Hunting Party Podcast Episode 207: Spec Parity

On this episode, Darkbrew, Delirum, and Solar discuss the latest round of buffs and nerfs to hunters. Just how close are the 3 specs now?

There’s also some talk about raiding and hunter soloing in this final show of 2014. I had to miss this one but I should be back for the next.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV every second Sunday at 10:00 am ET (14:00 GMT). In addition to the live show, you can find it at:

The next episode is scheduled for Sunday, January 4. Thanks for listening.

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5 thoughts on “Hunting Party Podcast Episode 207: Spec Parity”

  1. I am full time BM and I’m running Steady Focus, Blink Strikes, Glaive Toss. I’m finding that Steady Focus provides a huge synergy with pet damage. With the way Frenzy stacks occur – Steady Focus provides our pet more Basic Attacks which synergizes with Blink Strikes damage buff and provides more Frenzy stacks. I kept a 90% uptime with Steady Focus and I constantly had 5 stacks of Frenzy to consume. I consistently pulled up above a similarly geared MMS in my raid with this build. But at KS range, he’d jump above but still .. the idea of doing as much damage as MMS to a degree is quite appealing. I like Steady Focus / Blink Strike / Focus Fire synergy.

  2. I’d love an entire episode on Focus Fire. I don’t understand it, what it’s doing and more importantly == what I should be doing when it’s up. It got the buff so it’s super important but I don’t know what it’s doing — I could guess but I’d prefer the experts to explain it, please.

    1. Focus Fire consumes stacks of Frenzy that your pet builds up. It increases your haste by 6% per stack (5 = 30% haste) and with Improved Focus Fire it also increases your AP by 25% (5% per stack). So you should realistically be popping that button whenever possible. If you get unlucky with Frenzy stacks and it’s about to run out – you should pop it as well. The haste and ap will buff your pet and your own damage output.

    2. For when you have Focus Fire active – try your best to line up Bestial Wrath with Focus Fire. If Bestial Wrath is coming off cooldown or available when you have 5 stacks of Frenzy, consume it and pop Bestial Wrath followed by Kill Command then Arcane Shot until Kill Command comes back. Essentially you want to do your hardest hitting attacks when you have Focus Fire up – and your best dps cooldowns, trinkets during Focus Fire. But if it comes up and your CDs are inactive … still pop it.

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