There’s a new type of mob to kill in Draenor. They’ve been dubbed “vignettes” and essentially they’re rare spawns a la the Timeless Isle, but they drop their special item (plus garrison resources) the first time you kill them. All subsequent kills will just drop junk loot.

You can find them everywhere in Draenor, some of them drop loot like trinkets or weapons, and others drop toy items. One such mob I found was the Hypnocroak. He is hidden up in a cave which, at first glance, seems unreachable without a flying mount, but then you see the little rocks jutting out of the cliff face and realize it’s actually a jumping puzzle.


The jumping puzzle requires a combination of mounted and on-foot jumping in order to make it all the way up. It took me quite a few tries, but eventually I made it up to Hypnocroak’s lair.

For those of you in beta, you can find him on the spot marked below.


He does have a “hypnocroak’s gaze” ability you’re supposed to avoid, but I killed him pretty fast. I think Blizzard should give him a mind control ability, it’s only fitting for the Hypnocroak. Or maybe he does and I just didn’t get to see it.

As with all vignettes, he drops a special item, the Hypnosis Goggles.


Vignettes can also be short little events with a chest at the end, they aren’t always rare spawns. I wouldn’t exactly call them rare either as the respawn time appears to be quicker than Timeless Isle rares. No doubt there’s going to be an achievement to gather every single piece of vignette loot in the game, and thankfully we’ll have the toy box to save our bags from it all.

For those of you who don’t get the reference…

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  1. I am exceptionally excited for the toybox, but mostly because I will be able to use items like the hypnosis goggles without worrying about the CD, given the huge amount of other toys in the game. I just wish upon killing vignettes a second or third time you got something more than just junk loot, but perhaps made the vignettes a bit harder to kill and allowed them to give out currency or something.

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