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Hunting Party Podcast Episode 203: Meet Dillypoo

This week the HPP interviews a high-rated PvP hunter, Dillypoo. You may have seen him playing one of his hunters recently at the World of Warcraft North America Regionals arena tournament in New York. He discusses his history as a PvP hunter, how hunters are looking for PvP in Warlords, and even gives some tips for getting started in PvP. After the interview we get into the latest round of hunter hotfix buffs and answer listener questions.

I unfortunately had to miss this week’s episode, but that’s one of the benefits of having a large number of hosts. Even if some of us are busy, the show can still go on!

If you want more from Dillypoo, you can follow him on Twitter and Twitch.tv.

The show is broadcast live on Twitch TV every second Sunday at 10:00 am ET (14:00 GMT). In addition to the live show you can find it at,

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WoD Beta: Survival PvP concerns

Survival isn’t in the best shape for PvP as it stands. Its damage is based around sustained DPS — which is already a downside for PvP — and its only source of burst damage (Lock and Load) can be negated entirely with a simple dispel of Black Arrow. No Black Arrow = no Lock and Load procs. This would be remedied somewhat if Ice Trap was still able to proc Lock and Load as a fallback, but it doesn’t anymore.

It seems like at one point in time they were aware of the problem because the original WoD 4pc survival PvP bonus used to give Black Arrow the ability to trigger Lock and Load instantly (and presumably removed the subsequent proc chances as a tradeoff). This was later changed once they added the Multistrike behavior to LnL.

Here are some potential solutions I hope the devs will take into consideration. Consider all these numbers as just examples to illustrate a point. I don’t presume to know how to balance them.

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