Pet of the Week: Hexapos

Hexapos is the only water strider to use the “white fen strider” skin and in found in the Dread Wastes. Chances are you’ve flown over this guy without even knowing because he’s one of the handful of Mists of Pandaria pets which are invisible until revealed by a hunter’s Flare. The only way to find Hexapos is to look for his tracks on the ground and drop your flare where you think he’ll show up next, which is usually just a little bit ahead of the most recent footprint.

The problem with Hexapos is the enormous patrol path… he basically takes a leisurely stroll around the entire zone. The map below shows his patrol route and what tracks you should look out for.


Yeah, good luck with that.

It’s not too bad to be honest. My advice is to use a ground mount as you’re more likely to miss the tracks zooming around on a flying mount.

Water Striders, aside from providing Still Water (spell power + 5% crit), give you Surface Trot (water walking) which is very handy for fishing or just getting around in places where you can’t use a flying mount (Draenor anyone?). It does work while mounted but cancels when the hunter or pet takes any damage.


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3 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Hexapos”

  1. I found best place for camping to be between Klaxxi’vess and Gurthan, where the road funnels between rises in the terrain.

  2. I had to use freezing trap to get him. I tried repeatedly to tame him while he was moving and it was impossible–I’d say at least 10x before I figured out that freezing him might do it. He tamed right off when trapped.

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