Pet of the Week: Bloodtooth

This week’s pet is one of my favorite turtles, Bloodtooth (level 87). He is the only currently tamable turtle to use the “Black Spiked Dragon Turtle” model. He is a rare spawn in Krasarang Wilds, but it’s almost a guarantee that he will be up when you go looking for him. Why? Because he is one of the Pandaria pets which can only be revealed by a hunter’s flare.

If you’ve never searched for one of these pets before, the only way to find them is to look for their tracks on the ground (which appear every 30 yards or so). Once you’ve found the tracks, follow them until you don’t see any more tracks. Then comes the tricky part. You need to use Flare where you think the pet is going to be. Bloodtooth makes this more difficult because a lot of his tracks are underwater and it’s very easy to lose track of him. The following map shows his patrol route.


Start at the Angler’s Wharf and follow the green path laid out on the map. When hunting for these pets, I actually prefer to use a ground mount as with a flying mount you can easily zoom past the tracks and miss them. Once you manage to reveal Bloodtooth with your flare, put a Hunter’s Mark on him so you’ll be able to see him outside of the flare, and then begin your tame. Occasionally these tames will fail for no apparent reason. Just try again and it will take eventually.

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3 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Bloodtooth”

  1. Cool, I didn’t know about this guy, I’ll have to check it out. Also – I love the blog so far! Sorry to hear about WI, but I look forward to more huntery stuff.

  2. I once tried to hunt for this pet but the tracks are not so easy to view. And on the sand it is really painful for the eyes. Maybe I am now too old for this game ! ^^
    Your blog is now in my feed reader, keep up with the good info about hunters, I appreciate your writing a lot.

  3. for any hunters still wanting this or any other rare ‘tracking’ pets in pandaria, set your ground clutter as low as possible in the graphics menu, that way you can see the tracks MUCH easier šŸ™‚ hope this helps someone

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