Off Topic: Hunting in Diablo 3

I gave up on Diablo 3 fairly early into its release. The biggest problem for me was always the loot. I never, and I mean never, got a good drop I could actually use on my main character (Demon Hunter). Sure, I looted some stuff that was good for other classes, and managed to sell a lot of it on the auction house (both gold and RMAH) — but every single piece of gear I was wearing was acquired from the auction house, not from killing monsters.

Diablo is all about the loot hunting so that’s probably why the game barely lasted more than a month for me. I decided to give it a go with the recent 2.0 patch and let me tell you — the game is about a thousand times better now. Loot 2.0 is fantastic. I am getting drops I can use all the time. It has recaptured that feeling I used to get from getting new loot in Diablo 2, only now it’s even better. When I see a legendary sitting on the ground, I know it’s going to be good.


When items contain affixes that literally change out the class plays, I think that’s fantastic. The legendary affix on the bow I’m showing here lets me spam my primary hatred spender indefinitely, or spam turrets or fan of knives with the rune that removes the cooldown. And look at the affix on that legendary cloak. That’s already saved my life more than once. I love this stuff.

Paragon 2.0, where you’re constantly gaining new paragon levels (several per hour so far) which you can invest into different stats is also great. And apparently Adventure Mode, which won’t be out until Reaper of Souls hits, is an even better selling point. I plan on getting the Demon Hunter to 70 in RoS then trying out a Crusader. And good freakin’ riddance to the auction house going away. You will not be missed.

If you’ve never tried Diablo 3 yet, or quit it early on like I did, I suggest giving it another go. It’s a perfect way to kill some time while waiting for Warlords.

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3 thoughts on “Off Topic: Hunting in Diablo 3”

  1. I’ve played it and I like the system. In some ways, it feels like a new game, even thought its not. That said, its going to have to be REALLY good if its going to keep everyone occupied until Warlords. I’m fully expecting a September release.

  2. I agree completely. If this is what people imagined the game would be like without the AH, then I completely understand all of the outrage caused by including it.

  3. I got it on release and never got past level 10 I think. Was just slow, boring, and like you pointed out, I couldn’t get any loot period I could equip.
    I tried it again, and now I’m up to level 25 quickly! I got legendries in my teen levels too! Chest and Shoulder! Didn’t even know you could do that at such a low level. I’m always finding gear and making my Demon Hunter look different for a change. I never got to see end game pre-2.0, so I wonder how it will seem to me.

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