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Cloak and Quiver with Rogerbrown

It sure is nice to have a podcast dedicated to hunters once again. The third episode of Cloak and Quiver was just released, and it’s absolutely worth your time.  This week Solarflair interviews Rogerbrown from Method and they have a lot to say about the upcoming changes in Warlords of Draenor. I kinda wish it was even longer than this… I could listen to these guys chat about hunters all day. Be sure to follow @CloakandQuiver to hear about new episodes!

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New hunter podcast on the way

It’s been a couple of months since the Hunting Party Podcast closed its doors with episode 200, and hunters have been wanting their podcast fix ever since.

Hunter Solar, formerly of the Convert to Raid podcast, has announced a new hunter podcast called Cloak and Quiver. The first episode is due sometime next week. I’m pretty excited! Follow @CloakAndQuiver to find out when the first episode drops.

Update: Episodes will be released on Sundays!


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