Hunter Transmog: Black Scourgestalker

This is a recolor of the tier 8 hunter set. Out of the 4 colors available (red, blue, green, black) I definitely think this one takes the cake. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, Blizzard did not add the black version of the helm to the game. I couldn’t find a good match in my transmog collection, so I defaulted to my trusty eye patch, which goes with everything!

This armor itself is acquired mostly in 10-player Ulduar (only 1 hard mode) and is soloable by any level 90 hunter. The only one that you may need some help on is with Thorim. You need to… get creative… in order to do this by yourself. You can bring a friend to help, or check out Darkbrew’s video on how to do it here. Thorim will be made “officially” soloable in patch 6.0, but that is still a while off. The other bosses you need are straight forward burns, except you should be cautious with Freya. If you kill her too fast, she won’t spawn her chest and you won’t get any loot. Some of Mimiron’s abilities in hard mode can still hurt you, so don’t faceroll it too much.

I’ve put this set together in a Wowhead item comparison so you can quickly view it on other races in 3D (click the little triangle above the item icons).

If you can find one, the Astral Light Bow is a great match, but typically only about 50 are available for sale worldwide at any one time. They can be very expensive.


Got a cool hunter transmog to show off?

Submit it, along with a complete item list and a link to a high resolution screenshot (1200+ pixels wide) and I may feature it on the site!

You can view previous transmog posts here.

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23 thoughts on “Hunter Transmog: Black Scourgestalker”

  1. That is a sexy, sexy transmog.

    Awkward to be saying that about something a male worgen is wearing.



    They are changing Thorim’s fight in 6.0 (fairly sure) so it won’t be too much of a problem soon ™.

  2. Any thoughts on a transmog that would go well with the Steam Pistol? In my endless farming for the Ashes of Al’ar, I’ve naturally picked some of these up. I’d like to build a set around it and the Ironforge tabard.

    Obviously, the challenge mode armor would go well with it, but that’s not exactly a quick and easy farming run.

  3. Scourgestalker was my favorite set on my (then) Night Elf Hunter. At the time, he used the Hyaline Helm of the Sniper ( with it — had a nice “batman look” and was one of the few helms I always had turned on. The helm that goes with the set always looked to “gas mask”-y to me.

  4. I’m not a big fan of huge shoulders like that. It looks better on a worgen than on my night elf though.

    I’m using a transmog based off the Replica Shado-Pan Helmet and Beast Lord gear.

  5. The boots will also drop off ulduar trash in normal 10 man….you can actually get the whole set in normal 10 man. I have it, and it’s AWESOME.

  6. How did you get the eye patch? i went to find the quest next to the arena but the guy doesn’t have a question mark over his head? do you need to do another quest to activate the quest for him? thanks for the help and great blog.

      1. hey man thanks your link helped out had to do a series of quests but nothing to long. now i just need to sort out worgen’s closet to add this piece of transmog. cheers man i’ll try and find some time to upload a few of my transmogs.

  7. Another nice headpiece to match this awesome set is the Shard-Keeper Helm (or any of its lookalikes), they are soulbound greens from Cataclysm you get from quests.

    1. The belt is deceptive — if you look at it on it’s own it doesn’t looks like much. The skull is actually part of the chestpiece even though that part looks like the belt. It’s more like a puzzle piece that connects the chest and the pants.

  8. Been trying to get this for weeks now but for some reason I can’t get the chest and shoulders to drop, but I’ve been trying every Tuesday so I will try again today *Sigh*

  9. Finally got all the raid pieces after several months of running Ulduar. Already had an Astral Light Bow in void storage, and that’s a good fit. Now I just need to wait for the Legion update so I can finally get that eye patch on my worgen hunter (threw it away years ago before I knew anything about transmog, so I went back and got it on my nelf hunter).

  10. I went to AH after I saw this xmog, and bought the “Astral Light Bow ” for 200g on my server. I got lucky

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