More fancy new ranged weapons from the Warlords alpha

Wowhead just posted a bunch of new weapon models and there are some impressive hunter weapons in here. Most impressive of all (IMO) is the Challenge Mode transmog reward gun in the header image. There’s going to be a bow too, but it’s not in the game yet. But wait until you see the cool animation on this gun. You can use the 3D viewer at Wowhead or just view this handy gif I made of the firing animation. WANT.

Below are the other weapons added in this patch. If you missed the hunter class changes in this build, be sure to check out this post.


The crossbow is listed as coming from a raid.


What the heck is this? A stake thrower? if you watch the firing animation, it actually launches that gigantic sharp thing out the front. It also comes from a raid.


This new gun drops in a dungeon. It has multiple colors available.

You can see some previously datamined guns in this post. Thanks to Wowhead for their awesome model viewer and datamining skills!

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7 thoughts on “More fancy new ranged weapons from the Warlords alpha”

  1. That stake thrower looks very nice. I really do hope they add a Challenge Mode Bow into the game. Though the gun from the CMs look cool, I’m more of a bow person.

  2. It’s a harpoon launcher! Used as a crossbow weapon, and the Use Effect as a “fishing pole” with instant catch 😀

  3. I really wish the challenge mode weapons/armors were just really cool fancy retextured/recolored versions of models you could also get outside of challenge modes, instead of these unique models that disappear once the expansion ends.

  4. I can’t wait to have a Harpoon, I do hope we see the spear fly through the air. Also wondering how the animation will work with barrage.

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