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Hear the new ranged weapon sounds

Wowhead just datamined a whole bunch of in-game music and sounds from the Warlords of Draenor alpha. Near the bottom of the massive post is a full listing of the ranged weapons sounds, which includes bows, crossbows, and guns. These sounds were split up into individual “reload” and “shoot” variations so I edited all of the variations together to give you a better idea of what it will sound like. Enjoy!

Gun Sounds:

Bow Sounds:

Crossbow Sounds:

I think the sounds are a big improvement, especially the gun sounds. What do you think? Check the Wowhead post to see all the new audio.

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8 thoughts on “Hear the new ranged weapon sounds”

  1. I think these are a big improvement, but I think they are still a bit overbearing. I’ll likely still turn my sound down, just because of the shear volume (heh, pun not intended) of shots we perform every minute.

    If I had to choose one I like the most, I’d say crossbow.

  2. any chance you could tell me the file names, or provide links…because I can’t find them. I wanted to put them into my live copy of the game.

    1. Ah it looks like they changed the layout since I originally posted this. Scroll to the bottom of the wowhead post I linked above, and at the end of the post click the “Abilities” tab, then scroll down to ranged weapons. You can right click each sound to save the .ogg file. BTW, good idea!

  3. so you have to pick and choose the sounds you like best because Live wow, only has 3 shoot and 3 reload sounds for guns- but the Alpha oggs work just fine if you apply them right, it is nice. really nice hehe

    1. I tried replacing them like the other gun sound addons, but they seem overly quiet and I’m not hearing the reload sound. Mind sharing how you did it?

      1. Sooo I never got the update where you asked me how I did it… I just used my ears mostly, I picked gun sounds that to me sounded similar to the ones in place already, as in similar duration an such. I like them enough that I actually use a gun to mog with my horde hunters crossbow. So….. sorry about the non response…and the computer I did the change with had technical difficulties. I could load my pack to a drop box soon if you would like.

  4. spell_hu_blunderbuss_reload_01 I used to replace GunLoad01
    spell_hu_blunderbuss_reload_05 For GunLoad02
    spell_hu_blunderbuss_reload_02 for GunLoad03

    spell_hu_blunderbuss_weaponfire_02 for GunFire01
    spell_hu_blunderbuss_weaponfire_03 for GunFire02
    spell_hu_blunderbuss_weaponfire_04 for GunFire03

    it freaked me out the first time i heard NPC guns going off and it sounded all civil war rifley rather than the old crash bang boom.

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