Add an enchanter’s illusion to your Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle (Update: More guns!)

Thanks to @IckabobWoW on Twitter for posting this little tip. If you (or a friend) has an Enchanter’s Study building with a follower assigned, you can apply enchanter’s illusions to weapons. The only enchant that it will allow you to apply to ranged weapons is Illusion: Blood Draining. This enchant is actually visible if your weapon is tranmogged to the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle, as you can see above!

Update: More confirmed guns

Thanks to those who reported more working guns in the comments, Twitter, and reddit!

In addition to these specific guns, their lookalikes (viewable on wowhead) should also work.

Remember, this is only the Blood Draining illusion (but maybe someone awesome from Blizzard is reading this and will open up all illusions to these guns). There have been no bows or crossbows reported to work yet, but if I hear of any I will update the list.

Keep in mind that once this illusion is applied to a weapon it cannot be removed and will always be visible if the weapon is transmogged to one of the supported guns. If you want to see what it looks like, add the illusion to a throwaway weapon and try it out on there.

Update for Patch 6.1: I hate to say it, but Blizzard has decided to nerf this in patch 6.1. I mean, obviously it was a bug, but was it really hurting anything? If you had it previously applied it will stay on that weapon, but whenever you upgrade that weapon it will unfortunately be gone. 🙁


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34 thoughts on “Add an enchanter’s illusion to your Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle (Update: More guns!)”

      1. wait wait wait….is that addon pre-6.0 gun sounds? If so, Bendak I love you. My DPS has been suffering because of the sound change..I use the BANG…to know BANG when to press BANG the next BANG button BANG in my BANG rotation.

        ….i find myself casting to many steadyshots/cobras without it…..

  1. I don’t know if it’d cost a raid tier, but instead of them developing a new set of graphics for scopes/enchantments for ranged items, which they’ve said they’d be interested in doing, just tweaking existing ranged weapons to use existing ones would be great by me.

    I don’t know that I’d ever use them myself, but I can certainly envision a number of combos that would look great.

  2. This sounds like something blizz would say was unintended and come in with the anti fun hammer to fix. So let’s keep this on the down low.

  3. Using GlowFoSho I can confirm that other enchants do show up, but obviously if you can only use Illusion: Blood Draining it doesn’t really matter.

    Flames of Ragnaros looks fantastic – I’d be curious to know if you can apply it.

    As a sidenote, you could just use GlowFoSho (or a similar addon if one exists) to test, instead of wasting Draenic Dust.

    1. Went through all the models on mogit, so may have missed some, but I found five more that work. No bows or crossbows, sadly.

      Nerubian Conquerer, Telescopic Sharprifle, Ornate Khorium Rifle, Mark “S” Boomstick, Prison Warden’s Shotgun and I believe their same model counterparts.

  4. Of all the weapons I have stashed in void only Nerubian Conqueror is compatible.
    Was hoping some others would be too.

  5. Then illusion on the Mark “S” Boomstick does seem to work but it does not carry over when transmogging to the item. At least not for me.

  6. Important to note that transmog should be applied before the illusion – at least on melee weapons, illusions can bug out if the weapon is mogged after the illusion is applied.

  7. got the telescopic sharprifle and I must say the enchant illusion doesn’t look nearly as red and bold as it does in these pictures

    1. Set your spell detail particle effects to max – weapon enchant glows rely on this same setting as spell effects, ground AoE, etc.

  8. Hello guys, for me, every gun and bow can be used with Blood Draining, for example my bow from Highmaul Heroic, my gun from MC 60 and my lvl 100 pvp gun from honor points can be used with Blood draining.

  9. Kind of happy this doesnt work on my Challenge mode gun. A blue gun with a red glow would look silly, but i’d end up using it just because i could.

  10. Atm, removing this illusion seems to be impossible. Care if you dont want your gun to drip of blood on all of your transmogs

  11. So as of patch 6.1 I believe this has been removed :< I can no longer add the illusion on top of my wolfslayer transmog to my dismay. Can anyone else confirm?

    1. Yes, this is nerfed. 🙁 I didn’t realize until now because it stayed applied to my weapon, but when I try to apply it to a new weapon it won’t let me.

    1. It is the Mists of Pandaria challenge mode armor for Hunters. Unfortunately it is no longer obtainable. There is a similar set coming in Legion from the class order hall, but it’s a different color and the shoulders are a bit different.

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