Infallible Tracking Charm: How does the heirloom trinket stack up?

I’ve gotten a handful of questions about the heirloom trinket, so I thought it was worth a quick post to make the info easily searchable. Is the Infallible Tracking Charm worth using? It will obviously be a nice trinket for leveling to 110 as it scales up, but how about now, in Hellfire Citadel?

For those who don’t know, this heirloom trinket has a chance (roughly 5%) to drop from any mythic dungeon boss. It’s personal loot so it doesn’t matter what your loot rules are. This is a good week to run these dungeons because it’s the dungeon bonus event (complete 4 mythics, get a heroic raid cache) and a lot of people are running them in group finder.

The trinket is ilvl 715 at level 100 and it cannot be upgraded with valor. It has 351 passive agility and a proc called Cleansing Flame which instantly does damage to your target and increases damage you deal against demons by 10% for 5 sec.

Here are some quick sims in heroic gear to give you an idea where it stands. Mirror of the Blademaster always in other slot for these sims because there are very few scenarios where you wouldn’t want to be using it.


As you can see it’s quite strong against demon targets. This applies to the following demon bosses in HFC: Gorefiend, Tyrant Velhari, Fel Lord Zakuun, Mannoroth, and Archimonde. On any other bosses, it’s going to be slightly inferior to the heroic trinkets.

If you have mythic HFC trinkets, there’s less benefit to using the heirloom but it’s still nice against demons. It’s roughly on par with a mythic Malicious Censer and a little bit better than the mythic Fel-Spring Coil (both 2/2 upgraded). Against non-demons it’s quite a bit worse.

If you’re using Normal HFC trinkets, or aren’t raid geared that much at all, the heirloom is a pretty strong choice all around!

I didn’t include the class trinket because it varies so much with distance and is hard to compare. However, you need to spend the entire fight at 35+ yards to compete with the heirloom trinket against demons.


  • If you’re heroic (or below) geared, you can confidently use it against demon targets. It’s decent against non-demons, but not better than heroic HFC trinkets.
  • If you’re mythic raid geared, it’s a toss-up against demons and noticeably worse against non-demons.

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  1. Thank you so much for this post! I just got that trinket last night and wasn’t sure if I should use it in normal HFC or not. I don’t have Mirror yet so I am hoping this will help with my crappy BM dps!

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