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Hunter PSA: Esoth’s Hunter Tools

Still upset over the news that FemaleDwarf.com will no longer be updated in Warlords? Have no fear, Esoth’s Hunter Tools has risen to take its place! It is a web-based DPS analyzing/theorycrafting tool designed for hunters in Warlords. You’ll be able to import your character to modify stats, talents, and rotation options to see how it affects your single target and AoE DPS. It will also compute scaling values for stats.

If you want to learn more about how it works, you can check out this post on Thrill of the Wild where Esoth explains the tool.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s all based on 6.0 class mechanics (including the stat squish). It’s not meant to be used for pre-6.0 theorycrafting. For patch 5.4.8 stuff you can continue to use femaledwarf.com until patch 6.0 comes out.

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Monday Update: WHU is back, Femaledwarf.com is no more, Gara still a mystery

Last week was pretty busy for me, both inside and outside of WoW. Let’s hope this one is a little less hectic. I wouldn’t mind enjoying the last shreds of summer while there’s still time. I just wanted to update you all on a few bits of news from the hunter community.

WHU is back

Warcraft Hunters Union is going to be receiving updates once again after an extended hiatus! Artemishowl (previously interviewed here) will be taking over the reins of the website. You can see her introductory post here.

Frostheim: It’s been about a year since I retired from hunter blogging, and as you may have noticed, the WoW hunter world has continued in my absence (though Ghostcrawler just couldn’t bear to go on without our deep platonic bond). As always, the hunter community remains strong and new hunter voices have stepped forward to take the reins: new hunter podcasts, new hunter blogs, and new all-hunter raids.

One of those new voices is Artemishowl. If you’re in the WHU Facebook group you no doubt know her from the hunter raids she has been organizing. She recently asked about taking over the WHU to keep this venerable tradition going, and I have great confidence in her abilities and am excited to see the updates and changes that she brings to the site. So we’re clearing out the mothballs and you’ll be getting regular posts on the WHU once more, now from Artemishowl and others that she badgers, cajoles, and intimidates into helping out.

Welcome to the hunter blogging world, Artemis! I look forward to seeing the content that the next-gen WHU will be putting out.

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