Pet of the Week: Boar Spirit (get this one before 6.0) UPDATED

This week we’re taking a little break from new Warlords of Draenor pets for a PSA on the Boar Spirit. This ghostly armored boar seems to be disappearing completely in patch 6.0. If you’ve ever wanted  this particular boar, or are just a pet collector and can’t stand to not own something that will no longer be obtainable, you’ll want to get this one soon.

It’s found in the Razorfen Kraul dungeon, which is getting revamped for Warlords. The boss that summons Boar Spirits is no longer a proper boss in 6.0 (although he does still exist in the dungeon in another form). Since it’s part of the old world, this changeover will most likely take place in the 6.0 pre-expansion patch.

On live servers, Boar Spirits are summoned by Aggem Thorncurse. Don’t kill him immediately, wait until he spawns one for you. I’d also advise taking off your legendary cloak or anything that could inadvertently kill stuff.

Hanging out with Dog in my Garrison.
Hanging out with Dog in my Garrison.

It’s always possible these boars will be added somewhere else in the future, but if you’re a collector you probably don’t want to take that chance. Besides, it’s one of the better looking boars anyway. It’s worth noting that the brown armored boars will still exist elsewhere, but this is the only one that appears transparent. Boars bring Indomitable, a 3% Versatility buff, in Warlords.

Update: I’ve confirmed on the 6.0 PTR that the Boar Spirit will indeed be removed prior to Warlords.

Update 2: He’s back. Good news for those of you who would have never noticed this post. Someone at Blizzard took the time to re-add the Boar Spirit somewhere else in the dungeon. You’ll find a single Boar Spirit at the end of the dungeon, after Groyat, the Blind Hunter.



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19 thoughts on “Pet of the Week: Boar Spirit (get this one before 6.0) UPDATED”

      1. I got the oily one on both of my hunters. Goes great with some darker transmogs.

        Did miss the slime and hydra…

  1. You might want to mention the Sha-touched meta gem will zap him dead, too 🙂 I had to re-do it because I didn’t take off my helm.

    Punching a NPC in the face was pretty satisfying, though 🙂 Thanks for this tip! Tamed and stabled.

  2. Thanks for the tip on another hunter pet I didn’t know existed. I snagged one this weekend. If anyone’s having trouble not 1-shotting the boss, you don’t have to attack him at all. Just stand on top of him to pull agro and wait for a boar to be summoned.

  3. I was thinking about what other pets might not be tamable when 6.0 comes out, and the loss of hunter’s mark made me think about the current hunter challenge pets in Pandaria. Without the ability to mark the “footprint pets”, they easily vanish before a tame completes and perhaps unless you happen to catch them right at the leading edge of your flare, it will be impossible to tame them (when they vanish, the tame fails).

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