New hunter glyphs datamined

The fine folks over at Wowhead have been datamining the alpha client and there’s a few more huntery things to share, including 4 new glyphs.

New Glyphs
  • Glyph of Snake Trap (Major) — Your Ice Trap is replaced with Snake Trap. Venomous snakes released by the trap will poison nearby enemies with a Crippling Poison that reduces movement speed by 50% for 12 sec.
    • It looks like Snake Trap is being removed as a baseline trap, but for those who will miss it, you can turn your Ice Trap back into Snake Trap. The only difference is the snakes will only use Crippling Poison.
  • Glyph of Quick Revival (Major) — Your Revive Pet is now instant but costs 80 Focus.
    • I would have a hard time using up a major glyph slot on this one. With Heart of the Phoenix, and now that Revive Pet’s cast time is already below 2 seconds with haste… it just doesn’t seem that appealing to me, but it may have use in specific soloing situations.
  • Glyph of Deep Frost (Major) — Victims of your Freezing Trap are now immune to any damage for its duration.
    • Sooo… what if we want to break the target out early? In PvP its not as much of an issue, but the 1 min duration in PvE could be annoying. On the other hand, there are probably situations where it would be nice to lock down an add for a minute and not have to worry about it breaking.
  • Glyph of Play Dead (Minor) — Your pet also plays dead when you use Feign Death.
    • How adorable. Seriously, this is a pretty fun sounding minor glyph.
Glyph Changes

As a bonus, check out this BoP engineer crafted gun, Shrediron’s Face Shredder.


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3 thoughts on “New hunter glyphs datamined”

  1. Deep Frost: I assume that the freezing trap will break the moment we drop a new freezing trap.
    Quick Revival: looks like another useless glyph.
    Snake Trap: maybe useful if the snakes can soak some damage or if you want poisons rather than a magic effect.
    Play Dead: Could be nice in raids or PvP. It would be better if pets got their own play dead ability so we can control their threat level better.

  2. Play dead is definitely a nice glyph. It kills me a little inside when I don’t have enough time to dismiss my pet during a wipe, and I have to watch it get beat to death by the boss.

    1. Oh yes :/
      Even worse, if this 1-2sec it takes the boss to down your pet make a difference between you living or some un-FD-avoidable mechanics triggering that takes you FD and noms it for B-fast. Looking at you, Garrywipies…

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