Dust off Rexxar and get yourself a mount

It’s been quite a few months since I played Hearthstone. I was really into it when I first got into beta, but it kinda died out for me. The Hearthsteed mount promo got me back into it and I’m ashamed to say those 3 wins took a lot longer than I was expecting. I think my wins were probably against other people who were there for the same reason I was — to get the mount. To be even worse than me at Hearthstone, they’d have to be!

Rexxar was my hero of choice, and damn if Unleash the Hounds isn’t an awesome card when your opponent is feeling all high and mighty with a full set of minions out on the playing field. My little foray into Hearthstone may get me back into it. I already noticed a few improvements since I last played. Good luck getting your mounts!

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6 thoughts on “Dust off Rexxar and get yourself a mount”

  1. This mount is so cool!!! I wish the Red one from the i wana say 5.3 PTR was in the game but who know maybe they could be a reputation mount for the Etherials in Warlords hopefully in bad ass colors!!

    1. I could be wrong but I think the red one may be the horde version.

      Edit: Nope, I’m told that horde characters also receive the blue one.

  2. Started playing Hearthstone for the first time last night. Got the mage up to 10 and unlocked all the heroes. Working on getting the Hunter up to 10 now. Deck Building dynamics are rather complex, so just following the Icy-Veins decks.

  3. I’m using the Hunter deck too! Hadn’t played in a while but managed to get my 3 wins in 5 matches– and one of those losses was against another Hunter. Go Rexxar!

  4. I was not unlike you in that… I was wanting to play the beta so hard, and finally got into closed beta, and played it pretty hard for about a week, then just stopped. I would log in and play a game every couple weeks, but would lose, then logged in and right back out before not touching it at all.
    I’m just not that good at it. I love the art and music and concept, but I suck!

    To get my wins, I tried my custom Mage deck for one win. I had what, 2 HP left, they had 12 or 13. We were both down to no cards, just taking what comes up. I had my finger on the concede button. Then I got Alextraza! I was able to get my HP back up to 15 with that, and pulled out a win in the end! Won the next two with Warrior pre-made deck.

    I tried Hunter deck, wanted to love it, and it was strong with pre-nerf unleash the hounds. But I really, really don’t like Rexxar. Playing as him in WC3, though really the best part of the campaign due to it almost being like a sandbox with the quests, was ruined due to not liking this character at all. That still remains here.

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