Pet(s) of the Week: Matching hunter pets and mounts are awesome

I get a huge kick out of having matching pets and mounts, so I wanted to share my latest couple of matches.

The one above is the Trained Snarler mount and the Riding Wolf pet from Nagrand. The mount is obtained through the garrison stables building. It’s one of the 6 you’re able to train through a series of daily quests. The pet may look familiar to you since I’ve talked previously about the Savage Warwolf (way back in August!), but this one is a little different. It’s the same wolf minus the armor. When I first went down there to look for one there were none spawned, so you may need to give it a bit of time. Both wolves aren’t terribly common, but they will spawn eventually.

Next up, we have one of the coolest mounts ever to grace the game.

Needs more core hounds
Needs more core hounds

This mount… is just ridiculous. The first time I mounted up and started stomping around on this thing, I giggled like a small child playing with a new toy for the first time. I mean, would you look at this thing. Come on!

It even makes the Core Hound pet (which normally dwarfs my dwarf!) look tiny. If you’re reading this post after the WoW 10th anniversary event has passed (November 21, 2014 – January 5, 2015) I am so, so sorry. The Core Hound Chain is obtained the first time you kill Ragnaros in the limited time Molten Core LFR event. After that it’s gone forever. The pet itself can be found in the level 60 Molten Core. The battle pet is given to anyone who has an authenticator attached to their account.

I anticipate my next matching mount and pet will be clefthoof related, but I haven’t quite trained that mount yet.

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9 thoughts on “Pet(s) of the Week: Matching hunter pets and mounts are awesome”

  1. I know you like it but I can’t stand that wolf and its matching mount. The combination of chocolate brown fur and green eyes looks so unnatural and out of place on a wolf I can stand them. As for the core hound mount, maybe it will entice me to use my core hound more, but I’m not a big fan of stompy-stompy mounts (I prefer mounts that look fast just by standing still.)

    1. Good luck! It really is an exercise in patience… tanks just running around taunting, DPS pull everything, no banishes going off, trying to kill a boss in a tunnel that does a living bomb, and the place is SO LOOOOONG… it’s cool and all, but really if anything shows how far we’ve come, and how grateful I am! Imagine LFR now, but worse.

  2. My dream: that flying pets fly with you. I know it’s ridiculous (because we are in a non-flying expansion), but still a dream.

  3. I’ve got myself a Grom’kar warbeast, so I’m just hoping for Nakk… which after 5 days of waiting so far, has distinctly not appeared for me. Some day, though… I’ll just have to dedicate a good at most 24 hours or so of camping it.

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