Pet of the Week: Gezzarak / Zormus

Warp Stalkers used to have a spell called Warp which is very similar to what Blink Strikes is today, only they had it many years earlier. You won’t see many hunters using these pets since they don’t provide a buff, but they do have their Time Warp ability. I’ll admit to hardly using mine for that reason, but I still think it’s a cool pet to run around with from time to time.

There are only two beasts with this black warp stalker skin — Gezzarak the Huntress and Zormus. Gezzarak is summoned in Terrokar Forest and Zormus is one of the new rares added in patch 5.2.


Zormus will be the quicker tame if she is up. She is found inside a crypt in the Badlands at approximately 52,34. It’s not a terribly high traffic area so you may have luck finding her on your first try.

Gezzarak requires you to complete a quest in Skettis and farm up a few materials. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Pick up the quest World of Shadows to get a Elixir of Shadows. If you’ve already completed this quest, there is a repeatable quest from the same NPC called More Shadow Dust.
  2. The Shadow Dust drops from the Arakkoa mobs in Skettis and will only take you a couple minutes.
  3. Once you get your Elixir of Shadows, use it in Skettis and kill the Time-Lost Arakkoa mobs until you have 10 Time-Lost Scrolls.
  4. Right click one of the skull piles found in the Arakkoa camps and you will be given a choice to summon one of four enemies. Choose Gezzarak and tame her.

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One thought on “Pet of the Week: Gezzarak / Zormus”

  1. LOVE the warpstalkers, and hope they get a new model in WoD.

    Also…great editing on the main photo. What kinds of filters you use?

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