Pet of the Week: King Krush

Day 1: I just dinged level 80 and I heard about this new rare Devilsaur pet called King Krush. He’s the only green devilsaur. I must tame this beast!
Day 6:
A fellow hunter who encountered this rare beast told me his initial attempts to tame the beast were unsuccessful because it would fear him before the tame completes. And Krush hits like a truck.
Day 37: Still no sign of King Krush, but I always keep a throwaway pet on hand so I can cast Bestial Wrath for fear immunity right before the tame. I have a macro that will instantly abandon the throwaway after Bestial Wrath. It also pops a haste potion. It’s foolproof!
Day 212: Still no sign of King Krush. I’m beginning to lose hope.
Day 1037: I give up.
Day 1860: Decided to give it another go for old times’ sake. No luck, but I’m going to log out in Sholazar so I can check as soon as I login tomorrow.
Day 1861: I logged in to find King Krush standing 15 yards in front of me. HE’S MINE!

King Krush is one of those pets that requires a healthy dose of luck in order to tame. You could quite easily break yourself if you decide to camp for him until he is tamed. Not only is his respawn timer relatively long compared to other rares, but he spawns in several different locations so you can’t camp in the same spot.

To top it off, killing him is a requirement for the Frostbitten achievement. This achievement is responsible for the travesty you see below which I encountered on my alt hunter.

My best advice is to get yourself the NPCScan addon and check his spawns out when you have time, preferably during off hours. If you’re an engineer, make a Wormhole Generator for quick transport. See Wowhead for a map of spawn points.

The silver lining  to this difficult hunt is there is 2 other sought after rare beasts in the same zone, Loque’nahak and Aotona.  Good luck with the hunt… he is definitely worth it! No other Devilsaur compares in my opinion!

A travesty

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9 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: King Krush”

  1. So here’s my King Krush taming story. It’s one of my favorite World of Warcraft memories.

    I was sitting in vent waiting for a Fireland’s raid to start and decided to do my pass in the Basin looking for Krush. Lo and behold, I spotted him. I also had my filler pet, haste pots and Bestial Wrath macro at the ready and started the tame. Well, a dirty alliance hunter had other things in mind and managed to kill me while I was mid-tame. So I quickly run back and notice he is having trouble taming him (no macro) so when the King nibbles on his face, I take a couple shots and kill him. He managed to call in a buddy and they kill me a couple times but this hunter doesn’t seem to understand the mechanics of the King Krush tame and he never pulls it off. Anyway, my guildies in Vent hear the commotion and come down to help me and it ends up erupting in a full scale pvp war and by full scale I mean AT LEAST 3 or 4 people on each side 😉

    Anyway, during this time, my connection was getting laggy and I was getting very nervous of a disconnect happening mid-tame. But I spot my chance as Krush had wandered away from the pack so I started the cast…and what’s that…why is everyone just running in place…why is Krush just kind of standing there…NOOOOO. Game froze up and I disconnected. I was seriously bummed. I finally log back in a minute or so later and my character select screen shows me as being dead. Everyone in vent is telling me the Alliance left and they can’t spot King Krush so I assume it’s over. I get back to my body and rez and get summoned to Firelands. I summon my pet and it says that my pet is dead so I rez that and OMGWTFBBQSAUCE IT’S A GIANT GREEN DEVILSAUR. My tame must have been cast before the disconnect and I stayed in the game world long enough for it to work. Needless to say, I was pretty pumped. I still like to bring out OMGodzilla for fun during raids, haste buff be damned.

      1. I was flying around looking for Loque when I saw him. “Great, I’ll tame him.” I said to myself.

        Got off my mount, DISMISSED my trusty Rhino, started to tame…..

        Halfway through the tame my Rhino came out of nowhere and oneshotted Krush.

        I abandoned him, punched a wall, utilized some colorful language, and gave up on pet hunting.

  2. I got Loque in Cataclysm by using the portal to check for spawns whenever I was digging in Un’goro in my quest to get the bug mount. My Krush tame was completely spontaneous, as I was in the Basin trying to find a rare Stunted Shardhorn when I spotted him heading for the Nesingwary camp. Maybe I’ll be able to complete my Sholazar trio by taming Aotona in WoD!

  3. Hey Bendak, Arth here. Great to see you continuing your blogging after the WoW Insider cutbacks. The site looks awesome, btw…very slick layout!

  4. Glad to see you still online! I finally got Krush on one of my hunters a bit ago. Named him Geico. Fun hunt.

  5. I was exceedingly lucky getting my Loque back in Wrath. You know, before you could switch specs without going to the trainer.

    So one night I’m doing my mining flyover and a druid posts in General that Loque was up and did anyone want to tame him? Not only did she guard Loque but waited for me to hearth to Dal, respec, and fly (slowly) back. And for the life of me I can’t remember her name.

    There are nice people in WoW still!

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