How to tame Chimaeron at level 90 and 100

Taming Chimaeron is simple for a level 100 character, but if you want to tame him in patch 6.0 at level 90, it’s a little trickier to do solo, but still perfectly doable. I’ll start with level 100. It isn’t quite as simple as walking in and taming. First you need to show Chimaeron who’s boss (that means getting him below 20% health before you can tame).

Taming Chimaeron at level 100
  • Set the legacy raid difficulty to 10-player (or 25-player is fine for level 100 players) and enter Blackwing Descent (the entrance is near the top of Blackrock Mountain in Burning Steppes/Searing Gorge).
  • Kill Magmaw and Omnotron Defense System to unlock the next area with Chimaeron. With the new stat scaling, you will kill them very quickly.
  • Head down the elevator and take a left. That’s where Chimaeron is located.
  • Talk to Finkle in the cage behind Chimaeron (this is so if you don’t tame him fast enough, he won’t one-shot you later on).
  • Dismiss your current pet and slowly DPS him down to 20% health, but be very careful not to kill him outright with your buffed damage.
  • Be VERY careful — once he hits 50% you may just want to use auto shot. I wouldn’t recommend survival spec for this since the DoTs could kill him after 20%. If Chimaeron dies, you have to wait a week to try the tame again.
  • Begin the tame once he enrages at 20% health.

Taming at level 90

So patch 6.0 just dropped and you want to tame the meanest, ugliest hydra pet out there. It’s not quite so faceroll as it is at level 100, but it is perfectly doable if your gear is decent (540+ item level). If you still can’t manage it on your own due to your gear or mechanics, I’d recommend bringing a friend or two to help you out. Newly boosted hunters will have a very difficult time in doing this solo.

Prep Work

  • If you’re doing this as BM spec (recommended), go and tame yourself a Shale Spider pet. It brings 5% crit, 5% stats, and Solid Shell. If you’re doing this as SV or MM, bring a Turtle.
  • Spec your pet into Tenacity spec for Chimaeron and make sure you have the following glyphs equipped: Glyph of Misdirection, Glyph of Mending,  Glyph of Tame Beast. Spec into the Spirit Bond talent. You can leave your pet in Ferocity spec for the first two bosses.
  • Set the legacy raid difficulty to 10-player and enter Blackwing Descent (the entrance is near the top of Blackrock Mountain in Burning Steppes/Searing Gorge).


  • Magmaw and Omnotron Defense System are not difficult encounters at level 90. I was able to ignore mechanics for the most part and just burst them down. If your item level is lower you might run into some problems and will need some help.
  • After killing those two bosses, head down the elevator and take a left. That’s where Chimaeron is located.
  • Talk to Finkle in the cage behind Chimaeron before you start the fight (important!)
  • Apply Mend Pet, cast Misdirection, and keep both up the entire fight. Pull.
  • For the first 30-40% you can DPS at a normal speed, but then you’ll want to start slowing down. Chimaeron hits hard, so when your pet gets low on health, it will automatically pop its shell ability to reduce incoming damage. Once the shell wears off, use the pet’s Last Stand ability.
  • At some point in the fight, Chimaeron will reduce your health to 1 hp. This is where I used a healing potion.
  • If your pet is dead, pop Deterrence and resurrect it. Feign Death as soon as it is up, and apply Mend Pet/Misdirection immediately. Don’t use your second Deterrence yet, you’ll need it for taming later.
  • Hopefully by now he is below 20% or close to it. Push him SLOWLY below 20%. Once he is, you need to cast Dismiss Pet. This can only be done if your pet is alive.
  • Once the pet is dismissed, Chimaeron will come for you. Pop your last charge of Deterrence and begin taming. You should have enough health to only survive a couple of hits which is why Deterrence is needed.

Don’t be surprised if you wipe a few times. If it’s just taking you too long to get him to 20%, you’re going to need to bring a friend to do this at level 90. Just remember that your friend can’t steal aggro from you during the tame or else it will fail.

Below is my original post from July 1, 2014 in the WoD Alpha when I originally made the first tame. Leaving it for posterity.

Did I… did I just get a world first Chimaeron tame? I think I did. Let me have my little moment of hunter glory here.

WOOT! OK, that’s over with.

So it turns out the scaling for old world content is now properly working on the alpha, at least for max level. Cataclysm raid bosses die very fast, as you’d expect them to a couple of expansions later. At level 100, and at 660 item level, my Kill Commands have been critting for about 1 million on level 85 targets. When you consider how much they crit for now at level 90, this seems like a reasonably correct number for level 100 (assuming the stat squish never happened). That is how the old world content scaling seems to work. It’s basically a damage multiplier on targets lower level than you.


Chimaeron is part of the new hydra family in Warlords of Draenor, and you can find him in the level 85 raid, Blackwing Descent. Note that hydras are not exotic pets. Any hunter can tame them.

So, how do you tame Chimaeron? I’ll leave the above image as a clue. You get this error when you try to tame him initially. Then you can go look at his dungeon journal entry and you’ll probably understand how it’s done. But if you don’t want to find out for yourself, here is how it’s done.

Taming at level 100


Spoiler: Chimaeron cannot be tamed until he is enraged, which happens when he drops below 20% health.

chimaeron2 chimaeronwrath chimaeron3

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24 thoughts on “How to tame Chimaeron at level 90 and 100”

  1. Congratulations man! I know you wanted that bad boy very badly! I myself I’m gonna do the same as soon as i get in the beta.. Assuming I do

  2. The damn WordPress clipped my comment. Based on your suggestions for pets i got Cida, Chromaggus, that awesome green and purple warp stalker and some more. Keep them coming

  3. This is amazing! GZ on the pet. Also the gif pictures are great… they don’t feel claustrophobic as on some other sites.

  4. 1st of all Congrats 🙂 Great Job… Not sure but did they Nerf it already? As of patch 18546, I have tried many times on diff toons and every time it continues to say “Chimaeron is too calm to tame right now.” Done it 20%, 15%, 10%, even 7%. And he does have the Mortality Buff on. Also tried with and without the Bile-O-Tron.

  5. Noticed you mentioned you killed it – I had a similar problem too with Banthalos – 1 Arcane Shot + 1 Auto Shot managed to kill it – however prepatch, I’m pretty sure you could have gotten a few auto shots in before it died. I wonder if something is broken – seems odd.

  6. I tamed this beauty today. As you had stated it is pretty easy to get his health down to the 20% needed. I brought in my flame turtle to tank and chimera killed him just under 20%, so a quick response and dismiss and I tamed with only 6% health left.

    1. Went back, instead of taking him down slow, popped stampede and let the pets kill him while I waited to cast deterrence, as soon as he got to 20% I started taming and deflected massacre and tamed him at 1% lol!! That was pretty fun 🙂

      1. Sounds like you may not have fully talked to Finkle before the fight. You need to in order to get the buff from the robot that prevents massacre from killing you (it takes you down to 1 hp with the buff, then you can use a potion). 1% tame that was close. I still need to get in there after tomorrow’s reset to see how the scaling is. They’ve changed about 50 times so I don’t know how accurate the guide is anymore (I just know you supposedly can’t kill him in 3 hits like you could on patch day).

  7. Wanna confirm @jen_sketch’s strategy works. I sent in my Stampede, dropped traps and used Deterance while taming. After many tries and dying this one worked. Be careful though, Chimaeron gets close to dying.

  8. Awesome guide I got him on my 3rd try! Had bad luck dismissing before my spider died. I got lucky he was casting while I tamed and took no damage! Thanks again! My Item level was about 520 when I tamed if that helps anyone

  9. Don’t have much luck on my lvl91 hunter, i saw a video of a guy doing it so easily and his lvl90.
    Just without a pet and starts dpsing him below 20 and taming him just like that. 😛

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