New Hunter pets and pet buffs in Warlords

More fun hunter stuff from the Warlords of Draenor alpha has been datamined! First up, it looks like all buffs will be able to be provided by non-Exotic pets, including bloodlust/heroism.  It appears that some exotic pets will be getting new special abilities instead of having access to exclusive buffs.

We currently know about 5 new pet families in Warlords:

  • Rylak (Exotic) — Haste, Stamina, and Slow fall
  • Riverbeast — Mortal Wounds (reduced healing)
  • Hydra — Mastery buff
  • Stags – Versatility buff
  • Clefthooves (Exotic) — Versatility, Multistrike, and damage reduction.

To learn more about the new pet families in Warlords, check out this video

Below is a handful of the new pets you’ll find in Draenor.

pet_wolfblack pet_boarwhite pet_riverbeast

pet_toucansam pet_sporebatnew pet_hydra




new_clefthoof2  new_talbuk  new_stag

Be sure to check out the Pet of the Week section to see select new Draenor pets in more detail.

Pet Buffs in Warlords of Draenor

To learn more about some of the new exotic-only abilities, check out this post.

Stats Stamina
Worm (Exotic)
Shale Spider (Exotic)
Rylak (Exotic)
Silithid (Exotic)
Spell Power Haste
Silithid (Exotic)
Water Strider (Exotic)
Rylak (Exotic)
Crit Mastery
Shale Spider (Exotic)
Devilsaur (Exotic)
Quilen (Exotic)
Water Strider (Exotic)
Spirit Beast (Exotic)
Spirit Beast (Exotic)
Versatility Multistrike
Bird of Prey
Clefthoof (Exotic)
Worm (Exotic)
Wind Serpent
Corehound (Exotic)
Clefthoof (Exotic)
Chimaera (Exotic)
Mortal Wounds debuff Slow Movement debuff
Carrion Bird
Devilsaur (Exotic)
Warp Stalker
Silithid (Exotic)
Chimaera (Exotic)
Temporary Haste Buff (Blood Lust) Combat Resurrection
Core Hound (Exotic)
Nether Ray
Quilen (Exotic)
Temporary Dodge Chance Temporary Damage Reduction
Clefthoof (Exotic)
Quilen (Exotic)
Shale Spider (Exotic)
Unique Pet Buffs

In addition, the following Exotic pets have unique abilities only available to their family.

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20 thoughts on “New Hunter pets and pet buffs in Warlords”

  1. I think Mumper posted something about baby hippos for Pet Battles, which would imply adult hippos running around somewhere. I was hoping for tamable hippos, but I don’t see them listed. Unless Riverbeasts are Warcraft’s take on hippos, in which case, thanks?

    That devilsaur ability is pretty cool, though. Might be fun to run as a forsaken hunter and sit around eating all the corpses together.

  2. On one hand I’ve got to admitt I’m pretty excited about those changes. We’re going to see much more various pets viabla for raiding, especially in smaller groups, when a hunter just has to cover a buff. Finally, the sporebat is not the one and only with the most-often demanded buff… I kinda grew fond of the little flappy guy, though 😀
    I like how they’ve made more choices on the primary-tank pets, and I love both of the last-resort skills. Seems like the quilen will be able to save the day in more way than “just” b-rez, especially if you take versality talent.

    On the other hand I’m kinda sad of seeing all those stuns and interrupts gone. We still have a slow, but that we can provide by ourselves anyway, so it will only be useful when we want to slow some runaway that got from our range already.

    I’m still waiting on an info on dogs, too. Hopefully they’ll get something nice.

    Uhm, and a little playful-pixie mistake in the links-to-abilities section – you’ve linked the old bear aoe-debuff skill 🙂

    1. Dogs provide a stats buff now (Bark of the Wild — lol), I just updated post. The bear link looks fine (links to the new stamina one) or did I mess up a different link?

  3. damn.. this models looks awesome now i just hope they deliver a descent looking tier set and i will be happy xD i really hope it is not one of those pets butchered and transformed in armor >.<

    1. I wish!! Last I heard, they were considering having them be a part of hunter chest pieces instead of a separate item since we don’t have a slot anymore.

  4. I am still disappointed in Blizzard’s way of handling pet buffs. I won’t be able to use the new ravager in many situations (mainly 2v2 or 3v3 arena) because I would gimp my team (1 buff instead of 2 [and no special ability]).

    I think it would be better if beastmasters could freely (maybe with restrictions) choose 2 buffs and MM/SV could choose one. Exotic pets would provide an additional “non-combat” ability like feast/water-walking etc.

    What do you think?

    1. Besides the defensive abilities not really… 🙁 just like beetles and crabs. River beasts and carrion birds only bring the mortal wounds debuff.

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