Warlords of Draenor pre-order thoughts

Warlords of Draenor is now up for pre-order (at least digitally). The “free” level 90 character boost as well as the mount and pet are all available immediately. I, of course, bought it the first moment I could, but I was a little surprised that the price had gone up $10 over previous expansions. I think a lot of people (especially alt-a-holics) would be interested in a $39.99/59.99 expansion, like they used to cost, without the 90 boost option.

Price stuff aside, I was really disappointed to learn that the release isn’t expected until the fall of this year (which means September at the earliest). I was under the impression that MoP’s final tier would be shorter than previous expansions. A full 10 months of Dragon Soul was very… very tedious. Granted, Siege of Orgrimmar is ten times better as a raid tier, but with this news we’re looking at it lasting at least a full 12 months! Yikes. If there’s one good thing to come out of this, it’s that I’ll be enjoying the summer (outside!) a whole lot more.


The 90 boosts come with 483 gear, 22-slot bags, primary professions boosted to 600 if the character was level 60+ prior to boosting, 150 gold, Artisan flying (280% flight), and all flying licenses purchased.

Now the real question is what to use my boost on? Another hunter? I’ve already got two max level… third hunter’s the charm? Maybe a warlock? Decisions, decisions…

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8 thoughts on “Warlords of Draenor pre-order thoughts”

  1. I can’t believe they want us in SoO this long. I’ve been trying my hand at FFXIV and it’s almost making me want to cancel my sub until a couple weeks before WoD release… but I’m committed to a raid group that’s now 3/14 heroic and don’t want to lose my spot come WoD =\

    As far as the boost? I’ve already had so much free time in MoP, I’ve now got 7 level 90s, and a 65 getting up there, and have all professions maxed except for skinning. I did cheat and use RaF with a buddy… but man the free time I’ve had and now we have SO much more time to wait! It’s basically log on two nights a week to raid, play FFXIV or watch Breaking Bad the other days.
    I do recommend if you have no idea what to boost, do a Druid. You have the option to do any class you haven’t done yet (Tank/Healer/Melee DPS/Magic DPS), and either get to 60 or level yourself mining/herbalism. Nothing is more annoying then a Druid in flight form stealing nodes from me because I have to dismount and have my animation or kill mobs close by….

    1. Thanks for the druid suggestion. I’ve always wanted to play a chicken, so I’ll consider it. Healing and tanking really aren’t my forte.

      1. I’m considering a Shadow Priest myself. I have an 85 chicken and didn’t care for it that much. I also might consider a mage, but I have one that’s level 34 and has full BoA gear. I hate the idea of using the boost on a char that isn’t level one.

        1. I heard the PTR may still be up, so if that’s the case I will probably try out whatever class I’m thinking about boosting on there first.

  2. Our guild is already having trouble getting people to show for our heroic raids, which we’re just starting. If I’m lucky enough to get into beta, I may be spending lots and lots of time in there.

  3. I boosted a mage which is something I’ve always wanted but couldn’t stand to level and I couldn’t be happier. I definitely knew I didn’t want to boost a class that could heal or tank (I could power level those through dungeons easier) so a rogue and mage where my only choices.

    The only downside is as a frost mage you are almost never casting frost bolt due to procs happening a lot. It’s a very good synergy that has me questioning why I am casting cobra shot so much! Looking forward to snipe!

  4. I ended up boosting a shammie after a long and arduous decision process. We are a small guild (~10-12 on a good night) and, while I’ll never turn my back on my hunter, I felt that a shaman gave me a lot more role versatility especially with the upcoming unified armor changes in WoD. I am certainly missing the ability to cast while moving 100% of the time and totem management still has my action bars in fits but the rotation is nice and straightforward and I feel that I get a real tangible benefit from each cast (see Focus Fire).

    Also, and I’m sure Blizz will be happy to hear (they’re everywhere you know), this probably won’t be my last 90 boost.

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