Getting things done before 6.0

Well, patch 6.0 is now less than 2 weeks away. And I’m still procrastinating. Not all of my pre-Warlords goals have been met yet, but I’m making progress.

Complete: Brawler’s Guild

Funnily enough, I ended up spending over 10k for my invite because I purchased it shortly after the Brawler’s Guild came out. Then I did a couple of bosses and didn’t touch it again until this week. I kept putting it off, thinking I’ll finish it eventually. Then 6.0 got close and we were told those achievements are becoming legacy. So I ended up banging out all 10 ranks in a couple of days, trying to go there on off hours so the queue wouldn’t be too long. I found that a queue of about 2-3 people is perfect because it gave just enough time for my cooldowns to finish. Queues of around 10 during prime time are painful.

The first 7 ranks were mostly fights that lasted about 4 seconds (yay for overgearing content). Hexos was the first real challenge. Here’s a tip: Don’t listen to a guide if it tells you to move Hexos through the maze. Concentrate on keeping yourself from being hit, NOT Hexos. Once I did this it wasn’t too bad at all.  But if I could ever dream up a nightmare raid encounter, it would be everyone having to do their own personal Hexos to progress the fight. Can you imagine that? Ahoo’ru (final rank 9 boss) was the biggest challenge for me. I just had a lot of bad RNG I think. It took me about 5 or 6 attempts. Also one of those attempts was wasted because I thought I could pop Deterrence and clear out the orbs: NOPE.

Happy to have the mount and title. I’ll be too busy in Warlords to bother then I think.

Complete: Change Jewelcrafting to Leatherworking

This one was my most recent accomplishment. I decided I no longer want Jewelcrafting on the main for 6.0, so I reluctantly threw away my 6+ years of Jewelcrafting for Leatherworking. Powerleveling it was time consuming, but relatively cheap (between 5-6k).

Why switch? The profession just looks more interesting to me in Warlords. I’d rather craft armor than a ring and necklace, and getting another unique mount is cool too. The LW mount requires LW while the JC mounts do not require JC. I wasn’t convinced that crafting gems would be that big of a financial deal, especially with all the other JCs out there who will be servicing a much smaller gem market. Engineering will remain my other profession (that’ll never change).

Incomplete: 200 mounts

Currently I’m sitting pretty at 193 mounts. I meant to farm more Argent Tournament dailies over the past few months, but I skipped out on most of it. I’m starting to run out of “easy” mounts. My latest acquisition was finishing up exalted with Sha’tari Skyguard for the Nether Ray mounts. That rep has been sitting at early revered since Burning Crusade and I finally got around to finishing. That was an easy 5 mounts. Also recently got both Brewfest mounts this year, and both mushan mounts (Brawler’s Guild and the black one for 500 Bloody Coins). It should be up to 196 mounts in 6.0 since I’ll automatically get the other 3 Pandaren Phoenix colors. I could finish off the 200 with JC mounts, but that’s a bit expensive with the unavoidable vendor mat cost. Looks like 200 won’t come until Warlords, then the grind for 250 begins.


Complete: Finish up old achievements

If you can believe it, I still didn’t have the World Explorer achievement. I procrastinated on finishing up the blood elf and draenei starting zones. Finally took an hour to do that yesterday. It only took like 6 years.

Complete: Challenge Mode golds

Love the armor set, love the mounts. I knocked this one out well before we knew CM rewards were disappearing with 6.0. Looking forward to eventually unlocking the weapons transmogs in Warlords.

Complete: Garrosh heirloom

I cheated here since I got the bow on my first Garrosh normal kill. It makes leveling a bit nicer, but if you don’t get one I wouldn’t fret too much. It ends up at item level 620 when you hit 100. When you hit 100 you get a quest to complete the Proving Grounds which rewards an item level 610 bow, which isn’t terribly far behind. Heroic dungeon weapons are 630 for comparison. If you still don’t have it, you’ll get a guaranteed drop in 6.0 but then it disappears in Warlords. All 3 versions — flex, normal, and heroic — end up at 620 item level at level 100.

Incomplete: 100 Toybox items

I wanted to get a head start on the toybox achievements (there are achievements for 25, 50, 100, and 150 toys) since I don’t anticipate myself wanting to revisit old content in Warlords just for toys. I only got to about 70. Getting to 150 will be tougher than I originally thought.


Incomplete: Make room in pet stable

My stable is pretty much full up and I’m going to need to send some pets out to pasture. I’ll have to get around to this so I can tame myself some Hydras and Clefthooves once 6.0 drops, and also have room for Gara and other new pets from Draenor. Never thought 50 stable slots wouldn’t be enough!

In Progress: Level another hunter to 60

I’ve yet to use my free level 90 boost, so I’m in the middle of quickly getting another hunter up to 60 to use the boost on. I want it at 60 so the professions get maxed out. I’m thinking this hunter is going to be a miner/herbalist. He won’t do much killing. He’ll be the hunter I’ll play when I’m watching some Netflix and just want to run around mindlessly to pick flowers and mine stuff in the background. Plus, none of my other hunters have gathering professions.

Overall, I didn’t do too bad. I think I’m reasonably well prepared for the expansion.

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20 thoughts on “Getting things done before 6.0”

  1. For the toybox, I just made sure I had the 3 from brewfest. Saves waiting a year for it to come round again.
    Gz on doing so much though. My list has only a few things ticked off. And I added the Isle of Thunder Treasure Room achieve to the list this morning too, since we know that will be going too now. Just need to catch me a thieving Saurok…

  2. I really hope leather working is better in WoD. MoP crafting was terrible. I’m PVE, I don’t want to waste mounts and daily cool downs on PVP stuff I don’t need.

  3. Just my opinion but it seems kind of wasteful to use a toon boost for the professions JUST for mining and herbalism, you can knock those out in a day in Pandaria. I personally would use the profession boost benefit on something more annoying/expensive to level, like engineering or jewelcrafting. Just tossing in my two copper.

    1. Well, it’s not just for the professions. It’s also to skip 60-90. But I’d still have to mine/herb 1200 total nodes, right? Seems kind of time consuming considering there won’t be much payoff. None of my other toons have gathering because I’ve always dreaded leveling it from scratch so this appeals to me.

      1. Well this is true, the little fragments of ore and herbs are useless as far as time->gold investment, I guess for people like me (no life) it works out, new 90 with panda flying, veg out for a day and get both of those done. I find herbing and mining to be pretty relaxing, but Jewelcrafting and Engineering for example were major headaches for me to level, I wasn’t fond of alchemy either towards the end. Oddly though, I ended up with 6 max level Engineers before the Sky Golems were released… good investment there.

        But if you skip all the 60-90 content, you miss out on the most fun in Dread Wastes!!! That level 89-90 was great!! *dripping with sarcasm* 😉

  4. – 100,000 valor points achievement: Completed yesterday
    – Use my 90 boost: Completed yesterday: boosted by lvl 31 priest to 90. Leveled up her JC as well, but need to do Inscription still
    – Level my druid from 63 to 90 and swap Herbalism for LW to go with Skinning
    – Swap skinning on my DK with either BS or Eng to go with Mining (my hunter is herb/Alch and my mage is Tailor/Ench, so I’ll have all but 1 prof covered)
    – Clean up bags and bank storage on alts. Old crafting items won’t be as valuable with all the catch up mechanisms in WoD, so time to clean out the closets…
    – Brawler’s guild: not likely to get done before the patch, got to Rank 7 a long time ago and quit. Maybe I’ll get up really early this weekend and mess with it…
    – Gold CM: never done a CM and likely won’t before the patch… oh well.
    – Garrosh heirloom: Have until the expansion for this, but probably won’t happen. I only have one flex Garrosh kill so far. Haven’t done any normal/heroic raiding this tier. Not too concerned about it though.

    There are a couple other things I’m working on, but they aren’t really time critical for the patch/expansion.

    I probably won’t get all of that done though… Guess I should check OpenRaid or something for some CM or SoO groups, if I can find some additional time.

    After the patch, I’ll need to get all my addons working again. I’ll probably need to switch from using JSHB to WeakAuras since I don’t think it’s being maintained anymore (and it doesn’t support a couple things I’d like to add anyway).

    1. Ah yes, addon setup is going to be a big deal for me too come 6.0. Planning on re-doing the whole shebang. As for the Garrosh heirloom, it’s a guaranteed drop for the 4 weeks of 6.0. So all you have to do is get a flex group together which I imagine will not be difficult. Everyone’s going to be going for them. The new in-game group finder should help with that.

    2. Brawler’s guild is easy if you got good gea…. skills.
      ;- )=

      Did it all in a night or two.
      Only 2 bosses that were a pain were 1st on rank 8 and last on rank 9.

      If you die on something there’s lots of youtube hunter video that show and narrate the fights.

  5. Brawler’s Guild: Done, with both my Paladin AND Hunter.

    200 Mounts: Done. Reached 212 so far, if I’m lucky I may get up to 215 before patch (153 runs on Stratholme and Counting, still 24 tries for Brewfest Ram left this year. And farming a lot of mounts with some friends.

    Get Garrosh Normal achievement and Mount: Done. First time as raid leader for my non-raiding guild. Got a bunch of no-raiders and together we were able to do it! Very proud of it!

    CM Silver for the mounts and title: Not done. 🙁 Lacked a good fixed team to do all of them. May still try next week as last chance.

  6. List from Jan that i keep adding too…

    **Done**(1) Kill the last three boss in SOO on heroic.
    **Done** (2)Finish getting all the Gorgeous BG achievements
    **Done** (3)You’re going to need a bigger bag achievement (and send many curses Blizzards way).
    **Done** (4) 10,000 daily achievement…
    **Done** (5) Level all Profession for that achievement (been so lazy about this one)
    **Done** (6) Level 2nd hunter to level 80 and gear for Herald of Titans FoS run.
    **Done, none left beside old CE, recruit a friend, etc** (7) Collect more pets… unique ones isn’t enough. Got to get them all!
    **Half-Done, just need to level them** (8) Level ALL Battle pets and turn them to All to Rares
    **Done** (9) There is one more season of PVP this xpac so get those two achievements.
    **Done** (10) Keep farming, Onyxia mount, ashes of alar off of kael and the firelands one.
    **Done** (11) PVP Pet Battles finish 250 with max level for the Direhorn.
    **Done** (12) Proving Ground DPS Endless 30
    (13) Proving Grounds Healing Gold
    **Done** (14) Proving Grounds Tanking Gold (**need to gear DK, none of his gear has sockets)
    **Done** (15) Buy Xpac..boost warlock…do green fire quest for FoS/Title before 6.0
    (16) Reach 1000 pvp pet battles
    **Done** (17) Farm Alani mount
    **Done** (18) Finish 5000 pet battles
    **Done** (19)Get Chi- Chi and finish the celestial Tournament
    (20) Farm LK, Ulduar and Throne of Four Winds (GOT THIS ONE) mounts (started soloing these bosses July 4 weekend)
    (21) Finish 75 RBG wins
    (22) Get 1900 rating in RPG
    (23) Get 1550 in 5’s arena
    (24) Finally get around to finishing Thunderfury …had the left binding in me bank since 2009.
    (25) Proving grounds Endless Tank 10
    (26) Get all Warbringer Mounts (ONLY ONE LEFT(
    **Done** (27) Heroic Garrosh mount plus Heroic Heirloom
    (26)….god it never ends there so much to do and never enough time!

    Things left over on my list from last xpacs:
    **Done** (1) stone core mount
    (2) VP mount
    (3) camel mount from that tiny statue
    (4) deepholm mount
    (5) timeless mount

  7. I didn’t Bother reading all the comments but somethings you should add:

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Lvl at least 4 paladins to lvl 40 (as much as it pains me to say play anything other than a Hunter) u can add 4 (5 if you go to 80 and do the argent tourny dailys) mounts to your count come 6.0(Blood Elf, Tauren, Space Goat, and Human/Dwarf) Good time to burn off any excess EXP elixirs you may have to lessen the pain of not playing your hunters

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Burn VP on Timeless coin Pouch for coins to buy Bonus rolls for Oon/Nalak mounts as the pouch and vp being removed

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Get as many Treasure room Keys as you can as the KEYS are being removed, the room itself will still be there and great place to get bonus rolls for Gal/Sha mounts. The achieves ALSO being removed so get those if you want the FoS’s

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – As toys are account wide, knock out those quests that you may have done long ago on an alt to get the toy items on your account

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Purchase any Vendor mats for your mounts now as the Guild perk 10% discount is being removed

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Farm any rep you missing as the Guild per is also being removed.

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Try and find a sucker to buy your lvl 25 banking/alt/storage guilds as guild lvls being removed

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Farm up Xmog set to match the new CM Gun

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Get the Brawlers guild BoA at least but suggest all the achieves

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    – Grab any JP/VP gear you may want for xmog before it costs gold

    – Petition Bliz to add more stable slots

    I’m sure I’ve missed things as well but most importantly GET BLIZ TO ADD MORE STABLE SLOTS!!!!!!!!

    <3 GL all!

    1. lol, I can agree with the stable slots one(s). I thought we hit the motherlode when they added 50 slots, but like so many others I have quickly filled that spot and am now struggling to release some to make room for River Beasts, Hydras and Rylaks! 🙁 I even set free a few of my Spirit Beasts! We hunters should not have to make such hard decisions!

  8. Oh yea, copy your toons to the PTR(not beta) to see you new mount count as the profession, class, race, faction mounts will count towards your overall mount count i personally went up from 245 to 307 on PTR to help get and idea how much more work you gonna be doing :p

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