped bc, raided wotlk, skipped cata, pvp in mop, wod undecided pve or pvp. Really enjoyed the opening cinematic with dwarf hunter bear pet what I leveled to 60 with, and dislike the way male night elfs hold a bow.

  17. Hunter’s Name: Reddy
    Hunter’s Realm: Blackmoore EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    February 2010: This is the first screenshot i made from my favourite pet. It’s name is “Naphtha” (obviously because of all the oil). Sadly it lost it’s black coating after I accidentally summoned it in an arena match a couple of months later when the taming method has already been fixed…

  18. Hunter’s Name: Noruego
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Darkspear EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    Me and my trusty turtle taking a stroll in what i believe to be the best zone of the expansion. While a lot of people seem to hate it, i absolutely loved exploring it when i first stepped foot on it, the mix between dense forests, tall mountains and beautiful towns puts it on a whole different level than the other zones. Only one that comes close is Kun lai summit.

  19. Hunter’s Name: DrSnipe
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Hyjal-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    I really liked this set and I love my Rhino. Sadly he will be replaced by a Clefthoof in WoD cause I been wanting one since BC.

    I hope I did this right, never used Imgur before.

  20. Hunter’s Name: Hawk
    Hunter’s Realm Sargeras (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? No

    Always been a sucker for spirit beasts, well worth the farm! Once I had feign death @ level 30 in vanilla, didn’t look back!
    Your blog is amazing man, wish you the best!

  21. Hunter’s Name: Kenuen
    Hunter’s Realm: The Forgotten Coast
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: yes

    I had to have a black wolf the first time I saw one, spent many hours camping the snarler (renamed Maugrim). He doesn’t have his resists anymore but he’s my main man anyway. Went back to his home zone for the screenshot, ironically along the forgotten coast..

  22. Hunters Name: Fenreus
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Proudmoore-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    This is one of my favorites. One of the first photos I took with Naota (Oil Stained Wolf).
    Anyways I believe this was at the end of Sunwell Plateau, but can’t really remember since it was so long ago. It took me a while to get the right angle, but finally captured what I wanted.

  23. Hunters Name: Watongu
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Tarren Mill EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    I went for voodoo, shadow hunter style troll gear and bow, horde red flavoured. I love that horde look in PvP with Screech at my side. When I first saw this red and black Bird of Prey, I knew I found the one I was looking for.

  24. Hunters Name: DrCox
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Hyjal-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    My guildmate told me about this and loving the site. I actually tamed 3 pets from your Pet of the Week column.

  25. Hunter’s Name: Phriya
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Moon Guard-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    It was difficult to pick which pet to use, but since I’m obsessed with owls irl, it only made sense for me to use my beloved spirit owl, Hoole. I didn’t even need to camp for him. I wasn’t even in the right phase when a kind death knight whispered me that Ban’thalos was up. Racing and derping my way through the Mt. Hyjal questline for the very first time, I eventually made it into the correct phase and to my relief, he was still patiently waiting for me. He and I have been good buddies ever since.

  26. Hunter’s Name: Garf
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): EU-Aszune
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    One of my favorite pets together with the ghostly Hydra. I tamed them when we only had 5 stable slots so it hasn’t been that easy to hold on to him.

    I don’t have my favorite pet of all time anymore, Snow, a white winterspring cat I tamed around level 60. At some expansion Blizzard decided to put stripes on it. I set it free and tamed another white cat but somehow it didn’t feel like the same pet and when Blizzard also changed that cats skin an expansion later I gave up on white cats.

  27. Hunter’s Name: Fooque
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Ner’zhul (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    Hard to pick a favorite pet. I love them all:) I like to level with a spirit beast for the heals. And I generally use a shale spider for PVP. Otherwise, I generally match my pet to my transmog. So here I am with one of my kitties.

  28. Hunter’s Name:Xajekaz
    Hunter’s Realm: Arthas (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?:No

    My first ever character in World of Warcraft was a Hunter, new to the game back in the days right before Burning Crusade was released. I fell in love with the class but, all wasn’t well after the BC launch. Soon after the launch of BC my account was compromised and I was so upset that I felt I couldn’t get back into redoing everything the hackers had stolen from me. So I left the class and moved on to try others. When Cata was released and I saw the new and exciting changes, I decided to try it again. I was instantly hooked and fell back in love with it all over again. My ever faithful companion that comes with me everywhere I go, Balto was my favorite childhood movie and I named my best friend in wow after him.

  29. Hunter’s Name: Kheldul
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Uther-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: Nope!
    (Optional) You can say anything else in your comment as long as the above items are answered somewhere.

    Good times. I looked in my stable for my “favorite” pet. It was like choosing a favorite child. Impossible. Was one more photogenic? Nope. More rare? A half dozen aren’t tamable anymore, so not really. I still wanted to do this, so I made a new transmog set and staged a photo instead.

    My new computer just came in. Once I’ve got it set up, I’m starting to be inspired to do a few hunter transmog blog posts.

  30. Name: Wolverag
    Realm: Earthen Ring-EU
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: No

    I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what you want. If you are trying my patience, I can tell you I don’t have time for this. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for players like you. If you back off now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will hunt you down.

    Keep up the good work.

  31. Hunter’s Name: Tæ
    Hunter’s Realm: Icecrown-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?: No

    Me with the best pet ever!!!
    * sorry for the special character in my toon 🙂 It’s alt+145 in pc or option+’ in mac.

  32. Hunter’s Name: Sinx
    Realm: Kazzak-EU
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? Nopes

    My favourite pet? Crap, that’s a tough one! I just picked on that matches colours with this magical place in Un’Goro Crater. 🙂

  33. Hunter’s Name: Cheza
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Nemesis BR (Or US, if you go by Wowhead ^^’)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    My loyal pet, Karoma, has been with me for almost 3 years now.
    I got him in Twilight Highlands, and it was love at first sight! I’ve always loved the classic wolf animations, since they seem a bit more like a real wolf than the worg ones, and that spectral look was just perfect for me.
    Then, I went looking for a transmog that would match him… And a pet. The pet was the tough part, since they only released Moon Moon at MoP. When I got my Moon Moon – named Kiba – it was really the perfect match.
    Now I’ve got a happy wolf family, with my Karoma, my Moon Moon and my Kor’kron War Wolf mount :3

    (P.S.: I saw your post about Gara, the WoD spirit wolf, and rushed to see it ingame. I’m going mad about it! I hope they make him a pet, since the animations and the skin of the Warlords wolves are REALLY great!)

  34. Hunter’s Name: Zyd
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): EU-Nemesis
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    Here’s a screen with my oldest pet, she’s been with me since 2007, we had a lot of adventures together and I can’t wait to venture to Draenor with her at my side.

  35. Hunter’s Name: Morghor
    Hunter’s Realm: Bleeding Hollow US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver?: No

    Morghor has endured many a race change. I’ve played a broad spectrum of Hunter races, Alliance and Horde. But something was never quite right. For some weird reason I never got around to trying out an Orc, and it has felt like home ever since. Above is Morghor and his closest friend Loque, a friendship in the making since the waning days of Wrath of the Lich King, and together ever since (even if I find Beastmastery clunky and boring).

  36. Hunter’s Name: Zhiox
    Hunter’s Realm: Frostmane EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: NO

    Just want to say that I think this blog is awesome and provides a lot of fun and interesting stuff about hunters. keep it up 😀

  37. Hunter’s Name: Zéga
    Hunter’s Realm: Culte de la rive noire EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: No

    Because murloc … Grrlrlrlrlrrllr ! and this blog is great.
    Murloc For all !

  38. Hunter’s Name: Narag
    Hunter’s Realm: Antonidas (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: No

    Bolt and I are ready to attack exploring the mysteries of Ulduar! I couldn’t choose a favorite pet, as I love so many of the special hunter tames, so I went with the closest one that matches my transmog and ambiance of the area. Got to love mixing shaman gear with hunter gear to create a cool set!

    Excellent work Bendak, it’s great to have a hunter site for hunter only resources and fun posts! I used to frequent Warcraft Hunter’s Union, but now you have become the top site! Thanks for all you do, keep up the good work!

  39. Hunter’s Name: Crawclaw
    Hunter’s Realm: Uther (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: NO

    Red Rover and I went through several attempts to get out positions right. We hope you enjoy our screenshot like I enjoy your site! I’m glad us hunters all have a go-to blog. It’s great to find a place for just the Hunter stuff.

  40. Hunter’s Name: Aukatos
    Hunter’s Realm: Azjol-Nerub (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: No

    This picture actually has a lot of memories baked in. I started WoW in Vanilla as a Night Elf hunter. The first pet I tamed was one of the owls from Teldrassil. I named him Hoo. (This was before the hype with Hootie, the Strigid Screecher, by the way.) I played with friends on the Alliance side until late Wrath, when everybody decided to transfer to the Horde. Having never abandoned Hoo, and using him almost exclusively (sometimes to my raid leader’s frustration), I knew he just wouldn’t understand when a Troll called him out of the stables. After a heartfelt goodbye, I set him free where I tamed him so many years ago, so he could be King of the Woods on Teldrassil. I had a hole where Hoo had been for the remainder of Wrath, and into Cata until I heard of a spirit owl flying high above Hyjal. I didn’t want to believe it, so I went there and saw with my own eyes, Hoo! He had somehow transcended his mortal form to follow me across factions as a Spirit Beast! (After all, it isn’t THAT far from Teldrassil to Hyjal.) Ever since his return we have been inseparable; it’s like he knew who I was deep down and accepted that, although the outside was a little tuskier. This picture is reminiscent of our Night Elf origins, a part of the trials we faced together in my favorite raid of all time: Karazhan, and where we are now as we head into yet another expansion together. Enjoy.

  41. Hunter’s Name: Denoori
    Hunter’s Realm: Stormscale US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: Yes

    This is my beloved Denoori when he was just a baby and questing in Azshara. Beside him is his hunter pet, Kahnoori, and battle pet Teenoori. But where in the gods good graces did all these other babies come from? Curse those goblins and their wacky experiments!

    I’ve gotten hundreds more shots of him, now max and with the CM gear, (The skyreaver is the best mount pairing too!) but no picture of him will ever beat this one. It took a while to get that perfect Steve Martin movie poster shrug, the “how did THIS happen?!” look, but it was worth it, even if that stubborn little raptor wants to float in midair.

  42. Hunter’s Name: Khukhar
    Hunter’s Realm: Thrall(US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: No

    I tried to get only one pet but all the cata pets were amazing and thought to tame and that made them all in the list of the ones i love..

    Amazing work btw, keep it up. This is one of the go to hunter site for me. 🙂

  43. Hunter’s Name: Tarmashena
    Hunter’s Realm: Shadowsong-US
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: Yes

    This is Tarma, my one, my…not-even-close-to-only… hunter girl with her Quillen, Waarl, and her condor pet, Hawkguy. I’m a strictly casual player, but your blog’s a fantastic source of info for even hunters of my level! And your screenshots are a major source of envy (seriously, how do you get them looking so flash?).

  44. Hunter’s Name: Eahlstan
    Hunter’s Realm: AeriePeak-EU
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? No

    I think a Worgen hunter was the first ever character I made in Wow; in the starters edition. And I still play it regularly, though he has been joined by many ‘brothers and sisters’. So, thanks for keeping us up to date on the who, what, and why of hunters, without sinking into deep theorycrafting as I’ve seen some other class blogs do:-)

    Oh, and agreed with the previous poster. Tell us your secrets to screenshot taking!

  45. hunter name: silvertongue
    realm: shandris (US)
    do I own?: yes

    Smasher was the first pet I tamed, way back in 2009, to this day I still use him as my tanking pet, he’s always my trusty lil tank <3
    SS taken in the dwarven starting zone, so many memories…mainly deaths of a noob, from when mobs were still hostile ;o

    thanks for the comp 😀

  46. Hunter’s Name: Dwaim
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): US-Nemesis
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    This pet was one of the most AWESOME to tame! You do feel like a damn real hunter tracking a beast down in an unknown jungle (I was lv85 or 86 at time, at the very beggining of MoP). Of course I’d name him after my fav. character in all fighting games (and have a tiger on the back of his shirt!).

    It was also very fun to take this screenshot, going back to Thendol Span brings back memories 😀
    However it took me way too long waiting for the settings turn to Ultra (my notebook barely plays it on Low! lmao). Regardless if I win this or not, I had fun doing this. Also, I enjoy a lot this site, these class specific content are really cool and make you more attached to your class.

    Thank you!

  47. Hunter’s Name: Bheleu
    Realm: Arathor-US
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver? No

    My toon’s name comes from a book, and in the book the main character had a warbeast that was a big black cat named Koros, so I had to tame one in game. As for the zone, I always loved Sholazar Basin.

    Thanks for the great site and all the work you do!

  48. Hunter’s Name: Merilvingean
    Hunter’s Realm : Magtheridon (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver: No

    So the story for this screen shot is I played the bulk of my play time back in BC. The pet I used was the Ravager I tamed in Hellfire. The reason I took the pic with my buddy Murmur here is I farmed him so many times for the Sonic Spear (at least 20 times) and never got the Spear. Then one week I got an epic melee weapon from a raid.. and what would you know… few days later I ran it to help a friend out and it dropped. So maybe this RNG will be a bit nicer to me 🙂

    I would like to say I just got back into the game few weeks ago and I started using your site to get caught back up on things and sharing with my hunter friends. It has helped me out a lot. So thanks for all you do on here.

  49. Hunter’s Name: Sedlina
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Dun Morogh (EU)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    Asking a Hunter to look for her or his favorite pet. You got me there. (and I’m fairly sure many others as well). I was really tempted to take a screenshot with stampede just to avoid picking only one favorite companion. In the end I decided to go back to my hunters vanilla roots.
    For some people the good old ‘ghost saber’ from darkshore might be just another ‘boring cat’. I still remember how many days I’ve spent there to catch mine. He might be old, Yes. But he survived several years of ravager, scorpid and many other raid flavor of the month/year/patch/addon pets.
    So here we are.

  50. Hunter’s Name: Xerodin
    Hunter’s Realm (include EU or US): Ysera (US)
    Screenshot URL:
    Do you own the Iron Skyreaver (Yes/No)?: No

    Love my huge dark worm. He goes every wear with me. Nothing Scarier than a 12 foot worm with Fangs. When its dark and cold we set out an explosive trap and huddle around the fire. Anubisath Idol is my other traveling companion, he doesnt say much but he adds to the intimidation factor!

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