Holy Misdirection Buff, Batman!

I was just listening to the live interview with Celestalon on Final Boss TV, and he dropped a bomb in regards to Misdirection in Warlords of Draenor. Here is the new tooltip just posted by Wowhead:


Wow! You’ll effectively be able to permanently transfer threat to the tank (or your pet for soloing I would imagine). This was added to give hunters a little more raid utility, without that utility being a “mandatory” raid-wide DPS or survival cooldown.

I’m sure we’ll get more details soon, like if there are any restrictions, but I’m pretty excited about this. Not just for raiding but for keeping mobs on my pet while soloing. Finally I won’t have to use a major glyph slot to keep my pet permanently misdirected.

Updated 4/21:

Sorry for those of you who were excited for the change, but it looks like it’s not going to happen anymore. Blizzard has something else up their sleeve for hunters.

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9 thoughts on “Holy Misdirection Buff, Batman!”

  1. Holy smokes! That’s huge!
    But what about the mechanics of it? I mean are we going to be constantly transferring threat to the tank? Or a set amount of threat per mob? What if we want to pull an add on purpose? So many questions but really excited!

    1. He made it sound like it’s just up there permanently… you can precast it before a fight and it’s just like an hour long buff. I’m assuming there will be some restrictions built in. Maybe it only works on a tank spec or your pet? Or else you could troll people pretty hard in LFR… even if they can click off the buff.

      Edit: just added the wowhead tooltip for clarification

      1. Oh the trolling.. Now THAT would be awesome.. Finally those pesky priests are gonna get what they deserve for keep “pulling” me.. 🙂

  2. I can see some benefits in LFR or dungeons with bad tanks, but I’m still not convinced about the utility or usefulness in real raids. Threat is not really a problem at the moment, and what happens when you have a tank swap mechanic ? would we need to switch MD targets mid fight ?

    It just looks like a quality of life change to me, not something which will compete with raid benefits other classes may bring (like Amplify Magic of mages buffing healing for x secs). Amplify Magic can safe the raid, MD won’t if you have a half-decent group.

    At the moment I can see more potential abuses than uses for this change (like competitors on the dps meters dying because of aggro 😉 ).

  3. Saw this on break from raid tonight. As soon as I told everyone, I immediately was bombared by 24 other people saying “oh god, there will be so much more trolling”. 🙂

    The tooltip definitely looks like it’ll be just like the glyphed MD is now, but for not just pets. Which is great, because free glyph slot again. 🙂

  4. This almost seems too good to be true. In order to keep the trolls at bay, they’d have to restrict it to tank specs and pets, right?

    The qq is strong with this one (potentially)

  5. Blizzard has recently taken a liking to “bake in” things that we tend to macro together.

    We used to to aspect dancing, Blizzard fixed it so now we don’t.

    I have MD macro’d into all of my attacks, and with the glyph, it’s a 99% up time buff for me. Maybe 1% of the time a shot goes off that doesn’t trigger MD because it drops as soon as I shoot. Makes perfect sense to bake this one in.

    I’m hoping to get it at a much lower level.

    I’m sad to see distracting shot to away myself. That was very useful. I loved ping pinging a mob back and forth between my pet and myself.

  6. I love this change so much! BWHAHAHAHA!

    But seriously, I do wonder what they mean by “targeted party”.

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