The first 10 days of Legion

That went by fast. I started by leveling to 110 in essentially “one sitting” which was exhausting but fun. Everything since then has been a blur of world quests and dungeon runs. Oh, and profession quests. Endless. Ceaseless. Profession quests. I’m still on that new expansion high so I’m not ready to say anything definitive yet (I seem to remember enjoying Warlords for the first week), but I think Legion has the potential to be my favorite expansion, or at least second favorite. If Hunters were in a better state, it would probably already have the title.


Above is what I look like as of today. My original goal was to hit 840 ilvl before Emerald Nightmare opened, and I’ve managed that with a couple of weeks to spare! This brings me to the first positive thing: the gearing process. The new warforged/titanforged system is really fun for me. I know not everyone likes the RNG, but every time I got an upgraded item it felt great. At one point I was helping some friends with a normal dungeon even though I didn’t need anything, and what do you know, thanks to warforging I managed to get an unexpected (albeit minor) upgrade.

I’ve also gotten lots of great loot from world quests. I love world quests but I feel like they could lose some of their luster once the upgrades stop coming. So I hope once the raid opens that world quest loot has a small chance to go higher than 850, or else they just become obsolete for people like me (aside from doing the artifact power ones). It’s a neat system that makes logging in every day fun, and it would be a shame if that went away because they want to limit rewards. I never got my ilvl this high in the beta so I don’t know if that’s the case.

I think I’ve done all the mythic dungeons at this point except for Maw of Souls. I think they’re all fine dungeons, but I’m not crazy about Vault of the Wardens. I just find the end part with the lights really tedious. I really had fun with that last boss in Court of Stars where you have to disguise yourself at the party and find the spy by looking for clues. I can see why some may find THAT one tedious, but I think it’s a nice break from just cleaving down trash.

I feel like Mythic dungeons are too trash-focused, as in the trash is almost always more difficult than the bosses. I found this especially true in the Suramar dungeons. Heroics are doable enough for a random group that doing the daily hasn’t felt like a chore yet.

Dat loot

It’s hard to pick a favorite zone, but it’s probably Suramar. One of my favorite things there is the Nightborne training scenario. Essentially you go into this underground area with a bunch of pet shamblers and the goal to claim as much loot (and points) as you can before all of your shamblers die. The first time you do it, you are limited to 8 shamblers, but after that it turns into a world quest that can be done every 3 days. The more Ancient Mana you spend to start it, the more shamblers you start with. At max Ancient Mana (2000), you start with 20.

The treasure hoard pictured above is the result of my first foray in there with 20 shamblers. At one point I had 40 of them before I started spending them on retrieving treasure chests. Having a pet is a must in there so it can tank everything, which means your shamblers will take less damage. I bring my trusty Tortos Junior. On this particular run my rough haul was ~800 gold, 425 reputation, 600ish Artifact Power, a piece of dungeon loot from Court of Stars (which I can’t even access yet since it’s rep-gated), a toy, and several items that upgrade my shambler army for next time I run it (example one and two). This scenario is one of my favorite things so far.

I love Stormheim because it feels like WOTLK condensed into a single zone. Highmountain feels like a vanilla zone on steroids, and then you have a couple of cool night elf zones with Azsuna and Val’sharah. I’m just thankful to not have any more IRON and ORCS and SAVAGE. I’ll be fine if we can skip that stuff for another expansion or two as well.

Goblin Glider is a must for your Legion adventures
Goblin Glider is a must for your Legion adventures

As for my Hunter, I’ve been focusing solely on Beast Mastery. I know the current flavor of the month is to put 13 points into BM for dungeons then the rest into MM for raiding, but I just decided I’m playing BM for now. The spec has its problems but I’m still having fun. I am a cleaving machine with Master of Beasts, +50% beast cleave damage (2 ranks from relics), and now Surge of the Stormgod unlocked. Single target DPS has been nice too (when I use Killer Cobra). Speaking of talents, I found that I haven’t been using Stampede all that much. For one, it’s just not needed in regular mythic dungeons. When Mythic+ comes around and there are some big and difficult pulls I can see it getting more use, but for now I prefer the single target burst from Killer Cobra. Opening burst is going to be bonkers once I unlock Titan’s Thunder.

What about raiding? Well, I know lots of the Emerald Nightmare encounters favor Marksmanship because of how they work, but I’m not too worried about it. I’m not doing Mythic raiding the week it opens up or anything like that, so I don’t need to worry about basing my spec decision on that. I’m sort of hitting a wall in regards to gear so I’ll be happy to see the raid open up and the 850 ilvl limit on warforging removed.

On the annoying front is your usual pet issues. Pets getting stuck all over the place, not being able to attack Naraxas unless I tell them to attack in Kill Command range. Oh, and the ninja nerfs they pulled early on. They reduced pet auto attack damage by 10% and Hati’s Beast Cleave was reduced to 75% of normal damage. I’ve got no problem with little bits of tuning like that, but I wish Blizzard would add this stuff to hotfix notes so we don’t have to scratch our heads and investigate ourselves, then wonder if it’s a bug or something else is happening.

The way Blizzard has been talking recently makes me think that Hunters could be seeing some mechanical changes in patch 7.1. Maybe finally listening to feedback? I guess we’ll find out soon. If you ask me, it’s too late to make any major, gameplay-altering changes. I think some minor tweaks would be nice, but leave the re-design until next time, folks. I don’t want to go through another round of balancing and bug fixing. That takes months.

There’s been some shenanigans going on with Hati, as you can see in my screenshot above. The Essence Swapper retains any temporary transformation your pet may be under, so you can do cool stuff like have a demon for a pet. This particular one is done by going to Durotar, to a cave filled with Burning Blade mobs (example) and killing them with your pet to get stacks of Felblood. After 5 stacks your pet will transform and you can then use the swapper. Expect this to be nerfed at some point in the future. There are other things you can do including a little murloc. See a list of them here. Enjoy the fun while it lasts.

As for other pets, I crafted the Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix and picked up a few mechanicals, Bulvinkel the spirit moose, a couple of mana sabers, and the Tortos-lookalike Lowland Manashell (also seen above). My little Tortos has been seeing the most use because of all the world questing and how valuable his shell shield is in situations like that.

I hate to end on a negative note, but I have to bring it up: Professions are all over the damn place in Legion. I’m going to focus on engineering because it’s one of mine, and it’s in a horrific state right now. Let me lay out what’s wrong as simply as I can:

  • The quests. I think this is the whole reason engineering is in such a poor state. It was gated by an RNG drop cooking recipe from cooking work orders. I’m not even joking. Thankfully, Blizzard hotfixed it to require raw meat/fish instead. But I think this is the reason the profession was never tested on beta… NO ONE COULD! So there was no feedback, and we have what looks like a completely unbalanced profession.
  • OK, I can forgive the crazy travel quest that sent me all over the world for an hour (it’s supposed to make us use our old transporters I guess), but the one for the high level goggles is downright puzzling. In order to learn how to craft max level goggles, you need to complete a quest in the Suramar dungeons. Not only are these Mythic only (which some people don’t want to do), but they are also rep-gated. By the time you get to the point where you can run this dungeon, you will almost guaranteed have an ilvl 840+ helm, which makes the 815 goggles obsolete before you can even craft them. Oh, and the gun on them? It’s basically just cosmetic.
  • Reaves. He was supposed to be the long-awaited successor to Jeeves, only he has turned out to be too expensive to use. You see, in order to summon him you have to craft and consume Reaves Batteries, which currently cost about 400 gold to craft (on my realm). Even if you’re a miner, that would mean giving up that potential 400 gold to summon Reaves ONCE. Why in the name of everything sacred would someone want to spend 400 gold to summon a glorified repair bot? Reaves should be a permanent item like Jeeves. If this happened, then it would actually be fun to use all of his various modules. I’d love to summon him in Blingtron mode for people, but not at that great personal cost. Maybe they could keep the batteries as a way to bypass the traditional 1-2 hour cooldown?
  • The madness doesn’t stop there. A stack of 10 Gunshoes costs 1800 gold at current prices. So… it costs 180 gold for a short burst of speed and some brief water walking (not usable in combat).
  • How about the fun-sounding Bandage Gun. For a mere 900 gold you can heal your allies for a whopping 96k health. That sounds cool until you realize max level characters approach 2 million health by the time the first raid opens.
  • There’s a single-use portable gun turret you can also craft for the low-low price of 900 gold. It does 200k damage, but so does one of my Kill Commands. Why would I pay 900 gold for that?
  • There are more examples of baffling costs. Yes, I know the price of ore will drop as time goes on, but even if it dropped to a mere 10% of its current price, it would still be far too expensive IMO, especially for Reaves.

Wow, that turned into quite the engineering rant. Sorry about that, but I’m just so disappointed to see my favorite profession in this state. I should also say that I am totally OK with it being a gold sink, just not of this magnitude. One could make a case for stuff like the gun turrets being expensive to deter use in a regular DPS rotation, but Reaves?! That’s not personal power, that’s helping out your group.

Putting professions aside, I am enjoying the hell out of Legion!

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33 thoughts on “The first 10 days of Legion”

    1. My Hati is like 30% of the time using the right color related to the skin I choose, the other 70% of the time it gets reset to the first original color.
      Would be way better if this worked as intended and/or we could choose Hati’s color independently.

    2. That’s not a bug, it’s intended. Hati has a number of different colors which are linked to the various appearances for Titanstrike.

      1. You didn’t get the point CPlus. Their Hati is reverting to the regular artifact aspect color combination instead of retaining the color scheme corresponding to their current modified artifact aspect. That IS a bug. If you’re running around with a red rifle, Hati should reflect so, instead of turning back to light blue

    3. Yes, this seem to happen any time I recall my pet or he phases in after flying or dying etc. The simplest solution Iv found is to unequip and then re equip Titanstrike. This restores Hati to the related chosen Artifact appearance.

  1. I’m also really sad with all this engineering stuff, I think the only reason I’m not dropping it yet is the hope of cool mounts in the future and stuff I already have and don’t want to lose but everything current seems way too pointless and expensive.

  2. Glad to hear the feedback on Engineering – I had planned on dropping Skinning to pick up Engineering once I get LW situated properly (and a Skinner/Miner alt up to 110), but not if it’s as bad as you say.

    Regarding potential 7.1 adjustments, I think some simple buffs to less picked talents (For MM at least it would need to be Explosive Shot, Sentinel, A Murder of Crows, Piercing Shot, Trick Shot) could greatly improve gameplay choices. I have been leveling as Careful Aim, Lock and Load, Posthaste, Patient Sniper, Camouflage, Barrage, Trick Shot, and I am thoroughly enjoying that playstyle. I open with Windburst into 2x Aimed, then Arcane>Marked>2x Aimed. Haven’t yet encountered a non-elite that survived this. What’s nice is that Trick Shot gives you a fair amount of on-demand cleave (by using Multi-Shot to set up Marked Shot, and following up with Aimed), as opposed to the cleave-everything-all-the-time of Sidewinders.

    To be honest though, Patient Sniper is just too good. It really needs to be baseline, I don’t see any other talent being able to compete.

    In dungeons I’ve been swapping Careful Aim for Lone Wolf, and Trick Shot for Sidewinders, and I;ve been doing very well on DPS. I have no major Mythic + aspirations, so I don’t expect my decision to go MM will hurt me at all.

    1. To be clear about engineering, it’s the NEW stuff that’s bad. All the little perks from pre-Legion that made people keep the profession are still there, it’s just that the design for it in Legion makes it so that there’s little point to leveling it past 700.

      1. For me it’s a question of whether it’s worth it. Based on the pseudo-engineer perks from the hut in the garrison, the only thing that I would need is the Loot a rang for when I run Lone Wolf, and being able to gather my own mats beats slightly better ranged looting in a situation where I don’t often need to loot.

        Ful disclosure – I have another character who is an engineer, so anything that isn’t BoP or Requires Engineering I already have.

      2. On the engineering matter, is there any wormhole: Broken Isles available? I’ve unlock an intra-Dalaran so far, that just lets you goof around in the city, but does anyone know if there’s a proper teleport?

        And back on topic, leveling my dual-gather druid I haven’t been able to craft any Reaves module yet, except for the food one (which should at least give the well fed buff, taking into account its price). I get that the modules are a one time thing, but man, they’re spendy!! And having to spend extra every time I summon it really hurts my pocket (that’s why I haven’t yet crafted the other modules). Don’t get me wrong I love the idea behind Reaves, but its implementation sucks.

    2. Engineering is still an awesome profession: I finished the one hour quest mentioned before my Dalaran hearthstone 15min CD was resetted: hearthed to Dalaran, finished previous quests, picked up that one and another one, teleported to toshley station, flew to area 52, wormholed to storm peaks, flew to k3, garrison hearthstone, portal to ashran, portal to orgrimmar, remembered I could’ve used orgrimmar teleport guild cape, flew to ratchet, teleported to gadgetzan, flew to the island, swam to the workshop, my pet died out of fatigue (for some buggy reason it didn’t reset for the little fella when we got into the workshop), got back to the surface, out of the fatigue area, and there were still 5 sec remaining CD on my hearthstone.

      Another great usage of old engineering perks is Gnomish Gravity Well + Disengage/Goblin Glider to climb instead of running around for hours looking for the little winding road that gets you up a determined mountain. Or Nitro Boost + Aspect of the Turtle + Feign Death to go through an elite infested area. Engineering is fun and useful, and combines awesomely with Hunters. The new stuff is just a little “meh” so far, but they can still fix it. The Reaves concept is great, for example; the problem is the price.

  3. Well that sounds like it might be fun. Now all that Blizzard has to do is introduce flying and maybe I’ll buy Legion and re-sub.

      1. Actually, I think it’s even more fun. And if you’re waiting for flying to be available, then you’ll have to wait long, because I don’t see it coming for a few patches.

  4. I guess Gunshoes are meant to be sold to non-engineers since engineers have Nitro Boosts ? Not that anyone will buy them for the current price ofc.

    I’m assuming Blizzard intends for the material costs to be a lot lower and will increase material costs or drop rates when needed but I also assumed Blizzard would not mess up hunter specs the way they did :p

    The failure detection pylon and Auto-Hammer could be useful if cheap enough.

  5. Has anyone done any deep research into Ogdrul in the ice cave behind the Lodge? Pretty sure the general consensus is that he’s linked to the hidden Wildrunner appearance for Thas’dorah, but I haven’t seen or heard any discussion past two comments on WoWhead that are just as curious as I am.

  6. I’ve been playing BM too and plan on raiding with that spec. The spec needs a little work but not much. If Chimara shot was base line (or something like it that generated focus) then it would be much more enjoyable. I prefer the play style with chim shot but stomp appears to be optimal for DPS. It got quite boring once i switch from chim shot to stomp.

    I think i am on par with everything you said. Also, why is this article a reflection of my Character?

    I also like Dalaran sewers..hiding in a corner why my robo-dogs eats people for their eyes! Well…at least until those pesky rogues find me and my pets are miles away! 8500 eyes and counting…plus the qq from alliance members is very Timeless isle.

  7. Seems I´m the only one (and it´s the same within my guild) who really doen´t like this AddOn ´til now. Crafting is even more senseless than in any other AddOn i played since Vanilla. Cooking (esp. for raidmatters) is a rng piece of sh…BM is so unbelievably buggy (speccing to MM especially in Maw of Souls) ´caus my pet can not attack the final Boss with KC. Threw away Barrage ´cause walls, ceilings and floor seem not to be existent to that skill. Couldn´t fniish order hall quest ´cause the NPC did not do what he was supposed to. I am able to CLICK (!) abilities when playing BM without loosing DPS. No dynamic gamplay..just waiting the gcd to come off. Suramar rep farming is like going back to bad old days in Cataclysm/Firelands. I hope, raids and myth+ dungeons keep me this addon alive. If not, i swap to Star Citizen as soon as it pops up and farwell asia grinding und rng bullshit.

  8. I seem to be in the minority with this expansion, at least when it comes to hunters; I had to push myself to keep working on my main, because I just wasn’t having fun most of the time. I went SV, because the playing around I’d done with it pre-xpac was pretty cool, and also because the whole storyline for Titanstrike was extremely unappealing for my tauren hunter. I adjusted to SV pretty easily, and the combat was actually pretty intuitive once I got into it. I also got super sick of seeing Hati everywhere; based on the response to the pre-patch, on the forums and elsewhere, I was honestly surprised at how many BM hunters I saw. I didn’t go get Titanstrike until after I’d hit 110, so I could immediately do the quest for the essence swapper. Now my Hati is a nice, generic wolf.

    But yeah, as a whole experience, I still feel extremely lost and aimless in this xpac. I don’t feel like I got enough information at any point about why the Broken Isles were suddenly there, why I was there, why there are tauren and vrykul there, what’s the druid connection in Val’sharah, why do I need to care about Suramar, etc. I never had a connection to the characters I came in contact with, even though I started in Highmountain because yay tauren. Thinking back, I can’t recall a single NPC name I’ve encountered besides recruiting Rexxar (which was neat, I liked that little quest). And my feelings about the class hall and grounds are mostly… who let all these strangers in here? It’s just a building with a bunch of heads on the wall and a few weapons displayed, and the grounds are mostly full of people, not animals like I would have expected. It definitely doesn’t have that class feel like the druid area and the shaman area (the other two I’ve gotten into, so far playing and leveling them has been way more engaging than my hunter). And it’s not as personalized as the garrison was, with the scouting map and missions feeling like an impersonal light version of the garrison. And while a lot of the scenery in the Broken Isles is lovely, and I do agree with you about Stormheim feeling very WotLK, I again had no connection to where I was. Even the exploring hasn’t been as fun as it was in Draenor, at least partially because of the level scaling making it dangerous for me at all times no matter where I was. The “rares” felt like they were being fed to me, too, given that they’re pretty much always up and if they don’t rely on being summoned, they’re usually BACK up within a few minutes of someone killing them. And I haven’t even bothered with dungeons because I don’t have anything sending me in there yet and I’m not even the slightest bit curious about them. What are they even named, I don’t know. The Emerald Nightmare is basically the only thing that’s looked interesting to me.

    As for professions, it feels too complicated to me, at least as a jump straight from the old professions. I appreciate what they were going for, but… it’s too much. Without an in-your-face explanation about how the levels work, in-game, it just seems needlessly limiting and based too heavily on RNG giving you the things to hand in from gathering. By this point in other xpacs I’d already know how to make epic items, and probably two or three dozen items overall. Right now in leatherworking I know how to make the basic starting set in mail and in leather, and that’s about it.

    Overall, this didn’t feel like it was worth the $50 I paid for it. It’s definitely not my favorite, and probably not even in my top three. Draenor is my absolute favorite, I think, with WotLK a close second, tied with Pandaria. Maybe it’s partially because I got super bummed and discouraged in the pre-patch with how horrible BM hunters felt, to the point that I didn’t touch my hunter for a week and a half, so I went into this xpac kind of bitter already. But I did try to have fun! It just didn’t happen for me, and even on the other two classes I’ve tried I’m having to work to keep myself interested.

  9. Talking about BM, it IS kind of fun. You just have to accept, that GCD ist your worst enemy AOE in dungeons is hillarious, single target is kind of ok. There are still some bugs to work on but overall it is a very relaxed way playing a hunter. But if you are looking for a dynamic playstyle with a bit of utilities…hunter in any spec is atm the wrong choice. I will stick to my nightelf untill they shutdown the servers and it always will be my main, but untill now, I am a bit jelaous when i look on mages, DK´s and even owls. With everything else, especially leatherworking all i can say is: So true….

  10. I’ve done the same thing and decided to fully go BM, even though everything says put 13 into BM and everything else into MM for raiding. Just hoping BM does fine in the raid and I won’t regret it.

    1. yea my alchemy quest took me into a raid when i was in beta, what if i didnt want to raid (i do but for others who don’t)

  11. Don’t forget essence swapper, you can’t turn hati back to its form after using on a pet (sure you can change to a different pet but not hati’s original form) this has been in beta forums for a while. Not to mention takes forever to get the one item in highmountain. Also, even after the 2 fixes to barrage, i think they still have more tweeking for that to do…I am also disappointed that Bm hidden artifact appearance was you had to buy it from the engineering shop. Everyone else has puzzles or still finding out theirs. Why was ours so easy?

  12. If I had only 1 character, then I would not have 1 complaint about this xpac. Other than Suramar and that rodeo the moose quest. I have LW/SK so I have run up, down, left, right, middle, corners,under that rock, and on that tree in Suramar. I HATE THE ZONE. It’s a good story, and some of the quests are fun. But tramping through the same mobs 5 or 6 times for quests that occure at different times sucks. I hope they mana bomb the whole city, and make the whole zone a huge barren sinkhole. Everyone I read loves the zone. Well I may have liked it a little more if 50% of my time isn’t spent there. I think my favorite is Stormheim. Some of the pathways need work, but still very happy there.

    I can forgive the professions, since I haven’t used a LW gear since cata. I just use it for transmog. By the time I get the mats, its not a upgrade. So that isn’t a problem. Now Eng on my alt is. The mech training scroll is behind those rare coins. Coins I have yet to see. So that is a huge kick in the testicles. Other than the hammer, everything is a chore and not worth the gold sink.

    Now with my alts and professions, it is a load of crap that needs fixed or thrown away. I will not trudge through 7 professions across the continent. The whole artifact is a pain really. I usually casual my alts and professions. I get the most wanted toys and such and skip the rest. But those are locked behind all kinds of hurdles. Unless bliz is looking at another year of nothing like WoD, I don’t see me doing the alts. Other than my dwarf BM and my pally tank for guild runs, those are the only 2 I want to work on.

    Other than that I’m fine. Wish my pet had a heal that I didn’t have to spam, or macro, or alittle less squishy. But I guess bliz said since I have like 5 pets out at once if the crits happen, my main may be squishy. Maybe they will make him smarter, because he gets lost following me ALOT. Hati however is under myfeet.

  13. A few weeks later
    Titanforged chance nerfed
    Legendary droprate nerfed because some got 2 in short succession
    Hunter nerfs via hotfix
    No real changes for the state of Hunters in 7.1

    I’m curious. Did your enthusiasm last?

    1. What titanforged nerf? Source please? I saw nothing about this on any of the usual fansites.

      Legendary droprate was not nerfed, there was a bug granting the bad luck protection to people who already had a legendary, causing them to be more likely to get a second, which was fixed. Base chance of your first legendary is unchanged.

      Hunters were not nerfed via hotfix – Barrage is nerfed via hotfix, because it was outperforming the other talents on its tier in all situations. BM and SV were buffed in the same hotfix. MM had a bug fixed causing Windburst to properly benefit from Mastery, a net buff even accounting for the Barrage nerf.

      7.1 Changes for Hunters:
      Dash is changed to Pathfinder, which is essentially the old Cheetah that everyone wanted back.
      Vulnerable is buffed from 25% per stack to 50% per stack, and stacks twice instead of 3 times. Buff to Explosive Shot and Sentinel without nerfing Patient Sniper at all.

      Only issue MM still has is Sidewinders being too good, causing you to never pick Trick Shot or Piercing Shot.
      BM and SV issues are core to the gameplay of the spec (i.e. downtime). These issues can’t really be fixed in a patch without fundamentally changing the rotation, which would also throw a wrench in the balancing hotfix they literally just announced.

      You are welcome to stop trolling anytime.

      1. I was really considering to simply ignore that rude attitude of yours. Then again I see no reason why I should let myself be accused of trolling from an obviously poorly informed individual.

        The entire launch is covered by ‘fixes’ that never made it into a blue post. Supposedly people just consider this to be bliz’s attempt to cover up the unpolished state in which Legion was launched. But that is a topic for a different discussion.

        After the server reboot on the 6th (rolling restart on the same day for EU) the overall drop rate of capped titanforged(850 at that date) rolls took a nosedive. There are countless of reddit discussions about it. Inevitably all coming to the conslusion that it was a neccessary change lest otherwise the need to run limited heroic dungeons would be pointless prior to m+

        After the reboots on the 15th the reported drop rate for legendary items also took a nosedive. Despite the fact that more and more people are actively running endgame content day by day.

        Tracking tools used to even start these discussions is/are the automatic gear tracking addons for guilds and armory scanners. You should be capable enough to google for them. After all you are able to open up fanpages to tell you about the countless undocumented changes … oh wait maybe you are not.

        The fact that you are talking about 7.1 just from a mere parrot-esque fashion proof to me that you are just reading and repeating what others spoonfeed you. Otherwise you would know that the ‘hotfix’ and the ‘nowhere mentioned fix’ for windburst didn’t even make it to the ptr build.

        The changes to vulnerable change nothing about the dominance of patient sniper and sidewinders. Only for patchwerk-esque fights you are now able to get ‘close’ to the same performance with True Aim and Trick shot.
        Unless you got Ullr’s you will stick to Patient Sniper Sidewinders simply because there is no reason to drop the 50 % additional aimed and marked shot damage just for a stronger dps uptime during Trueshot with arcane marked shot spam.

        If you suggest to pick up explosive shot I can simply laugh at you. There are no changes to it on the ptr. On my hunter with 21871 ago and 137,4 % mastery damage for focus spells it still hits for 250k. Even if it would be affected by mastery you wouldn’t pick it over a nerf of 1/5 of your aimed shot and marked shot damage.
        Sentinel is still down to 2 marked procs per minute. Completely irrelevant to Patient Sniper Sidewinder’s dominance and even with Ullr’s it is just the sad alternative option for dungeons or slightly amplyfied target switching. (which again sidewinders do a much much better job at)

        Just to give you a couple of exmaples about the many changes they made in the past weeks without ever posting anything about it.

        windrunner. buff duration increased due issues with people losing the stacks when traversing between different phasing areas
        Naraxas’, Drog-bar Style, Fishbrul, Caged Horror, Figurehead, Eye of Skovald no longer interrupting channeled spells on proc (12th of september) = barrage for hunters
        Barrage is no longer interrupted by tenacity pet’s charge root or binding shot stun procs during the channel. (15th of september)
        Fixes to legacy of the windrunner procing without the hunter having to actually fire the aimed shot. Allowing people to cancel out the AiS and fire wind arrows like a mashine gun with little stutter steps in between (18th of september)
        Devilsaur’s bite no longer interrupting channeled spells on proc (19th of september) – and no one knows why it took them so long to add this one to the list as well
        Fishing pools removed from the hunter order hall due an exploit with the underlight angler (23nd of september)
        Windburst fixed so it is affected by mastery again (23rd of september) – which was working fine prior to the nerf of Windburst on the test servers on July 19th from 1000% to 800%. Just took them more than two months to find out that they messed it up.

        Now allow me little parrot to turn the table on you. Show me your blue posts about these changes. Show me where they were documented. Aside from the windburst damage nerf fromn the 19th of July you will have a hard time finding blue post about them.

        Last but not least before you start crying about why I show a rough attitude towards you. I’ve asked a question addressing bendak. Not you. Your opinion does not interest me. You are the person barging in and insulting me of trolling while obviously being poorly informed in the firs place.

        1. Not going to further engage in this discussion after this post, just stating that up front.

          Thank you for providing sources on the Titanforged nerf. I normally do not read Reddit, and missed this information.

          Regarding legendaries – the overall droprate of the first legendary is unchanged. The droprate of the second legendary was hotfixed, because bad luck protection was incorrectly granted to those who already had one. This is not the same thing as “legendary droprate nerfed via hotfix” – that implies an across the board nerf, not a targeted fix to a droprate buff that was applied in error.

          As stated above, there were no nerfs applied to Hunters via hotfix until today’s Barrage nerf, documented or otherwise. The only example you provided is a Windburst nerf, on the test servers, prior to release. This is not applicable to the discussion, as the OP pertains to the live environment.

          I have no idea why you mentioned True Aim and Trick Shot, as those talents are unchanged via the hotfixes or the announced 7.1 changes. While these abilities are indirectly affected by the Vulnerable change, that change is not applicable if you are still choosing Patient Sniper, as you suggest.

          You are welcome to argue whether or not the proposed 7.1 changes are significant, it is a matter of opinion. I think they are significant to show that the developers have heard Hunter concerns and are interested in addressing them, but they didn’t go far enough. You think they are insignificant changes. Agree to disagree.

          You mentioned numerous bugfixes related to things that were not working properly, and were since fixed (Wind Arrows exploit fix, various fixes for Trinkets and the like interrupting Barrage), but I’m not sure why you would mention these at all as they are not relevant to the discussion. Unless you were posting them to show that Blizzard has undocumented fixes, in which case you will find no disagreement from me. I am well aware that undocumented changes happen, and they have been since 1.x.

          To your initial comment, and your final one – You posted a rude question. Nowhere in my reply was I rude, except for recommending you stop trolling. In your subsequent reply, you resulted to personal attacks, when all you had to do was provide sources (which you did) and present your counterpoints (which you did).

          Again, thank you for providing sources, and for explaining your position. I respectfully disagree with all your points (save the Titanforged nerf) on their face. Have a nice day.

    2. Im curious on what notes you are reading, because I cant find any of that. I see no knews on titan forged nerf. Legendary was not nerfed but a bug fix. Only nerf to hunters was barrage (which people playing the spec would tell you it was hitting to hard), SV and BM received buffs.

  14. As the hotfixes in Europe will be implementet on next Wednesday, any info you can give on how the BM buff affects DPS (say on Ursoc HC (or normal), because there is minimum movement)?

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