Gnome Hunters are coming!

We can officially say that every race can now play as the best class in the game. Alex Afrasiabi announced the news on Twitter today: Gnome Hunters are coming in Legion!

This is something Hunters have been campaigning for ever since Blizzard started expanding class/race combinations back in Cataclysm. I know I never missed an opportunity to poke the developers about it. I’m also not surprised that Muffinus (the developer behind Gara and all Hunter pet things recently) was internally pushing for it to happen. He tweeted the following pics out after the announcement.

There’s something hilariously awesome about a tiny gnome walking around with the biggest pet they can tame. I know tiny little goblins can be Hunters, but it’s just not the same thing. Gnome Hunters are going to be awesome. One of my Hunters will be race changing to one for sure (or maybe I’ll just make a new one).

At this rate, Hunters are running out of things to complain about.

Update: The mechanical pet is not a joke.  Gnomes and Goblins can tame mechanical pets, and other races can learn the ability with this item, which is crafted by engineers.

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21 thoughts on “Gnome Hunters are coming!”

  1. I can’t wait to be a gnome, I’m coming back to the Alliance!

    What do you think their starting pet will be? Unfortunately all the beasts in Dun Morogh (Boars, Bears, Cats and Wolves) are all already taken. However Goblin hunters have crabs despite there aren’t being any crabs on Kezan or the Lost Isles.

    I think it should be a fox. Foxes are common through out the Eastern Kingdoms and like the gnomes they are small, sly and smart. Not only that foxes are extremely adaptable and if any animal can survive in New Tinkertown foxes would! Also there is some connection between gnomes and a Red Fox Ancient. With the Ancients playing a part in Legion maybe his return is what heralds gnome hunters!

    P.S. suddenly Mimiron making the BM artifact weapon makes more sense!

      1. Gnomosh Battle Chicken 🙂

        It’s from an engineering trinket. I used it a lot in vanilla since it scaled with your level engineering level until patch 2.4 when it was nerfed. It also detected stealthed rogues and druids.

  2. I can now finally complete my sets of hunters both sides!!! OMG, I am crazy with the excites!!

    Fox pet sounds perfect, Nerdbeast!

  3. LOL…First off, I love being in this group. There’s great info and lots to think about. As a hunter, even though we may be on different sides, I still respect all of you Alliance hunters. But, as a dedicated Hordie BElf hunter, all I can say is…there goes the neighborhood.

    1. As a Horde, you can still punt gnome hunters, but beware we have Disengage so we can punt ourselves back in your direction. Now you’ve just got an angry gnome with a big pet on your hands.

  4. Ha! What a great set of comments!
    It is huge on the “fun factor” and for this it is much appreciated. I feel a little extra because this Muffinus guy seems to have gone the extra mile for us players.

  5. Nice to see the campaign for Gnome Hunters succeeded 🙂

    I just started levelling a Pandaren Hunter for SV but I guess I have to level more hunters for Legion. A Night Elf as Dark Ranger and now also a Gnome Hunter for awesomeness.

  6. I’m going to level my gnome hunter from level one, to both bond with him/her and to best check out and adjust to the class changes in Legion.

  7. “At this rate, Hunters are running out of things to complain about.” well said. Gonna enjoy a little gnome alt with a huge gun.

  8. “At this rate, Hunters are running out of things to complain about.” Nope. I want to complain about gnome hunters. For years I have been mocking them in our raids. Laughing at the silly little things trying to be important. But making them able to play the coolest class in the game….I will now have to respect the gnome. Durnit!

  9. Awesome! Finally!
    Still won’t play as a Gnome but it’s nice to finally have that option.
    I can’t wait to see them running around with the biggest possible pets. Because obviously they need to be with the biggest possible pets.

  10. See… I read “Gnome Hunters are coming!” as there was going to be an official Hunter of Gnomes in the game and I got all excited. 😉 Oh well… it is good that all races can play as the best class in the game now. 😀

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