New Warlords screenshots show off Garrisons and zones

I pulled these from the PAX East press kit.  I think a couple were featured on the Warcraft twitter, but this is the first time I’m seeing these new Garrison screenshots (maybe I missed them). These look much better than the BlizzCon shots if you ask me. Those early shots seemed pretty barren — just empty land with buildings — while these make it look like a neat little town. Still just the Alliance version, but I’m sure they’ll reveal the Horde buildings soon enough. I’m pretty excited for this feature! Now if only they could grant my ridiculous hunter stable wish.

PAX East Screenshots PAX East Screenshots PAX East Screenshots

PAX East Screenshots PAX East Screenshots PAX East Screenshots

PAX East Screenshots

Also be sure to check out this interview from Wowhead where they talk a little more about Garrisons. Your Garrison can be attacked by NPCs and you’ll have to organize its defense with your followers. You can even bring in your friends to help you! There are rewards for successfully defending it (in other words, I’m pretty sure it’s optional and you could ignore it if you wanted).

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  1. Is there a hunter who doesn’t want a stable? I figure the silence means we’re not getting one yet. You talked about stampede going away but right now its the only way we can interact with multiple pets at once. Pet stables are coming cuz I’m guessing at least one dev values pet battles and pushed for it (Mumper I would think.). Surprised there’s no one to even consider hunter concerns. (I know classes don’t have dedicated devs, but no one plays a hunter and wants to show off their pets???)

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