Pet of the Week: Duskfang

Duskfang is the only tamable cat to use the “Black Saber Cat” skin and can be found in Swamp of Sorrows. Since it’s is a quest mob, it will always be up and available for taming. It’s one of my more favorite cats and is usually what I run with if I need to provide a mastery buff as survival. Also matches well with the Panther Cub battle pet.

Duskfang is level 55 and can be found inside the cave at 11,34 on the far east side of Swamp of Sorrows.


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One thought on “Pet of the Week: Duskfang”

  1. i actually came across duskfang on accident while exploring the area for the explorer achievement. he had a name, so i decided to tame him first and check petopia later, and he’s actually been one of my favourite cat skins since (together with duskstalker, they make a charming pair). It’s fun to ride around on the saber mount of the same skin (relatively the same? specifics) with both him and the cub out.

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