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Hunting Party Podcast Episode 201: Loaded For Bear

Last night we had an epic level 1 dwarf hunter WHU raid on Icecrown-US to celebrate the return of the Hunting Party Podcast.Ā About 80 hunters showed up in Dun Morogh! Then we raided Hogger, the Gurubashi Arena, and finally Orgrimmar. It was a blast and I can’t wait for future WHU hunter events. šŸ™‚

This morningĀ we recorded the first new Hunting Party Podcast since it went on hiatus back in January — Episode 201! We’ll be doing it again every second Sunday at 10AM ET (14:00 GMT) live on Twitch. Recorded episodes will appear on YouTube, iTunes, and Stitcher, andĀ huntingpartypodcast.com (YouTube version is embedded below).

This episode primarily focused on the overarching hunter changes of 6.0. We tried to cover everything we could in a couple of hours. We hit a lot of it, but there will be much more to talk about regarding hunter changes in the next episode. For all we know, the 6.0 pre-patch may even be out by then!

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