New Hydra pet models

This new Hydra model was datamined from the latest Warlords of Draenor alpha build. I must say, these guys look pretty impressive. The first question many hunters had was… IS IT TAMEABLE? The answer is yes!

I found the pics and video on the Petopia forums and they were originally made available by InicoWc3 on YouTube. Below is a set of pictures for each color (I’m partial to the blue one myself).





You can also check out the video here, and if you want to see the animations in action you can check them out on Wowhead here. The running and attack animations are very nice. The animation shown at the end of the video is the walk animation sped up, which is why it looks so derpy. Check out the real running animation on Wowhead.

Hydras will have Keen Senses (mastery buff) as their special ability in Warlords.

So, what do you think? Is one (or all) of these bad boys getting added to your stable?

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6 thoughts on “New Hydra pet models”

  1. They look good, but unless they are the size of a devilsaour (or more) they will look kind of odd, besides, I iknd of used to 2 legged hydras but thats just me.

    They look awesome but desperatly waiting for Lone Wolf cant say if I will tame one.

    On a side note, why mastery buff????

    Current ghost hydras give crit, wayyyyy more useful for hunters than mastery (same reason why I dont run with Scarr as muhc as I would like to) and I really want to be done with the pesky old wolf model, raptors in WoD will also give crit but those are olso kind of old.

    I just want a Bellowing roaring Gesharahan

    1. Just remember that the current plan is to not have stats be trash stats. So lets wait for damage pass beta waves before we worry about mastery and such.

  2. Ohh shiny!
    I really like the first dark blue one.
    I’m getting one for sure.. Now let’s ask Blizzard to allow us to keep 10 pets on us OR to call a stabled pet anywhere with a cooldown, obviously.

    Hydras would make a damn fine 2 seat aquatic mount 🙂

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