Blizzard is OK with some talents not working with Lone Wolf, more hints at a raid cooldown

We talked a little bit about this earlier when Celestalon mentioned that Master’s Call and Spirit Bond would not work if a survival or marksmanship hunter chose the Lone Wolf talent. Yesterday, he talked a little more about this subject. In short, Blizzard is OK with some talents being made useless by choosing another (as long as the player can still choose between two in any given talent tier).

Some of the comments which followed had people upset that Lone Wolf has less choice in those areas. Well, if you’re playing a pet class and you want to give up your pet, there’s just going to have to be some kind of trade off. Denying a few talent choices (and Master’s Call) really isn’t that big of a sacrifice if you ask me. After all, they are still letting us choose a buff which is normally provided only by a pet.

On the raid cooldown front, we Hunters still have one in the pipeline apparently.

Originally, our new raid utility was supposed to be a 1-hour Misdirection, but it appears that’s not going to be it anymore (though I would love if it stayed as quality of life change). Perhaps the next Warlords of Draenor alpha build will have our new cooldown? I’m kind of excited to see what it is.

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2 thoughts on “Blizzard is OK with some talents not working with Lone Wolf, more hints at a raid cooldown”

  1. I really hope they get creative with the ‘mini raid cd/utility’ – something like:
    Rally the Pack- 5m cooldown, For the next 10s, your crit chance increased by 5%, and critical strikes increase your and your groups readiness by 1% for 20s, stacking to 10, this effect starts when Rally the Pack expires.
    Follow my Aim (passive) your criticals increase the chance by your or your group of the next attack on the target being a critical hit by 3%. This effect can only trigger every 20 seconds.
    Aim for the sword: 5m cooldown – do 20% less damage, but cause the target to do 20% less damage for 10s.

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