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Off Topic: Diablo 3 is, surprisingly, still holding my attention

I didn’t think I’d still be playing Reaper of Souls on a regular basis 2 months after release, mainly because vanilla Diablo 3 only lasted me about 3 weeks before I basically shelved it until patch 2.0. The game still has its problems, but I have to hand it to the devs as they’ve balanced out the reward system remarkably well. I still have motivation to find more loot, even though my Demon Hunter is powerful enough to solo Torment 6 rifts now.

Just recently I finally completed the 6-piece bonus of the Marauder’s set, and, well, if you’ve ever played a DH you understand how crazy those set bonuses are. Basically, I can drop sentry turrets which automatically fire my own hardest hitting abilities… without any resource cost. Since I can drop 4 sentries at a time, the screen is littered with Cluster Arrows and Multishots. It’s made it where Torment 5 is my “comfortable” rifting difficulty, but Torment 6 is still doable. And there’s still upgrades to be had.

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Thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online

I am a big Elder Scrolls fan, having put many hundreds of hours into both Oblivion and Skyrim over the years. It seems at least once or twice a year I will get the Skyrim urge again. Elder Scrolls Online seemed like the perfect fit for someone like me who enjoys both Elder Scrolls and MMOs.

I’ve participated in the past 4 beta weekends and have come away somewhat impressed. At first I was a little put off by it because I was so used to MMOs copying the WoW formula. Once I stopped playing the game like WoW and tried to play it like the developers obviously intended, I had a much better time. You can click any of the screenshots that follow in this post for the original 2560×1440 versions.

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Off Topic: Hunting in Diablo 3

I gave up on Diablo 3 fairly early into its release. The biggest problem for me was always the loot. I never, and I mean never, got a good drop I could actually use on my main character (Demon Hunter). Sure, I looted some stuff that was good for other classes, and managed to sell a lot of it on the auction house (both gold and RMAH) — but every single piece of gear I was wearing was acquired from the auction house, not from killing monsters.

Diablo is all about the loot hunting so that’s probably why the game barely lasted more than a month for me. I decided to give it a go with the recent 2.0 patch and let me tell you — the game is about a thousand times better now. Loot 2.0 is fantastic. I am getting drops I can use all the time. It has recaptured that feeling I used to get from getting new loot in Diablo 2, only now it’s even better. When I see a legendary sitting on the ground, I know it’s going to be good.

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