Quick Tip: Solo Valithria with spirit beasts

Update for post patch 6.0: This strategy no longer works since pet ability cooldowns (Spirit Mend in this case) are now shared between pets. The good news is you can just skip Valithria if you want now.

Valithria Dreamwalker is usually the main stumbling block for pure DPS or DPS/tank classes in Icecrown Citadel solo progression. In order to beat this boss, you need to heal it to full health while dealing with adds.

Lucky for hunters, we have spirit beasts with Spirit Mend. A single spirit beast isn’t going to be enough with a 30 second cooldown on the Spirit Mend. You will need at least 4, preferably 5, so you can rotate them in succession. If you don’t have 5 unique spirit beasts yet, I would recommend taming a few copies of the spectral porcupines as they have a quick respawn and always seem to be up — Hutia, Degu, and Gumi. These are challenge tames which must be brought to 30% health before you can tame them.

Once you’ve filled your active pet slots with spirit beasts, it becomes as easy to solo as most fights in ICC 10-player mode.

  • Cast Spirit Mend on Valithria with your first pet.
  • Dismiss pet.
  • Summon spirit beast #2 and cast Spirit Mend once again.
  • Dismiss pet and repeat with spirit beasts 3, 4, and 5.
  • By the time you get back to your first pet the cooldown should be finished or close to finished and you can repeat the rotation.
  • DPS priority is the Suppressers as they apply a healing debuff to Valithria. Just stand on an explosive trap and kill everything else. The adds are not really an issue here.
  • You must keep the healing rotation going constantly or else you can hit the fight’s enrage timer.
  • I’ve not tried this method in 25-player mode, but I’m pretty sure Spirit Mend doesn’t have the throughput to beat enrage. If someone has attempted this on 25, please let us know in the comments.

Is there anything a hunter can’t do? Good luck with the transmog and achievement hunting!

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6 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Solo Valithria with spirit beasts”

  1. I never tamed a Spirit Beast, and never thought of this. Has been my road block for awhile now, keeping me from farming the mount! I can’t wait to get started on this!

  2. Gonna have to try this… I did not badly with 1 spirit beast a while back but could only get her so far, and ended up having a friend join me on a healer character. Thanks for the tip 🙂

  3. I did with one Spirit Beast set Valithria as the focus, have a macro to spirit mend the focus and spirit bond transfers to the focus.

  4. So old post, and I know you can skip this boss now, but thought I’d comment on this post since I remembered it, and you can’t use that technique any more. I healed this boss on 25H today (ilvl 689). It’s super fast on 10H, which I did last week. 25H took about 17min, but could probably be shortened with better technique.

    For most of the fight, I made sure I had at least one, preferably 2+ frenzy stacks on pet and used Focus Fire before hitting spirit mend (so there was often 45+sec between heals); I experimented a bit with hitting spirit mend on cooldown and only using Focus Fire with it when it hit 5 stacks (roughly every other Spirit Mend), which seemed to work a bit better, but didn’t start doing that til towards the end so further testing is warranted to see which is more effective. Other than clearing out the Suppressors ASAP, I just let the mobs hit me and had pet on Assist; he killed everything else on his own (occasionally used a petattack when something stayed alive for a while) to get max chance of Frenzy stacks.

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