Pet of the Week: Gurubashi Riding Raptor

Raptors are one of the many pets getting ability and buff changes in Warlords of Draenor. Currently, the Raptor special ability is Tear Armor (Weakened Armor debuff), but in Warlords this will be changed to Strength of the Pack (5% crit buff) because that particular debuff is being removed (across all classes).

The Gurubashi Riding Raptor is found on the Isle of Reckoning in the northern tip of Kun Lai Summit and is probably my favorite raptor skin. It comes in orange and red. If you’re into the whole mount matching thing, they both have mount counterparts (Swift Orange Raptor and Armored Razzashi Raptor). As I have neither, the closest match for me was the Red Primal Raptor.


There’s nothing special needed to tame these guys, but you may need to kill a few until you get one to spawn in the color you desire.

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One thought on “Pet of the Week: Gurubashi Riding Raptor”

  1. Totally agree. Every Hunter I level in Mists, I always do that questline and pick up one of these for my raptor pets.

    As far as mounts, all I’ve ever been able to get from the primal egg is the green one, which is my least favorite.

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