Off Topic: Diablo 3 is, surprisingly, still holding my attention

I didn’t think I’d still be playing Reaper of Souls on a regular basis 2 months after release, mainly because vanilla Diablo 3 only lasted me about 3 weeks before I basically shelved it until patch 2.0. The game still has its problems, but I have to hand it to the devs as they’ve balanced out the reward system remarkably well. I still have motivation to find more loot, even though my Demon Hunter is powerful enough to solo Torment 6 rifts now.

Just recently I finally completed the 6-piece bonus of the Marauder’s set, and, well, if you’ve ever played a DH you understand how crazy those set bonuses are. Basically, I can drop sentry turrets which automatically fire my own hardest hitting abilities… without any resource cost. Since I can drop 4 sentries at a time, the screen is littered with Cluster Arrows and Multishots. It’s made it where Torment 5 is my “comfortable” rifting difficulty, but Torment 6 is still doable. And there’s still upgrades to be had.


What’s killing me is I have a Tasker and Theo which goes amazingly with all my pets and turrets (turrets count as pets for the gloves bonus), but I can’t use it or else I would lose my 6-piece bonus. What I really want is the set helm so I can equip the better gloves,  so I’ve been dumping thousands of blood shards into helms. No luck yet, but I did get a very nice Natalya’s Sight which I was able to get 2 set bonuses with by equipping the accompanying ring (thanks to the Ring of Royal Grandeur).

The game recently got a little more fun when they decided to keep that 2 year anniversary buff (+100% chance to drop legendaries) permanently. I think they’ve struck  a perfect balance of legendaries for time invested. I get, on average, 2-3 in a T5 rift. Sure, I salvage most of them, but I need all those materials in order to get perfect re-rolls on my good gear. And occasionally, you do get those nice upgrades even when you are geared to the teeth like I am now. There’s also the fact that “smart loot” is only smart 85% of the time. This had led to me getting a sizeable collection of strength and intellect gear for my Crusader and Wizard which I’ve started working on.


Patch 2.1 is supposed to be headed to the PTR soon, and with it comes even more improvements like tiered rifts and seasons/ladders. So it looks like Diablo 3 will continue to keep me busy during the long, painful wait for Warlords of Draenor.

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  1. I have to say that I am in total agreement with you, but I have given up on my DH and moved to the Crusader (fire is fun!). Way more survivability with the crusader and if you use Justice as your wrath builder it plays a lot like a DH (without the instakills…).

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