Hunting Party Podcast Episode 222: Dat MM Four Piece!

This week Darkbrew, Bendak and Deirium cover a wide array of topics including LFR queue woes for Hunters, the 6.2 hotfix buffs, the legendary ring, and the amazing power of tier 4-piece bonus for Marksmanship.

The next episode is scheduled to happen hours after the Gamescom WoW developer panel (where they’ll be talking at the newly announced expansion), so hype levels should be at maximum.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV every second Sunday at 1:30 pm ET (17:30 GMT). The next episode is scheduled for Sunday, August 9. In addition to the live show, you can find it at:

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One thought on “Hunting Party Podcast Episode 222: Dat MM Four Piece!”

  1. With regards to the MM-4 piece going forward:

    This would be a perfect time to bring back Master Marksman. Chance on Steady Shot (double chance on Focusing Shot) to gain a charge of Master Marksman, instant Aimed at 3 charges.

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